Compilation of common sense and masterpiece reading questions in the middle school entrance examination in 2018


[2017 Huanggang City Test Questions] 13. The following expressions on the knowledge of masterpieces, literary and cultural common sense, one of the mistakes is () (2 points)

A. “Star” and “Spring Water” are a collection of poems created by modern female writers Bing Xin. In the form of Indian poet Tagore’s “Bird Collection”, the work wrote the author’s feelings and memories.

B. In “Water Margin”, Song Jiang was sentenced to death by the government because of anger killing Yan Po. He was rescued by Liangshan, headed by the cover of Jiangzhou, and finally went to Liangshan.

C. One news mainly includes three parts: title, lecture, and subject. The basic characteristic of the news is to speak in facts, but sometimes it can also insert brief discussions during the narrative process.

D. The Book of Songs is the first set of poetry in my country and the earliest and most important source of poetry in my country. After the Han Dynasty, it was respected as the Confucian classic. Its works are divided into three parts: “wind”, “elegance”, and “chant”, which are commonly used, comparison, and interest.

Answer: B

Analysis of test questions: This question examines the analysis and modification of the sick sentence, B. He was rescued by Liangshan Haohan in the field.

[2017 Fujian Province Test Questions] (6) Reading of Masterpieces (5 points)

21. Judgment question (correct “√”, wrong “×”). (3 points)

(1) “The residual flowers are dotted on the branches; the birds are flying, and the red land is full -life is also like this?” Bing Xin’s little poem enthusiastically praised the mother’s love. () (“Star · Spring Water”)

(2) In order to change the “Friday” eating habits and the desire to eat people, Lu Bin Sun, stewed mutton and grilled mutton for him; “Friday” felt delicious, indicating that he would never eat human flesh again. ( )(“Robinson Crusoe”)

(3) Mrs. Ride found that Jane Love hid in the window to read a book, scolding her book without permission, beat her, and put her into an uninhabited red house. ( )(“Jane Eyre”)

22. Read the following language paragraphs and answer as required. (2 minutes)

I only heard two inheritances in the door: “Linjiao, Taowei Jun’s purpose, you buy a good knife, you will be told you to go to see it, Taiwei is in the prefecture.” (“Water Margin “)

These two people asked Lin Chong to take a knife to the White Tiger Festival. What happened after the two left? Please briefly describe it.


Answer: 21. (3 points) (1) × (2) √ (3) ×

22. (2 points) Answering points: ① Gao Yan fragmented Lin Chong is good at entering the White Tiger festival; ② want to bring a knife and stab;

Explanation: Just answer two of them.

[2017 Test Question of Dongying City, Shandong Province] 6. Reading by masterpieces. (2 minutes)

On the podium, put the trembling right hand on the table, and he slowly raised his head. The students were sitting very well, standing upright, looking up at him, watching him. Their faces are white, without any expression, like stone carved. A little spicy blocked his throat, and he coughed twice. Tears began to turn in his eyes. He should comfort them, but how to comfort them? He should inspire their patriotism and tell them to resist the enemy, but why is he still pretending to be deaf and selling silly teaching, but not going to the battlefield?

The above text is selected from the novel of the writer’s novel “”.

Essence Novel pass

Waiting for the content of the plot, the image of the intellectuals of the specific era that defended the family and patriotic, weak and tolerance.

6. Answer: Lao She’s “Fourth Date” Qi Ruixuan married Yunmei to support his wife to support Rui Quan to fight against Japan (or abandon the country to go to the country to go to the British embassy to do things in the UK. The prison was guided by the test and guided by the Bai Tan to participate in the underground organization and the printed patriotic textbooks to read the students).) The score of the first two air was 0.5 points, and the rest of the air was 0.5 points, a total of 2 points. The last two empty answers other contents.

[2017 Shandong Province Linyi City Test Questions] 6. The following expressions on literary common sense are () (2 points).

A. “If Life deceives you” is the poem of British poet Pushkin, which is widely chanted for people around the world. His masterpieces include “Song of Freedom”, “To the Sea”, “To Qidaev” and so on.

B. Pu Songling is a literary writer in the Qing Dynasty. He has a book collection “Liao Zhai Zhi Yi”. “Writing a ghost and writing a demon is a first -class, and the three -pointer of stabbing greed and abuse” is Guo Moruo’s high evaluation of Pu Songling and his works.

C. “Long and” Shan Hai Jing “” is a famous article in “Picking Pick up”. “Picking up the flowers” is a collection of novels that Lu Xun recalls different life experiences and experiences of childhood, teenagers, and youth.

D. The author of “My Uncle Yu Le” is a French writer Mo Pussen. His representative works include “Sheep fat balls” and “tragic world”. Novel giant “.

7. Read the selection section below, fill in the blanks as required (2 points)

He slowly took out his pistol and looked at his eyes contempt. He put his gun on his knees and scolded it fiercely: “Brother, this is the heroic heroism! Kill himself, any stupid can do it at any time. There is a way. If you ca n’t live, you will die. Have you ever tried to defeat this life? In order to break free of this iron ring, have you done your best? Have you forgotten it? Nearby, launching seventeen charge a day, isn’t it finally excluded that the city is overwhelmed by overcome the city? Plumbs with pistols, never tell anyone. Even if life is unbearable Life is meaningful and fulfilling. “

(Selected from “How is Iron and Steel Refined”)

“He” in the text refers to

He has experienced a severe test under the difficult situation of illness and loss of combat ability. The festival part shows that he from despair and shake to

Psychological process.

