Zhong Jiaxin appeared in “red pepper” shoes, red clothes with flared pants show figures, 35 years old and still charming and moving


Zhong Jiaxin is a Hong Kong star that everyone is very familiar with. Not only is she beautiful and beautiful, she often becomes a “specimen” for girls to imitate. At that time, she was still at the age of 35, but she often made people shine. No, she seemed to be in the event recently, and she seemed to have set off a fashion boom.


Big red is a color that can perfectly reflect various styles. Zhong Jiaxin’s red trench coat with white T -shirt, the color is simple and clear. With this partial wave curly hair, it is really charming. And the bottom is paired with the thin artifact denim wide -leg pants,


Add a pair of big red socks and boots like red peppers, which complements the big spoon of the tip. It is really charming and fashionable.

Although the long trench coat is a solid color matching, the details have highlighted the sense of layering. The loose cuffs adopt strap design, cautious and fashionable. A row of color buttons not only play a decorative role, reduce a single color empty, and will not bring too much contrast. It is very harmonious.

Jeans are also a single product that young people love, coupled with the designs of the flared pants with very modified legs, the manifestation is slim and slender. Putting the white inside into the pants, which not only plays a waist effect, the obvious waist is more slender, and it is divided into a body proportion, which looks taller.


To say a unique match, it is this pair of red socks. The pointed design brings a visual extension, and the proportion of legs is easily lengthened. The loose nine -point pants length with the design of the shoes fit the ankle, it seems that the overall temperament is much more capable. It seems that Zhong Jiaxin is really a fashionista, and even in various details can not be underestimated.


Zhong Jiaxin’s style is also very changeable. A white gauze skirt is really immortal. The silver -white metallic shirt jacket is easy to increase the waistline. The loose hem is matched with a long skirt with a line -up sense, which highlights the waist curve.


The accessories are also ingenious. The shape of the earrings is very unique. It is really personality to cooperate with this design coat! The long -chain ring on the index finger also shows extraordinary sounds as the ring finger diamond ring. It seems to wear a ladylike style, but the series reflects alternative personality!

Dark brown velvet jacket with a white shirt, full of layers. The waist seal design not only reduces the thickness of the velvet, but also recesses the waist curve, which is very delicate. The design of the lace side with thin gauze shorts also greatly reduces the overall weight. The matching of wave dot high -heeled boots seems to be superior.

The warm gradient color is also very trendy! The long trench coat with a white shirt, the bright orange gradually darkens, from the outside to the inside, from top to bottom, full of layering. The upper and lower materials of the trench coat are not the same. The hair material is made of woolen material, which is strong and heavy, and the cuffs and hems are changed to leather, which not only adds brightness, but also greatly reduces the thickness. The effect is really gentle and special!


Zhong Jiaxin was not ambiguous when he walked the cool youthful fan. Black short leather clothes with brown leather pockets are handsome. The black tassel design is used on the back and sleeves of the leather jacket, which reduces the thickness of the leather coat and full of flow. Back golden heart -shaped design with black, high -end atmosphere. The blue strap design of the hem also has the effect of waist, and at the same time, it is not forgotten to show a figure.

Mature women style is not even more important for Zhong Jiaxin. Black turtleneck tops with purple skirts, the coloring alone is another stable taste. And the design of the jacket and the large pleated skirt, which highlights the good figure. A pair of diamond black high heels brighten the overall color, and at the same time perfectly balanced with the dark purple aging. Coupled with medium -sized slightly curly hair, gentle and intellectual! Zhong Jiaxin not only has a good figure, high clothing, and very fashionable control ability. It seems that she is not making sense to wear templates!