5 low -heeled women’s sandals get out of personalized personality


Don’t always envy the shoes that others wear! You can also be so fashionable! Ai Liang.com recommends 5 Yerkang low -heeled women’s sandals, which can be stretched with a comfortable and slightly leg line, and goes out of the personality Style ~

1 Low -heeled sandals

Yierkang low -heeled women’s sandals, high -end cowhide texture, not easy to wrinkle, good breathable sweats, simple and versatile shoes make you easily wear a personality style ~


2. Yierkang nail pearl low heel sandals


This Yierkang nail pearl low -heeled female sandals, simple T -shaped tape design, sweet bow decoration, exquisite pearl embellishment, making the shoes so elegant and charming.

3. Yierkang pearl low -heeled sandals

The new low -heeled sandals in the summer of 2020, a simple ribbon upper, added a series of pearl embellishments, and the heels are also dotted with pearls, echoing each other, exquisite and sweet.

4. Diamond low -heeled sandals

The shape of the leaf of the upper is decorated with the shape of the metal, and the inlaid rhinestones are inlaid, so that this low -heeled sandals, the luxurious texture is instantly displayed.

5. Wind pearl sandals


Beaded women’s sandals, apricot metallic gloss heels, unique light jackets, inlaid with rhinestone’s shoe body, showing elegant feminine temperament.


After watching the 5 female sandals brought by the above editor, is there a one you like?