Answer 6.B (By -Ah. Puxin is a Russian poet; C item C “Picking in the Flower Xi” is a collection of prose; item D “Tragic World” is the masterpiece of Hugo)

7. Paul (Paul Kechakin) defeated himself (defeating cowardice, getting rid of the predicament, firm belief)

[2017 Tianjin City Test Questions] 22. Reading masterpieces, we are often attracted by the distinctive characters in the works. Read the following paragraphs and write the characters referred to in the pronoun of the drawing line. (4 points)




Water Margin

Speaking late, then fast,


First, the two fists went to Jiangmen Shen’s face, and then turned away. Jiang Men was furious, grabbing the future, he was kicked by him, kicked Jiang Men’s belly, pressed his hands, and squatted down.


“Celebrity Biography”

Until one day, the despair may be a hot wind before dying.

Scraped out the door, came to the road, wandering, escaping, and knocking on the door of a monastery. Then continue on the road, and finally fell on the road in an unknown small place, and could no longer stand up.


“Fu Lei Family”

The dean of the Music Academy said that your performance is like flowing water, like a river; it makes me think of Chrisdov’s symbol. Tianyu said


When I was a kid, I often died with Chrisdoff, and your personality is a bit similar to the ideal of Roman Roland.


Journey to the West

The monster of the Liu Sand River is guilty because of his guilty.

He was persuaded by the Bodhisattva and was willing to go to Master to Xitian.


23. Entering “Picking up the flowers”, we can pursue the trajectory of Mr. Lu Xun’s thoughts. Please summarize what kind of life choice did Mr. Lu Xun make in the mining road school in Nanjing and when he was studying in Sendai, Japan, and briefly described the reason. (4 points)

Answer: 22. (1) Wusong (2) Lev Tolstoy (3) Fu Cong (4) Sha Wujing

twenty three. After graduating from the Mining Road School, he chose to go to Japan to study, because he had a strong interest in new studies when he was studying at the Mining Road School, and after graduation, he felt that he had learned to be useless. When studying in Sendai, Japan, he decided to abandon medicine, because he was discriminated and insulted by Japanese students, and realized the humiliation of the weak people’s people; seeing the numbness of the Chinese people and recognizing the urgency of treating the spirit of the people.

[2017 Weifang City Test Questions] 6. The following statements on cultural common sense are incorrect.

A. “Using aspirations, but condensing God” came from one of the classics of legalists during the Warring States Period, “Zhuangzi”.

B. The grid, knowledge, sincerity, righteousness, self -cultivation, Qi family, governing the country, and Pingtianxia are the eight proposed by “University”


C. Writing in Oracle in Oracle, “Nian” indicates that a person carrying a mature crop, originally “harvest,

The meaning of harvest.

D. The Confucian classic “Book of Rites” has the idea of ​​a beautiful society, named “Datong.”

Answer: 6.A (“Zhuangzi” is one of the classic works of Taoism)

[2017 Changsha City Test Questions] 9. Reading of Masterpieces (5 points in total)

(1) The following statement about literary masterpieces is incorrect — it is (a) (2 points)

A. In the classic masterpieces, many characters have experienced suffering. For example, the four monks and apprentices have experienced the suffering of 1981, and they have finally won the true scriptures; Glee Buddha has fell into the deserted island for 28 years, overcoming various unimaginable difficulties.

B. The structure of many classic masterpieces has unique characteristics. For example, “Water Margin” adopts a chain structure with first division and then combined.

C. “Childhood” is an autobiographical novel created based on Gorky’s own experience. “Camel Xiangzi” is a realist novel created by Mr. Lao She.

D. The interesting stories such as “Turtle Rabbit Racing” and “Farmers and Snakes” all come from the famous fable story collection “Isso Fables”.

(2) Analyze the character’s shortcomings of the Chinese scientific image of classic masterpieces, help us understand the weakness of human nature, and promote our self -reflection. Please refer to

The shortcomings of Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie and Lin Chong’s personality. (3 points)

Answer: (1) Analysis: “Twenty -eighth Years of Wasteen Island” in item A is “Ribin Sun Drifting”.


Sun Wukong: arrogant, no one in the eyes; pig Bajie: delicious and lazy, greedy; Lin Chong: adversity.

[2017 Zhejiang Province Quzhou Test Questions] 6. Fill in the common sense of literature. (2 minutes)

⑴ Wu Jingzi’s “

“Is a model of sarcasm literature in my country, and” Fan Jinzhong “is one of the famous options.

It is a great playwright during the Renaissance of the British Renaissance, and Sherlock is a classic image he shaped.

8. Select one answer from the following four questions. (4 points)

⑴ From the reading of “Picking up”, what kind of childhood Lu Xun did you see? Combined with the content briefly.

事 The theme of “Old Things in the South”, some people say it is growing, some people say they are separated, and some people say it is nostalgia … What do you think? Talk about the reason.

(3) Many literary works have written the weakness of great characters. What is the role of shaping the character image? Choose a character from the masterpieces you read as an example for analysis.

万 Please talk about the relationship between science fiction and science and technology development according to “20,000 Miles under the Sea” or other science fiction works you read.

Answer: 6. (2 points) ⑴ “The History of Rulin Wai” ⑵ Shakespeare

8. (4 points)

Example: In “Picking in the Flower”, childhood Lu Xun is a child with a lively personality, physical and mental health. He pulled out the Ukraine and the basin, and wanted to get the magical “Shan Hai Jing”, full of curiosity and exploration desire, and had rich imagination; he liked small animals, for hidden mouse and vengeance cats, and made a disturbing opinion with Achang. , Full of compassion; he painted the embroidery portrait in the private school. In order to read the Wuma will endorse, it looks natural, lively, lively, and a little naughty.

