Ecstasy scum female fragrance, these six perfumes must have a name


The scum does not depend on how the person who spray her interpretation. The strong fragrance and strong diffusion are their common characteristics.


Ysl black opium

: It will be addictive, with a dangerous and sexy atmosphere, noble and angry

Turning out: pink pepper orange flower pear; median: coffee jasmine almond licorice; rear adjustment: vanilla patchhan cedar checked

Ludan Berlin Girl:

Hanging all charming perfumes, the extreme seductive, is a stabbing rose

Turning: Youmelou Pear; Middle: Little Canglan Rose; Rear Tune: Musk Powder Amber Rhubarb

Burberry my: (

Cold -stricken Black Scum Girl


Super femininity, gentle but far away, she seems to be an emotional master


Turning out: Xiang Pea Xiang Lemon Orange Grapefruit Lemon; Middle: Lao Cao Xiao Canglan Mu Peak Passion Peach Peach Green Leaf Gardenia Flower; Rear Tune: Popher Paper Rose Rose Skin Violet, Musk

Byredo uninhabited rose

: A cold wooden rose, with a hint of qi in the sense of alienation, the woman’s sense of vision

Turning out: pink pepper rose; medium: rose raspberry flower; rear adjustment: paper grasses amber

GUCCI Ms. Love Ms.:

(Known as the first nightclub ranking) Paper drunk gold fans, mature and seductive, sexy little wild cat perfume

Turning out: Orange, pink pepper; mid -tone: lilac peach raspberry raspberry jasmine black gallons; rear adjustment: amber patchouli white musk vanilla


CHANEL COCO (Black Bottle):

(Rich incense) Miss Coco, mysterious and sexy, before me, no one dares to wear black

Turning out: grapefruit bergamot; median: rose jasmine Ayuna geranium leaves; rear adjustment: fragrant bean patchouli sandalwood vanilla incense

Smelling a woman

But our woman cannot have only one perfume