Don’t be nervous, “High Monum” won a special prize …


“High number abuse me a few times

I stay as high as the first love “

“There was a tree in the past, called‘ high number ’

A lot of people hanging on the tree “

… …


In many universities

“Higher Mathematics” is often

The focus of heated discussion for college students

“That is, I lowered my head and picked up my support


It’s already a heavenly book to look up again “


Although more ridiculous


But “Higher Mathematics”

But there is a story behind TA

October 12

The first National Teaching Material Construction Award was announced


Tongji University

The seventh edition of “Higher Mathematics” (first volume, volume)

Won the “National Excellent Textbook Special Award”

(10 items across the country, including 4 higher education categories)

The reporter noticed

In 4 special prizes


Written for a college


“Higher Mathematics” textbook

After 7 versions of revision

Over 40 years, each version has been printed more than 400 times


Cumulative sales exceeded 50 million copies

Training for high -level talents in my country

Make an important contribution


Temporarily forget those definitions and exercises

The story of walking into this book together ↓

“Higher Mathematics Lecture” is a pioneering work

The origin of “Higher Mathematics” must be from

Speaking in the 1950s

After the founding of New China

Just obtained a new life higher education

Lack of appropriate textbooks

Since 1953

Professor Fan Yingchuan organized a mathematical teaching and research group


Some senior teachers with rich teaching experience

Make self -made textbooks

Named “Higher Mathematics Lecture”

The original manuscript is

Teaching notes based on Professor Fan Yingchuan

Combined with the lecture integration and modification

“Higher Mathematics Lecture” (upper and lower volumes) first edition


March 1958

Published by People’s Education Press



Revised by Professor Fan Yingchuan

Published on the second edition of “Higher Mathematics Lecture”

Two versions of “Lecture” spread

Extremely extensive influence

Created the basic mathematics textbook of science and engineering in my country



Mr. Fan Yingchuan (left) discussed with young teachers

The seventh edition, the old professor of seventies is “the only writer”

In 1977, after the college entrance examination was resumed

Universities in the engineering and mathematics industry urgently need a copy


Meet the textbooks needed for engineering higher mathematics teaching

Tongji University Mathematics Teaching and Research Office

Participated in some college teachers in Shanghai

Participate in the content of the relevant chapters


A total of 10 teachers lasted for a year


“Higher Mathematics” first edition Fuzi

From the second edition

This textbook is independently written by teachers of Tongji University

Tongji University Older Mathematical Man

Wang Fuzhen, Qiu Boyi, Luo Chengqin, etc.


Take the main writing task


This textbook has gone through 7 versions of revision


7 versions of “Higher Mathematics”

year 2013

“Higher Mathematics” is facing the seventh revision


Participate in the first 6 versions

And editor of revised work

Some have passed away

Some due to physical reasons

Unable to bear the revision work


The revision of the seventh edition has fallen

Professor Qiu Boyi, who is over 70 years old

He according to the requirements of the boutique textbook

The seventh edition of “Higher Mathematics”

Since published in 2014

Cumulative printing 12.85 million copies


It is the most widely used in China

The greatest higher mathematical textbook

More than a thousand different types of universities across the country


long-term use

Each version of “Higher Mathematics Lecture” and “Higher Mathematics”

“Pain and happiness!”

“High Mathematics” with different colors of the cover


Become a classic of active memories of generations ↓

How much do you have a high test?

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Source: School Communist Youth League

The seventh edition of “Higher Mathematics” (first volume, volume)