Example: I think the theme of “The Old Things of the City” is nostalgia. The author uses prose structure and poetic language to describe the scene of Beijing City in the 1920s and 1930s: the camel team in the winter, the slow and pleasant ringtone, the life of the market in the hutong … It seems that the tentacles can be within reach, but everything has disappeared with time and has nowhere to find.

In the warm and distant mood, the author’s memories of childhood and nostalgia for the past.

钢 Example: Paul in “How Steel is made” occurred in a mental crisis when the disease was involved, and he even wanted to end his life in despair, but he finally defeated his weakness and suffered of his fate. test. This writing makes the character image more plump and truly credible, so that his image with fate and undefeated image is more deeper.

People’s heart.

小 Example: Science fiction novels are often reasonable and predicted on the basis of science and technology. The prediction of civilization; the imagination of science fiction for the unknown world has also promoted the development of science and technology to a certain extent, such as “20,000 miles under the sea”

The imagination of submarine submarines have long become reality.

[2017 Zhejiang Province Test Question] 4. Reading of common sense and masterpieces of literature. (6 points)

(1) The following statement is wrong (▲) (2 points)

A. “Fan Jinzhong” is a wonderful clip in Wu Jingzi’s long -term satirical novel “The History of Confucius Foreign”. The changes in the attitude of Hu Tuofei and Zhang Xiangnshen reflect the sentient beings who have become inflamed at the time.

B. The camel Xiangzi in Lao She wrote “three starts and three places”. From a self -esteem, strong and hard -working driver, it turned to a cheap and self -abandoned walking dead.

C. The great drama writer Shakespeare during the British Renaissance, shaped a greedy and insidious image of Grangtai in his comedy “Venice Merchant”.

D. In Gorky’s autobiography novel “Childhood”, Alyosha still maintains the courage and confidence of life in a dark and dirty environment, and gradually grows into a strong, brave and caring person.

(2) Reading famous books should read content and read. Please imitate the examples in the presentation draft below to complete the relevant tasks. (Selected one in each group, about 60 words each) (4 points) (4 points)

Test questions

Answer: 4. (6 points) (1) (2 points) C

(2) (4 points) Reading content: Example 1: I chose (2), Balvo (Bo) Asia violated the royal order, in order to obtain forgiveness, embark on the adventure of finding the “Golden Kingdom”. As a result, he first discovered the Pacific Ocean.

Compilation of common sense and masterpiece reading questions in the middle school entrance examination in 2018








Or: In order to avoid debt, Balwalia took the escape as an adventure. As a result, he first discovered the Pacific Ocean. The adventure was proved to be “immortal.”

Example 2: I chose (3). On the eve of the October Revolution, Lenin took the risk of risk to take a closed train back to Russia, and then launched the October Revolution. Destroyed an empire and changed the whole world.

Reading perception: Example 1: I chose (5), sometimes I can determine the direction of history in an instant. Gruch’s misjudgment (adherence to life) instantly caused Napoleon to defeat Waterloo, changed his own and Napoleon’s destiny, and also changed the world.

Or: At the moment when I misunderstood the critical moment (missing the opportunity), it was impossible to become the owner of fate. I decided to sigh for Gruch’s mistake for a minute.能 cannot make mistakes in important things. After that, no matter what kind of words and actions are used, it cannot be made up. Gruch did not return the aid in time, which led to the defeat of Napoleon’s soldiers. Fate always has a quasi -minded mind. Gruch was in his life, and he lost the opportunity to achieve glory, while Brucer woke up in time to reinforce Wellington and win the victory of war.

Example 2: I choose (6). People should treat their lives and energy correctly and make them more meaningful. It was a pity to spend a lawsuit in the second half of the next half of his life.

Or: Stel stood on the opposite side of everyone and violated the property interests of too many people. Even if it received legal support, there would be no good results.悲 Stel is a tragic hero. Although he failed to return to his factory and other property, I think his perseverance and persistence are admirable.

[2017 Zhejiang Province Jinhua City Test Questions] 3. Reading. (6 points)

(1) Read the language paragraph and complete the subsequent questions. (4 points)

My friendship with Ivan and I continued to grow. My grandmother was busy with housework from morning to night. I almost turned around with “Little Izgan” all day long. When my grandfather was big, he still blocked the whip with his own hands. The next day, he showed me the swollen hand and complained, “This is not used at all! You didn’t get a little bit, but I look at it! I will never do it again No matter you! “However, the next time he suffered unnecessary pain again. “Aren’t you unwilling?” “I didn’t want to come, but I stretched it over again … Somehow, I don’t consciously stretch it …”

(Liu Liaoyi/Translation, 2012 Edition of People’s Literature Publishing House)

① The above language section comes from



The founder of Soviet socialist literature. (2 minutes)

② In conjunction with the above language, what kind of person is “Little Izgan”?

(2) Professor Lin Geng, a professor of Peking University, wrote in the article “Journey to the West” “: The imagination of children’s imagination of the same character may be inconsistent with the changes in the specific situation. The performance is particularly prominent. For example, when the three -Tibetan line came to the Flame Mountain, the grandson bought a piece of hot cake and supported it in his hand, as if holding the burning carbon and the red nail in the coal stove, which was scalded with his left hand to the right hand and replaced his right hand on his left hand. The grandchildren here are so scared, but there are also many grandchildren who are not afraid of burning in the novel. Please give an example. (2 minutes)

Answer: 3. (6 points) (1) ① Childhood Gorky

② Asgang is a kind, simple, brave and loyal person.

(2) Example 1: When Qi Tian Da Sheng Da made a noise, he was detained under the monster pillar by Zhongtian soldiers and tied to the demon pillar. Nan Douxing Jun made the fire in the fire, setting fire and burning, and he could not burn.

Example 2: Qi Tian Dasheng was placed in the gossip furnace by Taishang Laojun and burned seven seven forty -nine on the civil and martial arts fire.

