Don’t want to be wet underneath? The best car cushions in summer are here


Many drivers will encounter the same problem in summer -wet! Even if you sweat back, if your waist is always wet, it is really uncomfortable! How can I drive together? Intersection


However, the solution is not how big the air conditioner is turned on, but to choose a correct summer cushion!

Selection of fabrics

Southern purchasing standards: Bingshi materials and four seasons cushions in the three seasons of spring, autumn and summer; (buying wool, short velvet or linen cushions in winter.)

Northern purchase standards: Ice silk or linen material cushions are used in the three seasons of spring, autumn and summer;

1. Ice silk cushion


Of course, the most popular cushion in summer is the ice silk cushion, which is not only solid and durable, but also cool and beautiful, which can ensure comfort. It has the essence of cotton and the comfort of silk. The ice silk cushion also has good breathability, hygroscopic and refreshing thermal exclusiveness, specializing in summer.

2. Four seasons universal cushions

Four seasons universal cushions, 3D hollow clothing fabrics, soft and comfortable, skin -friendly without sweating, can safely contact the skin. Spring, summer, autumn and winter, one set is done, the four seasons are more healthy, four -color optional, there is always your style

3. Line cushion

The linen cushion can be used in almost four seasons, and it is also seen by many car owners. The linen cushion uses natural linen fibers as the raw material, which has the characteristics of breathable, cooling, heat insulation, anti -static, environmental protection, and not easy to contaminate dust.


4. Health cushion


Many health seat cushions include hawthorn seeds, cassia seeds, buckwheats shells, chrysanthemums and other Chinese herbal medicine ingredients. By contacting the human body, the drug molecules of traditional Chinese medicine enter the skin into the skin by penetration. The acupuncture points on the back and head, dredge the meridians, promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, and thus deodorize sterilization and fresh air.

5. Car waist back

Choose the waist not only to pay attention to the shape, but also whether the waist can support the waist perfectly whether the model can be perfectly supported, and the size of the waist pressure and the support effect of the waist are very important. The reason for distinguishing the waist dependence on the price, and we must have this effect when we buy waist.