The bag is still cute! Which one do you like for the major brands?


The current bag is still cute, and there is no exquisite MINI bag that can be installed! I will take a look at the major brands of the MINI package today!


The current Xiaoxiang is not only reduced by the classic models. A few months ago, the popularity of the headset bags and lipsticks of the headsets have explained everything. All kinds of mini pocket bags perfectly interpret the delicate elegance of Chanel ~

Louis vuitton


Who said that LV is only worth buying? Come out! All kinds of nano bags are dazzling. Xiao Fengqin and Nano Speedy are also various fancy out stocks, and all stars are constantly on the upper body!



Although it can only be held, Dior’s super mini -concubine and super mini saddle are really fiercely bursting! What is the little girl who is really cute, what are the sisters who are still waiting for? Intersection



Classic old flowers with fashion elements, retro with a sense of advanced sense. Whether it is Jackie handbag or RETRO Tot bag, small and exquisite bag, sufficient storage space, commuting and street out of the street are very practical.


This year, Celine also produced a lot of mini models, which have both classic bags and even lightweight. At a glance, you will feel enthusiastic!


Okay, today’s bag inventory is here! You heart it? Which bag do you like? Which bag do you have? Come and tell me the comment area!