Example 3: Chi Chi Guo, Sun Walker and the Demon Dao Dou method, bathing in the oil pan with Yangli Daxian, “Fighting waves, playing like a negative water”.

[2017 Test Question of Lishui City, Zhejiang Province] 4. Reading by masterpieces. (5 points)

(1) The identity of the character can sometimes be reflected from the dress. Please fill in the correct options on the horizontal line combined with your understanding of the following characters. (2 minutes)

When Song Jiang was recruited, everyone was put on costumes, only four people were special: Wu Yonglun Towel Yu, Gongsun Sheng


, Wu Song soap cloth straight.

A. Old shirt B. Crane Dao Robe C. Black and Green Luo Demon D. Fire Fire Monk clothes

(2) Reading can enrich our feelings, and the soul can be comforted. After reading the “Old Things of the City” and “Little Prince”, we have both a faint sorrow and swaying warmth. Please choose one of the two items below, and write the corresponding plot around “sadness” and “warm”. (3 points) ① Yingzi and Niu children ② Little Prince and Rose

Answer: 4. (1) ①b ②D

(2) Example 1: I choose ①. Niu’s life is pitiful, she was abandoned as soon as she was born, and she was often scolded by her parents. She eventually suffered doom. As a result, Yingzi lost his childhood partner and was seriously ill. All of this made me sad. Essence Yingzi and Niu Er are naive and have innocent friendship. With the help of Yingzi, Niu Er found the mother -in -law, and the mother and daughter were reunited. These made me feel warm. Example 2: I chose ② rose vanity, suspiciousness, and pride, which made the little prince very distressed. The little prince did not understand the tenderness of the rose to leave; later, in order to return to the rose and let the snake bite himself, these made me feel sad that the little prince left the rose and kept thinking about her. Later The only thing in the world is responsible for roses. He finally understood love and responsibility, and all of them felt warm.

[2017 Test Question of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province] 5. Masterpiece reading

(1) Choose the right slogan for the following famous books.

① “Green Buddha Travel”


② “20,000 miles under the sea”


③ “Journey to the West”


A. Unreal and beautiful god and demon world, art projection of real society

B. The strange and strange four nations roam, sharp and profound ironic brushwork

C. Scientific and rational story framework, thrilling and strange adventure process

(2) Dong Qing, the host of “Lang Reader”, said: “Companion is the power of warm people’s hearts.” Please select a set of tasks from the following options and confirm the relevant circumstances.

① “Good Things” 沙 Alyosha (“Childhood”) ② Su Shi ﹣﹣ Su Shi (“Su Dongpo Biography”)

Answer: 5. (1) B, C. A

(2) According to the content of the masterpieces, there are many integrity and kind people who have a positive influence, such as kind -hearted, smart and simple grandmother, optimistic and simple grandmother, optimistic and simple grandmother. The “good things” of dedication of scientific intellectuals have given him strength and support, so that he has grown into a brave and strong, loving person.

② Dongpo’s life ups and downs, with his super compatibility with his “upcoming the emperor of the jade and the begging of Bei Tianyuan, seeing the world in front of the world” Friendship, friends who are interested. But with his life, only one person, brother Su Zhe. When he was framed into the prison, the son was rescued by the gallop, applying for the application to reduce his official level, and atonement for his elder brother; when he was exiled repeatedly, he was far away from the core area of ​​material civilization and spiritual civilization every day. , Ziyou accompanied him for thousands of miles of bitter travel; when he was embarrassed, the son was cooked by the family who cared about him; Su Shi resigned with the world, Su Zhe stotes his children and grandchildren, and accompanied him on the side of Dongpo after his death. .. Because of this family and friendship, everything in life and loneliness are no longer so terrible. Su Zhe said, “Self -confident man, pity, weak brother, how about the world’s little good friends”. Su Shi said: “I have no friends in the year, when I was in the four seas at the time.”

[2017 Test Questions of Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province] Masterpiece reading

(1) Reading masterpieces allows us to see the light, love in the distance and the wisdom in the distance. Reading Ostrovsky’s “How is Iron”, you can see

(Fill in the protagonist) The lofty spirit of dedication to the ideal; read

(Fill in the author) “Camel Xiangzi”, you can see the author’s deep sympathy for the old Beijing manpower driver;

“(Fill in), you can see the wisdom and philosophy contained in the work.

(2) Read the two paragraphs of [A] [B], answer the question below.


Leave the table and walk to the backyard, get out of the back door, go to the front street, and quietly say hello to Zhang Si, leaning on the door, and touched the seven silver dollars in his arms to him. The original road returned, and when I entered the house, I sat back at the table, and I went on to play cards without any matter.

(Selected from Feng Jicai’s “Wonderful World”)


I really ran to the patrol room in a hurry, and ran too anxiously, and the coat was cracked. He said that the guy who grabbed the jewelry shop was drinking on the Kaifeng Road! The patrol was rushed to know immediately, and the black -faced giant was arrested and brought to justice.

Please point out who is the “A” in the two paragraphs of [A] and [B], and summarize its personality characteristics.

“A” is

(3) Lu Xun once commented on “The History of the Rulin Wai” “Gan and Ironics”, which is a “ironic book”. Please take Yan Jian students in the book as an example to combine the plot related to him to briefly talk about the irony of the work.


(1) Paul Kocha Jin Lao She “Insect”

(2) Doctor dentist is kind, helpful, decent, and rules, but there is a problem that is poor.

