What players do you use to watch movies on your mobile phone? 9 major audio and video “weapon” recommendations


Watching movies on mobile phones has also become an indispensable part in mobile phones. Today, life is under pressure, and watching movies is a kind of enjoyment. At present, there are also many video software on the market. How to choose one of them in many software is the key. Today I recommend the “weapon” of nine mobile phones to watch movies. If you are interested, you can try it!



Qiyi (qiyi) film and television video client is a high -definition video client owned by iqiyi.com, a large number of genuine high -definition film and television resources, which can be used to watch it quickly. Multi -terminal playback record synchronization function, imagine watching anywhere anytime, anywhere. Hot drama, latest episodes, gossip entertainment, Qiyi in hand, everything!

Xiaobian uses iQiyi. I feel good personally, and the loading speed is fast!



The fast broadcast was once called “otaku artifact”, you know!

Among the services provided by the mobile phone fast broadcast, the popularity is the fast -broadcast radar function, a little bit, you can scan

The shared resources of nearby users, and click to watch immediately. When the fast broadcast company uses the radar function, the “new version of the radar function is designed to provide you with more convenient search channels, which will not involve privacy violations. The content of the radar search is just the video downloaded on the Internet. Resource, and it is a fuzzy positioning, and quickly broadcast the harmonious movie environment with you. “That is to say, the radar function will not scan any content in the mobile phone.

Popular movie

Frequent video application characteristics: rich sources: popular for eight years, rich movie and TV dramas, global movie blockbusters, TV hit TV series, popular anime, popular entertainment variety shows, real -time sports events, and social hot news unified online.

High -definition quality: clear picture quality, extreme experience, enjoy theater -level audiovisual experience at any time.


Smooth playback: use the most advanced film transmission technology, loading rapidly, and smoother playback. Update quickly: Synchronize major David TV, the latest hottest TV drama movie variety show watched the first time.

Interactive experience: Intelligent continuity, local video playback, download definition selection, search optimizing anime, creating the ultimate viewing experience.

Pps video

It has rich online TV resources and can watch movies, TV series, sports live broadcasts, game competition, animation, variety shows, news, financial information, etc. PPS network TV is completely free, no registration is required, download can be used; playback, P2P transmission, the more people watch the smoother, completely free, but the advertising time is long, it is the Internet installation software that is widely respected by netizens and vomiting.


Youku Film and TV Series

The mobile phone Youku is an application for smartphone users developed by Youku.com. It is completely free and does not need to pay any fees. With rich content recommendation, smooth play experience, fast and comprehensive search, unique and unique shooting is the characteristics. Let you enjoy the fun of videos anytime, anywhere.

PPTV network TV


PPTV film and television highest popularity video software! Comprehensively support iOS and Android. The online video content exceeds 30,000 film and television resources. It integrates Youku, Tudou, QQ, Sohu, Qiyi, LeTV, CNTV, PPS video website advantages, covering the latest high -definition domestic hot broadcast dramas, American dramas, Japanese dramas, British dramas, Thailand, Thailand, Thailand Drama, anime, updated daily on time. Support mobile video download and watch offline.

Massive high -definition film and television, the latest blockbusters are exhausted.

National Satellite Synchronous live broadcast.

The Premier League, NBA live, essential tools for sports enthusiasts.

Taiwan variety shows, Japanese and Korean idol dramas, otaku’s favorite.

The hottest TV series comes on demand, just watch it.

Storm video


Maybe you are a film and television madman, traveling every day to find your beloved video on the Internet. This may spend a lot of time. Sometimes you only want to watch a long -awaited film. You have to jump back and forth between various websites. All applications. Now you can give all these processes to the storm. This is due to the search engine technology to help you automatically collect all the large amounts of video information of Youku, Tudou, Qiyi, LeTV and other websites. Run, and what you need to do is just to encounter with your favorite movie, and then slowly appreciate it. If you learn to collect and dot, you will find that enjoying the movie is simpler.

Speed ​​-ups are 100 times faster than Bluetooth transmission.

LeTV Film and Television

LeTV.com is a video portal with genuine and high -definition movies, providing users with genuine high -definition movies, TV series, animation, variety shows, entertainment and other video watching, video sharing, video search and other services!

Tencent Video

Tencent Video is positioned on China’s largest online video media platform, and it is also a video player. It meets the needs of users to watch videos online with rich content, extreme viewing experience, convenient login method, 24 -hour seamless application experience, and fast -sharing product characteristics.

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