French temperament mid -length dress, which is very suitable for coats, keep warm and layered


Today, I will bring you a French mid -length dress.

The placket of this medium -length dress is a cover design. How can there be less dress in autumn and winter, and the overall slim version of the dress is outlined, which outlines a sexy figure. The curve fabric is more elastic and has a little tightening effect on the flesh. The round neck version looks very slender neck, which is very suitable for matching coats, which is warm and layered.


The sleeve wraps the arms, and the visual arm is very slim on the side of the skirt on the side of the skirt to facilitate walking. Pulling the slit position of the legs of the legs is just right, showing sexy as much as possible. The fabric elasticity is very good, it is not easy to deform, and it is not easy to get the ball. I chose coffee color and black. The black is the most thin, no doubt.


The thickness of the fabric is moderate. Spring and autumn can be worn alone or with a shirt and denim jacket. In winter, you only need to match one piece of coat and a pair of high boots to leisure, European and American style, sex, and sense of sex. The style can be changed at will according to the matching.


This issue is here. The editor is basically a single set from the interpretation of the fabric to the craft to the wear. Your idea may be my next theme. The questions in terms of matching can also leave a message in the comment area, and the editors will answer them one by one. Follow Xiwen not lost.