(3) Yan Jiansheng is a typical ghost ghost. The silver he spent is really out of the last resort. There are two details that allow readers to realize the harsh greed in the deep character of Yan Jiansheng: First, when Wang’s death, after the death of the Wang family, after the death of Wang, after the death of Wang, When Zhao mentioned that he would send the two grandfathers to rush to examine Pang Cheng Yinzi, Yan Jiansheng listened and said, “A cat under the table picked it on his leg, and Yan Jiansheng’s head kicked away.” The dark and fierce movement between this suddenly was the psychological revealing of his pity at this moment and hate the two grandpa. Second, when Yan Jian was dying, he stretched out two fingers to refuse to get angry. The big nephew, the second nephew, and the nanny all came forward to guess, but they did not say, and finally Zhao stepped forward: ” Grandpa, only I can know your heart. You are the two stem lamps in the lamp, you don’t worry, you may spend the oil. “It wasn’t until Zhao’s picked a lamp grass, and he nodded and swallowed. These details of the disclosure of those gimmicks can be described as three -pointer, and at the same time, it also adds to the character of Yan Jian students.

It’s a great stroke.

[2017 Test Questions for Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province] Reading.

(1) “Brother” is the two most emotional words in “Water Margin”, and the correct one is selected according to the following content.

[A] Take out the knife and cut off the cables, and then support the Lin Chong, called: “Brother, since I bought a knife from you on the same day

After that, the family worried about you, … “

[B] To the four neighbors: “The villain hates the snow because of revenge with his brother, and the crime is justified, although he dies without complaints.

[C] Seeing, I also shed tears: “Okay, stop, stop! I served my brother when I was born, and I was just the next little ghost in my brother!” Yan Yan burst into tears, and he felt that his body was a little heavy. At that time, he shed tears and said goodbye to Song Jiang’s ship.

A. Martial

B. Li Zhi

C. Lu Zhishen

(2) Complete the following reading task form according to the relevant content of “Shaxiang Yearbook”.

“Shaxiang Yearbook” reading task form

Reading level

Reading strategy

Reading task (part)

Reading record

Review and read


Based on the content, it is inferred that this book is named “Shaxiang Yearbook”

Analytical reading


Leo Po said, “All the protection of this original state is clever.” Do you agree with this view? Based on the content of this book.

Theme reading

Expand reading

Reading from the theme of “Natural Literature” from “Shaxiang Yearbook”. Read “Lake Walden” and “Silent Spring”

Answer: 3. [1) [A] C [B] A [C] B

(2) ① This book records the author’s life fragment of the reconstruction of the Saudi Farm in Wisconsin. The content written is arranged together in the order of twelve months, so it is named “Shaxiang Yearbook”.

② Example 1: Agree. In order to protect the original wild nature, we need to take some measures, but the results are often counterproductive. For example, in “The Mourning of Marsh”, the government uses various methods to protect the swamp, but threatens the life of the crane as the original incarnation of the swamp, forcing them to leave. This protection behavior of humans is clumsy.

Example 2: Do not agree. Human development often affects nature, so there must be a consciousness to protect nature in development. For example, in “The Mourning of the Marsh”, if the government does not take measures to protect the swamp, human development and occupation will only accelerate the departure of the crane. Such protection behavior will still have a positive effect.

[2017 Chongqing City Test Questions] 5. The following statement about the common sense of literature, one of the wrong items ()

A. Geographical scientist, the Tang Dynasty, depicts the three gorge of the Three Gorges and the beautiful scenery in the Three Gorges.

B. Yang Yan is a famous writer, and her work “Pharaoh” shows the conscience of an intellectual.

C. “Back” is a classic prose of Zhu Ziqing.

D. French writer Dude shaped Mr. Han Mel’s patriotic image in the novel “The Last Lesson”.

Answer: A. There are mistakes, and Dao Yuan is a Geographic scientist in the Northern Wei Dynasty.

[2017 Chengdu Test Question] 6. In “Glee Buddha Journey”, in Liliput, Grey Buddha said: “I don’t want to be a tool for others to make a free and brave nation into a slave.” Based on this reason, what did Gile Buddha do? (2 minutes)


7. When the American female writer Pearl translates “Water Margin” into English, it is named “Brothers in the Four Seas” for the novel. In the following three stories of “the road is uneven, and the knife is helped”, which one can best reflect the naming intention of the translator? Please make a choice and briefly describe the reasons. (2 minutes)

A. Wu Song drunk Jiang Men Shen B. Li Li killed Yin Tianci C. Lu Zhishen big noise pork forest

Answer: 6. Greyfo helped defeat the country that he did not come to Fufusku, and did not agree to the emperor’s request to destroy Fufusku, try his best to make the King of Liliput Empire dispel the entire empire to kill the entire empire of Fufusku, This idea.


[2017 Guang’an City Test Questions] 13. Masterpiece reading (1 point every empty, 4 points in total)















(Selected from Feng Jicai’s “Wonderful World”)


According to the accumulation of reading, write the following reading notes.





Excerpts: Successful flowers, people only envy her current brightness! However, her buds were soaked in the tears of struggle, sprinking through the blood rain of sacrifice–


(Author) “Star • Spring Water”

Perception: This philosophical small poem uses metaphorical rhetoric, tell readers


The truth.

Excerpts: Do you think that because I am poor, low, short, and not beautiful, do I have no soul and no ingenuity? You think wrong. My soul is the same as you, and my heart is exactly the same as you … We stand in front of God is equal because we are equal. —— Charlotty Bronte “


Feelings: This section of the text shows the heroine



Answer: 13. Masterpiece Reading (4 points)

(1) Bingxin (1 point)

(2) Struggle can achieve success (1 point)

(3) Jane · Love (1 point)

(4) Strong and strong and firmly defend your dignity, pursue equality (1 point) (Ren Answers can get 1 point)

[2017 Guangdong Province Test Questions] 13. The following items that are not consistent with the meaning of “victory”, “fear” and “infatuation” mentioned in this article are () (3 points)

A. Someone even ate the shell when eating rhombus, and said that it was to clear the heat and detoxify. Others asked his hometown if there was a rhombus, and he proudly said that the mountains and the mountains were everywhere.

