Xiaomi notebook Pro 15 enhanced version evaluation: Xiaomi EVO certification notebook


If you use a characteristic to summarize this year’s Xiaomi notebook, it is the large -scale use of OLED. The exquisite CNC process and high -quality OLED screen allows Xiaomi to rest assured to impact the high -end market. The Xiaomi Notebook PRO 15 enhanced version is a unique existence in the product line this year–

It is a Xiaomi notebook product certified by Intel EVO.

The so -called Intel EVO certification is a set of strict hardware standards and experience standards set by Intel. Such notebooks are usually equipped with Core pressure processors + Ruiju XE core display to obtain a stable and controllable experience. The thin and light product products obtained by Intel’s certification will be pasted in the significant position of the fuselage with the Intel EVO certification label, which is convenient for consumers to choose to buy. If you can’t get an idea, you will not be too bad with EVO certification.

Next, through the actual experience, let’s take a look at the actual performance of this Xiaomi Mi Notebook PRO 15 enhanced version of the Intel EVO platform. Essence


Xiaomi Notebook Pro 15 enhanced version of the appearance gives people a full sense of quality. This quality is derived from the smooth all -metal body with a thickness of about 15.9mm, but the weight reaches 1.8kg. A logo of “xiaomi” is engraved.

A and B support one -handed opening and closing, with a maximum opening and closing angle of 150 degrees. Expand the B side, a whole piece of glass mirror is covered with a 16:10 OLED screen. There is a camera and a three -dimensional microphone at the top of the screen, and there is a “xiaomi” logo below. This 3456×2160 resolution high -quality OLED screen uses Samsung’s latest E4 material. The screen pixel density reaches 261PPI, the color gamut covers 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, and has a contrast of up to 1000000: 1 and the peak brightness of 600 Nit. This screen has also been certified by Vesa True Black at the same time, with extraordinary color display effects.

In the lower right corner of the C -side keyboard area, the Intel EVO certification logo is pasted. At present, the thin and light products certified by Intel EVO certification have the characteristics of long battery life, excellent performance, and extreme lightness. Don’t worry about stepping on the thunder.

小米笔记本 Pro 15 增强版评测:小米 Evo 认证笔记本

The C and D side are completely consistent with the previously released RedmiBook Pro 15. The overall CNC process processing is adopted, the keyboard part uses a sink design and scissors’ foot structure. The keycap has a large distance. There is an independent little love classmate voice assistant button on the right side of the right side. The keycap is the mainstream chocolate keycap. The key is 1.5mm. It supports the 2 -level backlight adjustment. The overall percussion feel is quite satisfactory and the feedback is moderate. Unfortunately, it is not equipped with a small keyboard.

小米笔记本 Pro 15 增强版评测:小米 Evo 认证笔记本

In terms of touchpad, the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 15 enhanced version of the entire touchpad area is very large, located in the center of the keyboard area, and the operation is comfortable and convenient.

小米笔记本 Pro 15 增强版评测:小米 Evo 认证笔记本

On the power button, the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 15 enhanced version uses the combination of the boot key and the fingerprint recognition button. Press one click to quickly turn on the unlock.

The Xiaomi Notebook Pro 15 enhanced version is equipped with a 66WH battery and a 100W PD charger, which is compatible with the PD 3.0 protocol, which can easily charge other Type-C port mobile phones and computer products, especially suitable for travelers. Interestingly, when other manufacturers are pursuing fast charging, Xiaomi not only supports 100W fast charge, but also supports “slow charging”. Traditional and light books can only use PD adapters with more than 45W or more for charging, but the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 15 series can be charged with most mobile phone chargers. It can be seen in BIOS that the minimum supports 5V0.5A is 2.5W charging. Although this may be full of day and one night, at least it provides a solution in emergency situations. This ingenuity is worthy of praise.

小米笔记本 Pro 15 增强版评测:小米 Evo 认证笔记本

The Xiaomi Notebook PRO 15 enhanced version is equipped with a total of 1 Thunderbolt 4 interface, 2 USB-C 3.2 Gen1 interfaces, and a headset interface. It is quite regrettable without the USB-A port.

小米笔记本 Pro 15 增强版评测:小米 Evo 认证笔记本


小米笔记本 Pro 15 增强版评测:小米 Evo 认证笔记本

The Xiaomi Notebook PRO 15 enhanced version uses the Intel 11th generation Core i5-11320H processor. This processor is developed based on the 10nm Superfin process and is designed with a 4-core 8-thread. The foundation frequency is 3.2GHz, the maximum Ruizi frequency is 4.5GHz, with a 8MB three -level cache, and the heat design power consumption is 35W.

A stronger single -core performance means a smoother experience in most applications.

