2019 is the most worthy of men’s shoes, cheap and versatile, never regret the series


Cyfeiyue rice blue

Imitation of the soles of rock, the beige retro is very easy to match. There is no very serious tone -opening problem. There is a layer of cushion under the shoes. It is very comfortable to wear.

Shoes code is large, country $ Price: about 100

Muj canvas shoes


The scientific name “not easy to fatigue canvas shoes”, because the shoe is designed according to the foot type, so it is not tired when walking. This shoe has four colors: black, white, red, and blue. Compared with the price: about 200


Vernon Sabin Lightning Canvas Shoes

Chinese goods tide Vernon Sabin combines street cultural products such as hip -hop, graffiti, electronic music, skateboarding, parkour

This lightning canvas shoes are their classic popularity! Taking the fire’s Lightning LOGO as the main body $ Price: 400

Back force & differences joint model

Black and white color matching and classic upper of the back force, the soles are also printed with spoofan-debug the world


The shoes themselves are very comfortable, the soles are soft enough, the shoe body is wide enough (suitable for people with width and foot on the instep), the heels are not grinding, and the black and white color can be paired with the same.

PUMA canvas plate shoes

Puma’s shoes -to the skin or suede, this is simple canvas!

Don’t cover your feet, very breathable. The soles are very soft and very comfortable. Although it is very white, it is better to take care of it.