B. Zeng Guofan had “three fear” in his life: fear of destiny, fear of people, and father. He is always awesome for officials, and he is well -watched by others.

C. During the reign of Qin Shihuang, he sent someone to visit the famous mountains and rivers, and tried everything to find a pitch. It is said that he had sent Xu Fu and others to the sea to seek immortals in order to live forever.

D. In “Journey to the West”, Sun Wukong and Tang Seng Ye stayed at the Guanyin Academy, Elder Jin Chi showed off his puppets, and Goku took out the Tang monk’s puppets to make a higher than that, which caused a disaster.

Answer: B

【2017 Hebei Province Test Question】

Fourth, according to your reading of literary masterpieces, answer questions 15-16. (6 points in total)

15. In “Red Rock”, what are the reasons for the comrades -in -arms of Jayong Prison? (3 points)


16. Please combine the specific content in “Grey Buddha Travel” to talk about how “Hui Yan” educates children? (3 points)


15. In the struggle of protecting the water source (puddle), Long Guanghua was beaten by agents and died due to excessive injuries. All comrades in arms made rejection to the agents to mourn Long Guanghua and their improvements.

16. Example 1: Never love children. Before the age of 18, do not let them eat a grain of oats, and rarely let them eat milk. In the summer, they went out of the grass for two hours in the morning and evening, and their parents were supervised.

Example 2: Let the children receive hard training. Let the children run up and down in the steep mountains, or run around on the hard gravel land to train their physical strength, resistance and speed. When they were sweating, they ordered them to jump into the pond or river, and the whole body was immersed in the water.

Example 3: regular inspection of exercise. Racing four times a year, performing, jumping skills and other physical or technical skills.

Example 4: Pay attention to the learning of children. Let them learn courses such as restraint, diligence, practice, and cleanliness.

[2017 Huangshi City Test Questions] 6. Masterpiece accumulation. (1 point per empty, 4 points in total)

The following is the judgment of several masterpieces. According to your accumulation, write the corresponding character names and work names.



“Three Kingdoms”

The injury to the village, it turned out to be shot by Wei Yan. Fang Yi’s words, with the recovery of the corpse to the thick burial, made the class teacher.

“Water Margin”

Zheng Tuodang can do it. ② Drinking: “Donise! You are a breakthrough! If you just hardened to the end, the family sprinkle the family! Now you are talking to me, and the family will not spare you.” A dojo in the whole hall, the lame, 钹 钹, and 铙 铙 一.

Captain Nemo walked in front, and his companions followed us several steps behind. Consee and me, next to each other, as if we can talk through our metal shell.

Before the moon fell, we were completely in the shadow; although I was close to Rochester, I could hardly see his face. The seven -leaf tree is tossing and moaning. What makes it so painful? The wind screams on the path of the laurel tree, blowing quickly from our head.

The name of the character in the work: ①


Title name: ③

Answer: 6. ① Yang Xiu ② Luda (or Lu Zhishen, Lu Titi) ③ “20,000 miles under the sea” ④ “Jane · Love”

[2017 Jining City Test Question] 5. The following statements about literary masterpieces are correct () (2 points)

A. The protagonist of “The Old Things of the City” is a smart, kind and sensitive little girl, and has experienced many

After growing up, she bid farewell to her childhood with deep pain and sorrow.

B. Lao She’s “Camel Xiangzi” is rich in old Beijing style. The novel portray Xiangzi’s self -esteem, hard -working, hard -working, and never bowing to fate.

C. “Xiang Ling Xue Shi” was selected from “Dream of Red Mansions”. Xiang Ling got Xue Baozhen’s careful guidance in the process of learning poetry. Her experience of learning poetry told us that learning should be shameless and dare to question.

D. “Jane Love” is a work with autobiography. Although the protagonist Jane Jane, although love is poor, low, not beautiful, and short, he has always firmly defended his independent personality dignity.

Answer: 5.d

[Analysis] A: This work tells the memories of the childhood past through Yingzi’s childish eyes.

A story about Yingzi’s childhood reflects the author’s nostalgia for childhood and the thoughts of Beijing Chengnan. So

Incormed; B: Xiangzi was originally a lower -level working people who were honest, tough, self -esteem, and hard -working;

In the end, it turned into a rogue of the market that had fallen into numbness, down, cunning, and good occupation. Therefore, incorrect;

C: Xiang Ling got Lin Daiyu’s careful guidance in the process of learning poetry, not Xue Baozhen. Therefore, incorrect;

[2017 Jiangsu Province Changzhou City Test Questions] 2. The following expressions about masterpieces are incorrect (3 points) () () () ()

A. “Journey to the West” is a chapter -back body magic novel. The book describes the process of the four masters and apprentices who experienced the suffering on the way to get the suffering with rich imagination.

B. The scriptures were successful, the Guanyin Bodhisattva awarded the Tang monk as “Jin Chanzi”, Sun Wukong was “Golden Body Luohan”, Zhu Bajie was “Marshal Tiantong”, and the sand monk was “fighting the Buddha”.

C. After Song Jiang was murdered by Yan Po, he was distributed to Jiangzhou. He wrote “anti -poems” with wine a day, so he was caught and went to the prisoner of death. In the end, Liangshan had a good man and rescued Song Jiang.

D. Ruda ran to the west after Kansai, and Elder Zhizhen accepted him and gave him the legal name “Zhishen”. In order to better protect him, Elder Zhizhen introduced him to Tokyo Daxiangguo Temple.

