Japan Asia Chop Hand Tour: Nikon Nikon MB-D12 handle battery box


If photography is a non -returning path, the aunt is definitely a qualified leader on this road.

日亚剁手之旅:Nikon 尼康 MB-D12 手柄电池盒

Since August 10, 2014, I bought D810 from Amazon at a meat pain price. It has been almost a year. The shoe factory has let me experience the thrill of cutting meat from her body in a diving way, but because of the spirit of Aunt Zhang, the spirit of Aunt Zhang Inspiring, this did not stop me continued to chop my hands.

In November 14th, near Double Eleven, two En-EN-EN-EN-EN-EN-EN-EN-Nikon original batteries were chopped at the price of 299.

日亚剁手之旅:Nikon 尼康 MB-D12 手柄电池盒安装EN-EL15电池

It is tears when you say too much. The two batteries are different. The old production year is old and the packaging is simple. It once made me doubt whether it was genuine and whether to return the goods. In the end, my kindness defeated the reason. If these two batteries returned, it was impossible to suffer any of them, I would still accept it.

日亚剁手之旅:Nikon 尼康 MB-D12 手柄电池盒

Although it is a second-hand “daughter-in-law”, it still decides to match it with a good “dowry”, which has never stopped.

The price of Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, and Amazon has always been concerned about the price of this product. For the 2500+ shops, it made me liver and intestine. In a word, I am not afraid of buying parallel imports, and I am afraid of buying high imitation. Therefore, I temporarily put a patriotic feelings and aimed at Amazon in Japan.

日亚剁手之旅:Nikon 尼康 MB-D12 手柄电池盒

The price is 29,761 yen, and RMB1470.1934. Of course, the exchange rate at the time of purchase is not as good as the current situation, and it is tears.

To start decisively, Tenso transferred to hand. Dalian and Shenyang Customs are very friendly and have no taxation.

日亚剁手之旅:Nikon 尼康 MB-D12 手柄电池盒

Because I have never purchased similar products, I cannot compare it. I can only describe the use of feelings subjectively.

日亚剁手之旅:Nikon 尼康 MB-D12 手柄电池盒未安装EN-EL15电池

Outer packaging box

日亚剁手之旅:Nikon 尼康 MB-D12 手柄电池盒

The first is the outer packaging box, combined with the SB910 packaging box that was chopped in the first day of Asia, Nikka has no domestic seals in China. Maybe Japan does not have a high reverse ability in my big country, so it is not in this regard. care.

Take off your pants directly.

日亚剁手之旅:Nikon 尼康 MB-D12 手柄电池盒

The main accessories are shown in the figure. In addition to the MB-D12 body, it is also equipped with the MS-D12EN battery seat (used for the EN-E5 battery) and the MS-D12 battery seat (for AA battery). The MS-D12EN is installed in the MB-D12 On the top, there is another soft packaging MS-D12 battery seat. Isn’t I a little bit embarrassed? It was difficult to overcome the lazy syndrome. I took the film and sat in front of the computer to edit. I am not easy. It really doesn’t work, I have given it, after all, it is my first time, and it is written and cherished. For Mao, I remember the night of my college girlfriend 8 years ago. Ohno, the picture is too beautiful, me OK. Of course, she is already my wife now.

Below is a comprehensive, three-dimensional display MB-D12 battery box body.

The first is positive:

You can see the lock spiral knob and the deputy instruction dial, what do you see? Look closely, let me see the front, not the top, okay, let’s talk about it, the white part is the interface cover, it is said that many high imitation can be identified by this plastic cover. For reference, I imitated it for so many years, and a plastic cover, hum, is not a problem.

日亚剁手之旅:Nikon 尼康 MB-D12 手柄电池盒

In another position, you can see the shutter release button. The shutter is half longer than the key journey of the D810, but the feel is almost the same. The foreskin is exactly the same as the camera. Words, will it be better with skin.

日亚剁手之旅:Nikon 尼康 MB-D12 手柄电池盒一面

For chrysanthemums, you can see multiple selectors and the main instruction dial, and the AF-ON button.

日亚剁手之旅:Nikon 尼康 MB-D12 手柄电池盒另一面

Finally, there is another side, you can see the curve clearly, so evil is so evil

日亚剁手之旅:Nikon 尼康 MB-D12 手柄电池盒

The following is the battery seat part:

Unpack EN-EE5 battery

Install the en-og15 battery

日亚剁手之旅:Nikon 尼康 MB-D12 手柄电池盒

one side

the other side

In order to distinguish between two sides, I deliberately installed different brands of batteries on both sides. Why am I so really.

At this point, it has been nearly ended. Personally, I suggest that if there are not special needs, this thing is cautious, and it is extremely strange after installation.

Finally come to Zhang Quanjia portrait:

So I finally discovered that the soft sleeve of the MS-D12 battery seat has not been entered, and a small regret, but it will be motivated to leave some regrets, and there is no regretful life. What do you think?

At the end, let’s take a picture of the machine and take it directly with the mobile phone.

After the sun is finished, please lightly.

Japan Asia Chop Hand Tour: Nikon Nikon MB-D12 handle battery box