4 Double Spring Fairy Single Shoes, with a dress with a dress, wearing early beauty


The weather has become warmer recently, now I am all

Wear only one out

, It feels just right. Yesterday, when I was free, I put a part of the winter boots back into the shoe cabinet. As soon as the change season, I want to buy new shoes. Spring is changed from dull winter boots and put on it.


Lightweight single shoes

Start ~

Sisters who are tired of canvas shoes and small white shoes, can actually try

Different styles of single shoes

Intersection Absolutely

Essential spring

It, especially some versatile models, can be on the match with all you!


Save and labor -saving items

, Let me recommend some of them today


Ballet shoes

It sounds very elegant. It has evolved from ballet dance shoes. Most of the common styles are

Pure flat bottom

, Round head or slightly rounded pointed. Daily matching all kinds of skirts and clothes are very good -looking, shoes

Light and soft

, Foot feel is very comfortable!


The most classic ballet, the rounded toe is usually with

Simple bow decoration

, Girls’ hearts; if they say the most versatile, it must be

Black model

A variety of styles of clothes can be controlled well.

In addition to black models,

Bright ballet shoes

It’s also good, use it to match the most frequently in spring and summer season


White dress


It can maintain simple and clean, but also light up the entire look!

Broken ballet shoes

It feels more playful and cute, but when the sisters are tie straps,

Remember not to be too high

Otherwise, it is easy to leak out the flesh of the calf, and the legs will be short ~

The flat ballet shoes are not friendly to the little man, so naturally it is derived from



And because it is a rough heel design, it is not as tired as fine heels, but it can also play



, Very great!

Although I did not get Maryzhen shoes at the beginning, I recently found that its matching ability is really super strong. But if you want to

Retro Mary Zhen shoes

Wearing a sense of fashion,

Choosing the right shoes is the most important ~

Many long legs like to wear flat shoes. After all, you don’t need high heels to help.

Comfortable clothes

Take a sense of leisure.

Try a small man

High -heeled Mary Zhen shoes

Intersection Not only retro and cute, but also your feet

Long legs and thin legs



Add the inherent lace to

Two or multiple

, Not only to beautify the original shoe type, but also make the naked ankles eye -catching.

It is very suitable for the next match with the ankle

Same color matching


It is always God! Take out our

To match

White Marizhen shoes

Try it, isn’t it a fairy to wear this body?



It is also good to match Maryzhen, the upper body is a youthful and lively feeling, even if we wear



It also revealed a little cute.

Many places in the early spring season are still very large in the morning and evening, preparing a pair


It is very necessary ~ For example, use

White pantyhose

Come with the black and white shape, at this time Mary Zhen shoes are immediately available

Retro and elegant effect

If you feel that you can’t control, then take a step back and use it

Centered socks

Come with Maryzhen shoes, there are also very strong


Sense of youth




Different patterns/color socks

Maybe it can bring unexpected surprises!

Lefu shoes are recommended for you at least once a year, because it is true

Too easy to wear

Intersection have a look

Dakota Johnson

I know, most of her street shots are wearing loafers, with simple and simple


T -shirt, jeans or dresses

It’s very good

Lefu’s shoes combine handsome and soft beauty, so in terms of style and matching


Essence And its


Put and take off in one second

Super convenient, I like to wear the most everyday!

The most common loaf shoes are

White and black models


I personally recommend that you enter these two colors, so you don’t have to make so many flowers.

Real wear is the most important


Skirts and pants

You can use loaf shoes, like the most common

Commute wind match

It looks very clean, and uses it

Same color matching or proper skin exposure

The whole person will look longer.

If you wear



When you want to avoid rigidity, then use it


Short skirt+loaf shoes

Come and match! It can increase a bit of playfulness in an instant ~

The more age -reducing method is to match


Campus wind dress

, It’s so cute!

I looked at my shoe cabinet and found out

Pointed shoes

Occupy a lot! Why do you like it so much? Probably because of its thin shoe type not only



, Can also

Pull the leg lines and make the body ratio more ideal and perfect

For example, it is difficult to control the small man

Mopped pants


, We can use a pair of pointed shoes



You can avoid the sense of cumbersome procrastination. Even if the pants are dragged to the ground,

Faintly exposed pointed shoes

It will also make the figure look better ~

If you want to be thinner, you need to choose


Cropped pants

Oh, with a pair of pointed shoes, it is very aura.

The most wearing women in the world -the editor of the Italian version of VOGUE, the most favorite thing



, But whether the upper body is jeans or trousers, the feet are always a pair of exquisite pairs


Pointed high heels

Sisters who like vintage retro style, you must have this complicated printed skirt in your wardrobe? Try to use a pair

Gorgeous pointed shoes

Come and match, super feel!

If you want daily versatile, choose


Pure color

, Classic is not wrong, and



It’s just a perfect match!

This period


“Spring Single Shoes”


It is recommended that the temperature will gradually rise after the year, and the sisters will buy early and beautiful!

White dress