E. Glevo Buddha made great achievements for the Kingdom of Lilipute, but later offended the emperor. The emperor insisted on beheading him and hated him with shameful means to extinguish the fire of the palace.

Answer: 2. BD analysis: This question examines the understanding and grasp of the content of literary masterpieces. Reading in the reading requirements of famous books, grasping the main characters, keeping in mind key plots, especially some important details, it seems that it is not difficult to guess the right thing. In the B of the B, the Tang monk was awarded the Tang monk as the “Tan Tan meritorious Buddha”, and Sun Wukong was “fighting the Buddha”, and the sand monk was “Golden Body Luohan”. Presbyteria Zhizhi Zhishen in item D was introduced to Tokyo Daxiangguo Temple, not to better protect him, but because the Wutai Mountain was in trouble, and there was no way to take it again.

[2017 Test Question of Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province] 5. Reading of famous books. (6 points)

(1) Read the following text and complete the blanks. (3 points)

(Wang Lun) Speaking of the end, I saw Lin Chong’s eyebrows raised, and his eyes opened, sitting on the chair, “When you came up the mountain, you also talked about the rare food. What is the reason for the heroes to come here, and you make such words? “A said:” The head leads the romance. I am not waiting for it, but it will be broken. We went down the mountain, sent and entangled, and never kept a hot general, asked me to lead the breath, I waited for myself. “

A selection A is in “Water Margin”

He said so attentively

[2017 Test Question of Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province] (2) The following expressions on the content and common sense of literary masterpieces, the two wrongs are () ()

A. “Journey to the West” Eight precepts could not endure the scolding of Er Fairy in Wuzhuang Guan.

B. In “Ji Ji”, it seemed to be calmly describing Mrs. Yan’s ruthlessness to her son, and was good for other children, but I satirized his selfishness.

C. The king of the villains in the “Greed Buddha Travels” governs the country and has a fair and selflessness.

D. In the process of “adventure in the cave”, Tom Solia showed a calm and brave spirit and human characteristics without impurities.

E. “How Steel is made” is divided into two parts, which first describes domestic wars, and then describes economic recovery and socialist construction.

Answer: 5. (1) Wu uses hypothesis to say goodbye, but in fact, in order to anger Lin Chong (2) A C

[2017 Jiangsu Province Suzhou City Test Questions] One of the following is incorrect about literary common sense and cultural knowledge.

A. “I want to choke the throat of my fate, it can never make me fully succumb” from Roman Roland’s “Celebrity Biography”, which is a strong shouting by Beethoven to the cruel destiny.

B. The authors of “Horse Say”, “Xiaoshi Tan Ji”, “Remembering the Temple of the Temple” and “Injury Zhongyong” are Han Yu, Liu Zongyuan, Su Shi, and Wang Anshi.

C. “Tianjing Sha · Qiusi”, “The Mountains and Sheep · Tong Gu Gu Gu”, “Jiangchengzi · Mizhou Hunter” are all Yuanqu, of which “Tianjing Sha”, “Mountain Step Sheep”, “Jiangchengzi” is a song, “Qiu Si”, “Caring Gu Gu Gu” “” Michigan hunting “is the topic.

D. The “book gear” in “Book Furniture” refers to the four treasures of the study: paper, ink, pen, and 砚; “Poetry”, “Book”, “Rites”, “Spring and Autumn”; “Jun and Jiajun in the Middle”, “Jun” is the respect of the other party, “Jiajun” is the father of others.

Answer: 4. C Analysis: This question examines the grasp of literary common sense and cultural knowledge. The “Jiangchengzi · Mizhou Hunting” mentioned in item C should be Song Ci instead of Yuanqu.

[2017 Jiangsu Province Zhenjiang City Test Questions] 3. Reading. (6 points)

(1) One of the following is wrong with the content of the content of the masterpieces (2 points) ()

A. On the day of the birthday of Liu Siye, he resolutely disagreed with Hu Niu’s marrying Xiangzi and completely quarreled with her. Later, Hu Niu made his own master, rented a house outside, and married Xiangzi.

B. Paul wrote a part of the novel in the plan and sent it to some old comrades for soliciting opinions. People were praised, but the manuscript was lost by the post office on the way back.

C. After learning that the paper moon was late at school almost every day, Sang Sang made a special trip to Bancang Elementary School to report the principal of the three boys bullied paper moon.

D. On the desert island, in order to avoid forgetting the calculation date, Robinson engraved on the cross on the trunk, and engraved on the date of Deng Island. Every day, there is a marks on the cross.

(2) Read the selection section of “Journey to the West” and answer questions. (1 point)

The big saint put his hand, and the walker also let it go. The sand monk held one and called, “The second brother, you also hold one.” Sure enough, he held it, fell off the cloud head, and traveled to the grass door.

When I saw the Sanzang, I read the “Tight Hole Mantra”. The two called out: “We are fighting me, how do you cursed me? Mo Nian! Mo Nian!” The elder was charity, so he lived and did not recognize the truth. Who is the fake line?

(3) Read the selection section of “Water Margin” and answer questions. (3 points)

Wang Lun got up and said, “I feel that the heroes are here to gather here, and only hate the small village of Xiaoshan. Xiema, Xiaocai can make people come to the Majesty. “

① What is Wang Lun’s intention to say these words? (1 point)

② What consequences do these words bring to Wang Lun? (2 minutes)

Answer: 3. (1) C (2) Rulai (Answer “Buddha” and “Rulai Buddha” and other titles in “Journey to the West” can be) (3) ① Rejecting the heroes such as Ji Gai entered the Liangshan. (Meaning right) ② was killed by Lin Chong. (Or “Lin Chonghuo and Wang Lun”, just mean it)

[2017 Jingzhou City Test Question] 5. (3 points) The following statement about literary common sense is wrong.

