New Magotan


The new Magotan has also made some adjustments in the body size. The size of the new car is 4865x1832x1471 mm, and the body wheelbase is 2871 mm. The color of the car paint is red, bright and eye -catching. The exhaust at the tail has changed from the previous circular shape to rectangular, and the shape of the taillights has also changed.


The standard LED taillights in the entire system use matrix design, which integrates brake lights, wide lights, and reversing lights, and the exhaust pipe also uses a double -sided double -out layout. The main change of the new car is to adjust the appearance. The vehicle is 4865 mm, Volkswagen Magotan’s strongest domestic B -class car. Not long ago, Magotan also launched a new model. Magotan’s reputation has never been small.

In terms of interior, Magotan’s interior adopts a simple design style and looks exquisite. This generation of Magotan’s changes in the interior is also very obvious. The air -conditioning outlet on the center console no longer adopts a penetrating design, and it is a long -distance and flat rectangular shape, which looks more fashionable and exquisite than the previous generation. Inside the vehicle, the interior design of the Magotan B6L gives more familiarity. The two parallel screens add a little technological sense to the car, and it has a little more fashion than the atmosphere.

The curve lighting system composed of up to 16 LEDs allows each light to evenly integrate into the body lines, echoing the dynamic and slender shape of the tail, becoming the most beautiful babies on the entire street. On the medium -sized models, Magotan also uses a visual full LCD instrument panel. While enhancing the sense of technology, it also makes the atmosphere of the interior better. At this time, the system will automatically record the driving route before reversing. After the double flash is fully opened, it responds before a scholarship, not to mention that when an obstacle is encountered, the vehicle will stop reversing.


The rear space is a highlight of Magotan. It can be seen from the figure that the length of the cushion of the Magotan rear seats reaches 4865 mm, which can be almost flat, which is still guaranteed in the space. At the level of the trunk of such cars, FAW-Volkswagen Magotan also surrendered a satisfactory answer sheet in the depth of the luggage compartment after opening the third-generation modular platform. This Magotan is the first car from my relatives at home, so I am very satisfied with the space of this car.