National Day playing Sichuan | When you come to Sichuan, you will choose TA!


September 28th

2021 Sichuan Provincial Cultural and Tourism Development Conference

Hold in Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Prefecture

At this conference

The first batch of Tianfu tourism brand officials was officially announced and awarded licenses

This includes

Nine pieces of tourist tourism

Lets come look

What are the “extraordinary things” in them!


国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!


Shujin · Panda (frame painting) series

Shu Jin is

National Intangible Cultural Heritage

国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!

National Geographic Symbol Protection Products

Having two thousand years of history

It is a kind of Han nationality characteristics

Local style

国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!

Colorful brocade

Chengdu obtained it with the prosperity of production

The reputation of “Jincheng” and “Jincuan City”

The Minjiang River surrounds Chengdu, and Shu Jinzheng Yujiangshui

Therefore, Minjiang River is also known as “Jinjiang”

Many streets and buildings in Chengdu

Both the imprint of “Jin”

Such as “Jin Guanyi” and “官 楼 如”

“Jinli”, “Jinxiu Road”, etc.


Genome in Shu Culture

Have distinctive regional characteristics

Adopt traditional Shu Jin crafts

The painting core contains mulberry silk, the frame is solid pine

The styles include silkworm treasure, Tai Chi, Sichuan opera

Fuwa, love bamboo, bamboo shadow, harmony, etc.

Since the market is launched, it has been loved by consumers since the market

Annual sales of 15,000 pieces

Annual sales of 6 million yuan

Shu embroidery · scarf shawl series

Shu embroidery is

In 2018, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Jointly released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

The first batch of national traditional technology revitalization catalogs

One of the four famous embroidery in China

Geographical environment and custom habits

Impact of local culture and art and other factors

In the long -term development process of Shu embroidery

Gradually formed rigorous, delicate, bright and flat

The composition is sparse, thick and round

The unique style of colorful color

Shu embroidery · scarf shawl series products

Select the dense texture, 100%mulberry silk


Non -legacy Shu embroidery craft

国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!

Pan Jinxiu

Waiting for multiple acupuncture skills

The three -dimensional naturally floating on the fabric

With the beauty of Chinese arts and crafts

It’s a good product for friends

国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!

Personalized customization

He has suffered since the launch of the market

国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!

The favorite of consumers

Annual sales of 60,000 pieces

Annual sales of 11 million yuan

“Le living Panda” · Doll Series

The series is

Panda IP

as the core

Gathering all kinds of development resources

“Panda+” cultural and creative products created

This series combines Chengdu

Market culture, folk culture

And regional cultural characteristics


Six products were developed

Made with imported simulation plush fabrics

The intention is to reflect the feeling of the panda’s thick and cuteness

Give people a real experience

I have won a number of design awards

“Chengdu Gifts” tourism products in 2017 and 2018

Creative design contest

Gold, Silver Awards, Bronze Awards

The 7th “Sichuan Bo Cup” cultural and creative in 2020

Conversion design group in the product competition

First, second, third prizes

“This gift is Chengdu”

国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!

2020 Cultural and Creative Design Contest

Silver and copper awards

Since the market is launched in the market

Loved by consumers

Annual sales volume 200,000 pieces

Annual sales of 5.7 million yuan

Deyang City

Mianzhu New Year Painting · Gotic Series

Mianzhu New Year painting is one of the four major Chinese paintings in China

The first batch of national intangible cultural heritage

Having the reputation of “Chinese folk art”


The treasure of Chinese folk art

One of the outstanding representatives of Chinese nostalgia culture

This series uses green and environmentally friendly


Raw material

Extract classic elements in New Year’s paintings

Hand -painted on it with special textile pigments

Produced into a cloth series products

Show quaint and calm

At the same time, it also gives the work auspicious Ruyi

国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!

The special meaning of beautiful picturesque

国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!

The technique is delicate, colorful, rich in content

Unique style, having

Strong regional attributes

Easy to carry, high repeated consumption rate

It is a good choice for home and gifts

This series is the annual painting innovation product

One of the most popular products for consumers

Annual sales volume of 12,000 pieces

Annual sales of more than 50,000 yuan

Sanxingdui · Blind Box Series

Sanxingdui cultural relics are rare as a rare

Human ancient Shiqizhen showed by the cluster


Exquisite, magnificent, mysterious and weird

The blind box series is for the young consumer market

Taking Sanxingdui cultural relics as the prototype


Chuanshu non -heritage cultural elements

国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!

Such as changing face, tea culture, Shu embroidery, long card, etc.



国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!