A. The literary style of poetry focuses on lyricism. From the perspective of expression, it can be divided into narrative poems and lyric poems.

B. Prose is a literary style that describes hearing and expressing feelings. It also is called “beauty”, “small text” and “essay”.

C. The novel is centered on the storyline of the story, reflecting social life through the shape of the character image and the description of the environment.

D. Drama is used to develop plots and shape characters through contradictions and conflicts.

Answer: 5. C (The correct answer of item C should be “the novel is centered on shaping the image of the character, reflecting social life by narrating the storyline and environmental description of the story”)

[2017 Laiwu City Test Questions] 6. Fill in cultural common sense and masterpieces. (4 points)

① The role of opera is divided into four major lines of birth, dan, quiet, and ugly. In “The Concubine Drunk”, Yang Guifei played by Mei Lanfang belongs to ______________.

② There are a total of 130 articles in “Historical Records”, including twelve books, thirty _________, seventy columns, ten tables, and eight books.

③ There is only me, the winner on the battlefield. This is the most difficult battle I have experienced, and it is also the first victory I have won. I stood on the carpet I stood by Mr. Brocklst for a while and enjoyed the loneliness of my winner. At first, I smiled secretly and felt happy; but just like my accelerated pulse beating, this fierce joy and sharp decline. (Selected from “Jane · Love”)












“The most difficult battle” in the article refers to ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ of.

Express the personality characteristics of “I” ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Answer: 6. (1) Once

(2) Family

(3) In the conflict with Mrs. Reed, Jane Eri bravely refuted Mrs. Ride.

Dare to resist (dare to fight)

[2017 Leshan City Test Questions] 6. The following statements related to recommendations are correct. The correct one is () ()

A. Bingxin’s “Star” and “Spring Water” are both Chinese classical poetry and Fabul’s philosophical little poems. They are good at capturing the inspiration for a moment, and writing in the heart with thousands of words to fully show the remembrance of motherly love and innocence. Worship and sigh of nature, perception and praise for life.

B. “I don’t feel deeply, and naturally loves it; love is not cut, and of course it is not enough to pop up; the more it is not enough, the more you can’t attract your interest.” The book was compiled by Fu Lei’s translation of French critical realist writer Balzak’s “World Comedy”.

C. “20,000 miles under the sea” is the first part of Verne’s trilogy. The reason why Verne’s novels have a majority of readers lies in clever ideas and thrilling plots. It is the result of the clever combination of science and fantasy. At the same time, it also has a sense of social responsibility and lofty humanism.

D. In “Celebrity Biography”, Beethoven wrote an immortal “Ode to Joy” in the end of his life; Michelangelo stood statue all day until his dying, and finally left the masterpiece of the handed down; Tolstoy was in The last moment of life, the determination to get rid of the noble life.

Answer: 6.d

[2017 Luzhou City Test Question] Third, masterpieces of masterpieces. (6 points)

Read the following paragraph and answer questions 15-16.

Paul was suddenly surprised to hold his breath. His heart struggle for a moment, but he still jumped into the room with boldness, grabbed the gun cover, pulled out the new black pistol from it, and hurried back to the garden. He looked at the surroundings vigilantly, stuffed his pistol into his pocket, passed through the garden, and climbed up the cherry tree. Paul was as flexible as monkeys. He quickly climbed up to the top of the shed, and looked back. I saw that the service soldiers chatted with Mafu without any way. The garden was quiet …

15. This paragraph is selected from novels


Mainly used


Describe to portray the protagonist Paul.

16. The novel immediately wrote which two plots related to “gun”? Please summarize it briefly. Each plot does not exceed 8 words.


Answer: 15. “How is Iron and Steel Refined” (1 point) Action (details) (2 points)

16. (3 points) Paul hidden guns (buried guns) in the brick and tile factory; Lieutenant (service soldiers) looking for guns (looking for guns, searching for guns). (One plot 1 point, two 3 points)

[2017 Nantong City Test Questions] 4. Class 9 (1) of Mandarin Middle School carried out the special learning activity of “Readers • Enter the Water Margin”. (8 points)

Activity 1: Cooperation and communication (3 points)

When Xiaowen introduced the storyline in the group, when Song Jiang and others were rejected by Wang Lun, Lin Chong couldn’t bear it, and he fired and Wang Lun.

After you listen, you euphemistically point out the mistakes of Xiaowen’s classmates:

Activity 2: In -group debate (3 points)

For Lin Chong

This character image, square point of view: Lin Chong is the most thorough resistance in the < Water Margin. Anti -party point of view: Lin Chong is not the most thorough resistance. Which point do you agree with? Please explain the reasons in conjunction with the specific plot.

Activity 3: Achievement display (2 points)

Edit a special handwriting of the “Water Margin Character Talk”, please write two columns names in four -character phrase.

Answer: 4. Activity 1: Example: Song Jiang and Wang Lun did not fight.

Activity 2: Example: I agree with the square view. Because Lin Chong experienced a series of plots such as his wife’s teasing, mistakenly break through the white tiger hall, and was assassinated with the army, he really saw the corruption and darkness of the court. Therefore, the court will not compromise.

Activity 3: Example: Book of Character Personality [Analysis] This question examines the reading. Active the event to understand the plot of the << Water Margin “. The cover was rejected by Wang Lun, not Song Jiang. When completing, pay attention to the “euphemism” required in the question to point out the error. Event II examines the analysis of the plot and personality of the characters. When completing, pay attention to the combination of specific plots. Investigate the column name in the three exams, pay attention to the four -character phrase.