The fashion circle is in Follow, what does the small round bag exist?


For girls, the bags and shoes are always missing. Therefore, of course, the style of the bag in the home is of course more than one. However, many girls may not start with this bag to be mentioned below, that is, the new fashion round bag on the street trend.


During the release of this summer Fashion Week, it is not difficult to see that the big names have launched their own round bags. Compared to the traditional square bags and bucket bags, the design of the round bag is more compact and exquisite, and the style is more diverse. It is not easy to hit the bag with people on the streets of summer.


For example, this one, the appearance is a flower chain bag, the bag is round, white and lemon yellow form a sharp contrast. The overall view is very fresh. It is very suitable with a dress or skirt. In order, it is very suitable for girls who are at school to show your youthful vitality.


There is also this round small bag to add embroidery elements. The obvious Chinese style is super light and beautiful. It can be paired with various literary and artistic clothes regardless of shoulders or hands.

There is also this, the round bag with a simple style, which looks very small and exquisite on the back. The exquisite plush design of the outside makes the bag more grade. There are also romantic edge accessories. Essence


In fact, not only domestic, many major foreign big names have also launched new round bags. For example, this hand -up bag on LV Fashion Week is elegant and generous, and the bottom of the bottom is set up to allow the bag to be placed upright. There is a clean and neat professional model.

These large -faces and red pink color round bags are even more beautiful. Especially in the middle, the big red and metal chain bag shows the exquisite and elegant queen style.

In this fashion trend, Chanel is not far behind. Chanel uses the ball -shaped chain to run through the whole show, and uses PVC and glittering crystal decoration to make the small round bag gorgeous to transform, exuding a unique noble spirit.

It seems that each big name adds its own characteristics on the basis of round bags. Chloe’s new circular bag Pixie concentrated its classic characteristics of previous years. It integrates metal handle, exquisite chain, personality rivets, and rounded and moist bags. It is definitely one of the hot IT BAGs this spring and summer.