Song Zuer’s ability to bring the goods is too strong! A 100 -yuan cardigan wears a big name, and the same private server earrings are stealed


Song Zuer, who debuted by Tong Xing, left a deep impression on the audience with its beautiful beauty. As he was older, Song Zuer became more beautiful and relying on the unique beauty circle of beauty.

Not only is the face value, but Song Zuer’s dressing is also very personal. Song Zuer, who is walking at the front line of fashion, has a lot of experience in private clothes, and often becomes the object of a girl for imitation.


Recently, Song Zuer’s video of driving with his friends on Dali was widely circulated on the Internet. Song Zuer’s dress has attracted the attention of many netizens. Going out to play is to relax, so in terms of dressing, Song Zuer did not pursue exquisite gorgeous but chose a comfortable and simple style.

Song Zuer, wearing a blue cardigan with a white inside holding the steering wheel, appreciated the beautiful scenery along the way. Occasionally looking back and smiling, the fans staged a “beauty crit”. Song Zuer’s facial features were born beautiful, his lips were small and exquisite, his noses were tall and three -dimensional, his eyes were full of eyes, and with exquisite Hong Kong style makeup, it was very charming.

Obviously, the blue cardigan was flat, but Song Zuer was wearing a unique beauty, especially after the messy hairstyle blown by the wind, there was a feeling of “walking once”, which was very exciting.

Although the clothes they are wearing are simple, the overall match is full of “careful machine”. Song Zuer wore a ring with a full design and a slightly exaggerated large earrings. The overall looked simple but exquisite.


After driving the video out of the circle, the clothes and accessories wearing Song Zuer became the focus of many netizens. Netizens who pursued a sense of fashion searched the clothes brand worn by Song Zuer and the accessories brands they worn. They wanted to get the same model.

Under the unremitting efforts of the majority of netizens, the prices of Song Zuer’s cardigan and earrings were finally pulled out. It turned out that the blue cardigan worn by Song Zuer was not the high luxury brand in the imagination of netizens, but a cheap clothes worth 210 yuan.


A cheaper clothes Song Zuer felt the big name, and netizens couldn’t help but admire: “Hundred yuan of clothes were worn by her thousands of feelings. Sure enough, the sense of fashion has to look at the face.”

After picking out Song Zuer’s clothes and jewelry brands, some netizens found that the same paragraph was quickly snatched out. The day before, I went to the brand’s official website to see that there was still stock. The next day, I saw only white.


Not only that, some netizens revealed that Song Zuer’s same earrings were quickly snatched out.


I have to admit that Song Zuer’s ability to bring is too strong. In fact, Song Zuer’s dress has always been welcomed by girls, and “Song Zuer” is often steal.


Once Song Zuer was wearing a very ordinary pink suit. Under the blessing of Song Zuer’s charm, ordinary clothes became unusual. Soon after the exposure of Song Zuer’s pink shape was exposed, some netizens revealed that Song Zuer’s same pink pants had been robbed.


Even if Song Zuer simply share daily life, it is extremely ordinary in dressing, and some netizens will ask for the same model crazy.

Netizens want to get the same desire to get Song Zuer too strong, which leads to a surge in order, adding a lot of sweet troubles to the seller.

This shows how strong Song Zuer’s ability to bring in. However, these are based on the high face value of Song Zuer and unique dressing taste.


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