The broken love embroidery T -shirt is reminiscent of the feeling of heartbreak, and the tights can show their figure


This is a tight long -sleeved T -shirt. This T -shirt is beautiful. This T -shirt has two colors, one color is apricot and the other is black. After he put on this T -shirt, he will show his figure and show our figure.


If you put on this dress with good figure, it will look very beautiful. This clothes are a tight T -shirt. This tight T -shirt is very picky. Well, the body is not fat, and it will look very beautiful. This T -shirt is suitable for thinner people.

If you are thinner on this T -shirt, the effect will be better. It is suitable for thinning the eyebrows to wear our T -shirt. It has a love in front of its chest. This love is a broken love. The broken love is the broken love. The broken love is very good to wear this T -shirt when we are sad.

And sometimes when you are sad, you feel heartbreaking. The heartbreak feels on this dress with this heartbreaking line. The design is very good, it is very suitable.


This heartbreak is a sign of a broken love. The broken line in the middle of love is a golden line. This line is very beautiful. There is also a hole in the right shoulder. After wearing this hole, it matched this broken love.


It is better to match it like this, and then this T -shirt is relatively short. Our belly cannot cover this aspect, so girls with small belly recommend this clothes, which can show their figure well. Essence