小米笔记本 Pro 15 增强版评测:小米 Evo 认证笔记本

In terms of graphics cards, this processor integrates the Intel Rui Torch XE graphics card. It has 96 processing units full of blood, with a maximum frequency of 1.35GHz. The blood -filled Ruiju XE core display can reach the level of entry -level independent display, and it is not a problem to cope with mild games.

The Xiaomi Notebook PRO 15 enhanced version uses the hurricane heat dissipation system on the heat dissipation, which is exported by the heat generated by the core of the notebook processor through two fans and 2 heat pipes. With a large area of ​​air inlets and heat dissipation at the D surface and the axis, it quickly transmits the heat generated. For different scenarios, the Xiaomi Notebook PRO 15 enhanced version provides three types of heat dissipation wind mode, a balanced mode, a equilibrium mode, and a speed mode to cope with the heat dissipation needs in different scenarios.

小米笔记本 Pro 15 增强版评测:小米 Evo 认证笔记本

As the foundation of Intel EVO certification, the certified products need to be equipped with the Intel 11 generation Core processor and the Intel Rui torch XE graphics card. In addition, other requirements include more than 9 hours of battery life in the 1080P FHD scenario, and the charging can be used for half an hour in the same scene for 4 hours. In terms of network and interfaces, Intel EVO certified products need to support the Wi-Fi 6 wireless network and the Thunderbolt 4 interface. For users, Intel EVO certified laptop products have the characteristics of opening the cover, start in one second, fast data transmission and other characteristics, do not need to consider performance and endurance issues when buying. Just find the corresponding product.

Under the blessing of the Ruiju XE core display, in addition to the improvement of these hardware, these notebooks have a lot of improvement in AL performance, which can make creation more efficient. For example, AI trimming can be achieved with one -click rag, beauty, background replacement; AI video.

小米笔记本 Pro 15 增强版评测:小米 Evo 认证笔记本

In addition, it also supports the new AV1 format of hardware coding. The improvement of the AI ​​performance provided by the Ruiju XE core display makes this newly added video hard -edited decoding process more efficient. The new format of this high compression ratio is popular, combined with Xiaomi notebook PRO15’s enhanced version of the excellent 4K OLED screen, which is very useful for creative workers.

In terms of comprehensive PC scene performance, we use PCMARK10 for testing. Xiaomi Mi Notebook PRO 15 enhanced version of the comprehensive score is 4608 points, of which 8258 points are scored, productivity scores 6125 points, and digital content creation scores 5252 points. On the whole, the enhanced version of the Xiaomi Notebook PRO 15 is more suitable for productivity scenarios.

小米笔记本 Pro 15 增强版评测:小米 Evo 认证笔记本

In general, the performance of the Xiaomi notebook PRO 15 enhanced version is the standard of the standard omnipotent. You can edit 4K videos when you go to work, modify the picture, and you can also come to two mainstream e -sports games after get off work.

Ecological function experience

小米笔记本 Pro 15 增强版评测:小米 Evo 认证笔记本

Since it is a notebook launched by mobile phone manufacturers, it will definitely use some unique functions to interact with their mobile phones. The solution given by Xiaomi is Xiao Ai, MIUI + and Xiaomi. The Xiaomi Notebook PRO 15 enhanced version pre -installed Xiaoai classmates when leaving the factory. After logging in to Xiaomi account, she can summon her through keys, voice or mouse clicks. Interestingly, it may be to prevent mistakes when pressing the DEL key. The trigger strength of the small love classmate key on the keyboard is much larger than other keys.

After all, it is not in MIUI’s local combat, so the authority of Xiao Ai is relatively low. It can only perform some basic operations. It is a good highlight to link with Mijia equipment.

MIUI + is a multi -screen collaboration software developed by MIUI for mobile phones and notebooks. It can realize functions such as computer operation mobile phones, remote access files, and joint editing documents. At present, 27 models of Xiaomi and Redmi have been supported.

小米笔记本 Pro 15 增强版评测:小米 Evo 认证笔记本

In addition, Xiaomi introduced Xiaomi to the notebook. Any brand’s notebook can be downloaded and used. As long as it is connected to the same local area network as other Xiaomi devices, the files can be shared quickly.

小米笔记本 Pro 15 增强版评测:小米 Evo 认证笔记本


小米笔记本 Pro 15 增强版评测:小米 Evo 认证笔记本

Compared with the Xiaomi Notebook PRO15 released earlier, Xiaomi Mi Notebook PRO 15 enhanced version has obtained EVO certification, and also made Xiaomi Notebook Pro 15 enhanced version a trusted product.

Core pressure processor+ Rui Ju XE nuclear golden partner, high -quality OLED large screen, integrated CNC process appearance, deep integration of Xiaomi ecology … These characteristics determine the Xiaomi notebook PRO15 enhancement version is one The omnidirectional book with a comprehensive quality.

In addition to the slightly heavier body, Xiaomi Notebook PRO15 enhanced version is generally a relatively balanced and comprehensive excellent product.