Developed Sanxingdui prayer priests

Sanxingdui Sichuan Shu Xiaoda

Sanxingdui rock blind box and other series of products

The product reflects the Sanxingdui cultural relics

Bobe and profound cultural connotation

And the charming artistic charm


Combined with modern atmosphere

Makes cultural relics more colorful

This series of products is loved by consumers

Annual sales 180,000 pieces

Annual sales of 13 million yuan

国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!


“Big Buddha Impression” · Buddha’s feet pillow

Buddha’s foot pillow is Leshan Great Buddha Scenic Area

“Big Buddha Impression”

One of the representative products of cultural and creative brands

Take from folk proverbs

国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!

“Do not burn incense and hold the feet temporarily”

Thousands of years of history and culture by digging the Leshan Great Buddha

The body of Leshan Grand Buddha as the medium is used as a medium

“Le”, “Xi”, “Wu”, “Ask”

Based on the culture of four scenic spots

Made with crystal ultra -soft cotton velvet cloth

Safe, comfortable, practical, and fun

国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!

Buddha’s feet pillow

“China red”

Main color

With the golden “blessing” text

At the same time as vitality, there is one more

Millennium Buddha

Good blessing

2018-2020, “Buddha’s Pillow” was selected

“New Era, New Literature, New Power · New Outlook

Exhibition of the Development Achievement Exhibition of New Literature and Art Group in Sichuan Province “

Annual sales of 100,000 pieces

Annual sales of 2 million yuan

国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!

“Emei Memory” · Ling Monkey Doll

Ling Monkey Doll is Emeishan Scenic Area

“Emei Memory”

国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!

Representative products of cultural and creative brands


Emeishan Ling Monkey

Inspiration for design

Soft and comfortable fabric

Can be fixed on the shoulders

Put on your chest and hang it on the bag

Observation, interest and commemoration

Become a smart landscape for punching in Mount

This product has obtained


Sichuan Featured Tourism Commodity Competition

Bronze award

Leshan Featured Tourism Commodity Competition

Gold award

Equal award

As a Sichuan International Tourism Exchange Expo on many times

Emeishan International Tea Culture Trading Fair


国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!

Gift to guests at home and abroad

国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!

Since the market is launched, it has been loved by consumers

Annual sales reached 200,000 pieces

Annual sales reached 5 million yuan

Meishan City

Qingshen bamboo editor · Graphic series

The blue god bamboo editor is

China National Geographic Mark Product

This series is a unique single bamboo in the local area

Made through more than 80 processes

Thin as cicada wings, thin as hair

Bamboo silk

With characteristic humanistic landscape, calligraphy works

Celebrity portrait is the main content

Hand -woven

Exquisite art works

国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!

Graduated in 2016

Bamboo Art Heritage International Example Award


National ceremony

Gift to foreign politicians

Representative works “Bitter and Cool”, “Invisible Guanyin”

“Qingming Shanghe Tu”, etc.

“Chinese Folk Literature and Art Mountain Flower Award”

“Sichuan Bashu Literature Award”


After entering the market, it is loved by consumers

Annual sales reached 47,000 pieces

国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!

Annual sales reached 120 million yuan

Ya’an city

侧 Crusher Sander · Side Potch

Cycles of the sideline side handle

Dunsheng, restrained, ancient and elegant borrowing


Xuanhuang Gucang, Motor

The chaos of penetration of the world

Its shape

Calm and clumsy, thick and simple

Show the rounding of the flowing light

The sutra of the sutra is

Black sand hand -made skills

Counted to the National Intangible Cultural Heritage

With more than 2,000 years of firing history

Always used to use history

Traditional hand workshop production method

Product possession

Anti -corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance

Not only retain the nutritional ingredients of food

It can make food more delicious

留 Slyphs on the basis of retaining traditional life utensils

Through cultural creation, a tea set is formed

Craft ornaments are cultural and creative products on behalf of cultural and creative products

All category products have been obtained

China Tourism Commodity Competition

Humanities Olympic Products

Gold Award for Crafts Design Contest

Wait for many awards

This series of products is put on the market

It has been favored by tourists since

Sales reached 18 million yuan

how about it?

Is it itchy?

I just want to say

Isn’t this a gift to Sichuan?

— END –

Some pictures and text sources: Sichuan non -heritage, Deyang Cultural Tourism, Splendid Green God, Beautiful Sutra, Leshan Great Buddha Scenic Area

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Shujin · Panda (frame painting) series

National Intangible Cultural Heritage

National Intangible Cultural Heritage

National Geographic Symbol Protection Products

Since the market is launched, it has been loved by consumers since the market

国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!

Shu embroidery is

Annual sales of 100,000 pieces

国庆耍四川 | 来四川,名品就选TA!


Gold award

Gold award

China National Geographic Mark Product