Hu Xing’er offended the stylist? Wearing a black lace suspender skirt with short hair, the shape of a strong figure


Many people cannot understand Hu Xinger’s beauty, but it is enough to be called “Hong Kong sister” enough to prove that her facial features are really delicate.

In terms of face, Hu Xinger is actually more inclined to Europe and the United States. Many of her shapes have her own charm.

However, individuals are always unavoidable, even Hu Xinger is no exception. Today, let’s take a look at the turning scene in Hu Xinger’s dressing and matching. ▼

Look1: Black lace suspender skirt


Hu Xinger, who was present, was also questioned whether she offended the stylist. The lace suspender skirt should have been a very feminine item, but this skirt showed her figure’s defects without reservation.


The design of the suspender looks too strong on the back. With her short hair, she really looks like a man from the body. It can be seen that the style is wrong, how bad the overall style will be. ▼

Obviously this time the over turning is that the skirt is not well matched, and the black chosen by Hu Xinger is still very exciting. But unfortunately, I chose the wrong style in the version and design. The overall look is still unattractive, but fortunately, her other black shapes are still remarkable. Today, let’s enjoy it. ▼

❤ Black tube top dress

Relatively speaking, she looks extraordinarily superior to wearing a black tube top dress.

The satin’s design looks noble and elegant, because there is no lace, so the overall style will not look too vulgar. ▼


Her skirt is from a black dress from Poem. The effect of thin and high is very good. There is no sense of lace skirt at all. For those with a relatively large skeleton, this style will be more suitable. ▼


❤ Black floral set


At first glance, Hu Xinger is not particularly amazing, but her temperament is indeed the more beautiful and beautiful, so she is very easy to control the black floral suit, and it is really generous in style design. ▼

Because it is a style of body pants, it will be a little more capable, even ordinary people wear this set of shapes.

Coupled with Hu Xinger also chose the white chain bag as embellishment, the overall vision can add a bit of dust. ▼

❤ Black lace dress skirt


Of course, it is not that Hu Xinger can’t wear a lace skirt. If she choose the right style, in fact, her upper body effect is still very good.

For example, this tight design, the existence of lace can also outline the body curve. ▼

The skirt style she chose this time is really good. The skirt of the lower body is also the design of the fishtail skirt. This gives people the visual senses will not be bad. The most important thing is not to show strong. ▼


If a person with a relatively large skeleton trys a lace skirt, then you must learn to avoid strengths and avoid weaknesses. The lace will be a little fat, and the style we choose is very important. ▼

❤ Black strap pants


After having a child, Hu Xinger’s figure also recovered quickly. Her figure was really incomparable to others.


A tight black strap pants can be too figure, and the mature charm of such pants is relatively strong.


With a white loose shirt inside, the British style feels stronger. For office workers, this look is not tolerated.


Hu Xinger also chose a low ponytail to match, and it seemed to be stronger. ▼

❤ Black leather jacket


I have to say that Hu Xinger not only has a great business ability, but also her temperament is also very strong. She is not very in line with the long -looking appearance we often say. On the contrary, her beauty belongs to very publicity.

Therefore, she also looked very strong in the black leather clothes. The slightly loose version was simply its own light.

With a white striped shirt inside, with the same color trousers, it can also appear very good. ▼

In terms of momentum, many people are not as good as Hu Xinger. When she put on leather clothes, she has the style of female police officers in the Hong Kong style in the last century. In this style, she also rarely tried the flames of red lips. Such an aggressive beauty is really tireless. ▼


I feel that Hu Xinger’s charm has increased with her age. When she first debuted, she was always ridiculed by everyone, and even some people even said that she was not worthy of the title of Hong Kong sister.

Until now, she has gradually got rid of the title of “Tu Niu” with her fashionable ethics and excellent business capabilities. ▼


Today, she has already become the mother of two children, but her temperament and face value are getting higher and higher. I believe it will be better in the future. And the fashion inspiration she brought to us can actually be used directly in daily wear!