It’s time to buy new clothes, these fashionable summer clothes are too beautiful


Do a small survey: What is your usually the biggest expenditure? Is it clothing, beauty or other?

I am a

Special willing to spend money to buy clothes

People, because they feel that they wear different clothes every day and have different matching matches, hahaha.

Today, I mainly share my own clothes and accessories. I am still worrying about the cuteness of 618 to buy. See if my shopping cart can give you some inspiration!


There are risks online shopping

Before sharing, you need to understand these points:

// Don’t fall into the atmosphere trap

If I would buy a piece of clothes, it must be the model map attracted me. As a result, when I bought it on myself, the difference between the buyer show and the seller show.


In fact, this is because we fell into the picture

Atmospheric trap

, The atmosphere comes up, and will substitute yourself into this beauty, and your mind will be hot: buy!

In this case, you are not buying clothes, but a beautiful atmosphere created by this dress.

Put aside the face, body, filter, and then look at this item: Is it good? Is it what I want? Is it suitable for me?

On the contrary, some models of the models look at ordinary, but the clothes get the hands.

I often go beyond my expectation value


// Is there a single product to match it?


Everyone is tired of a style and will definitely want to try new styles.

For example, I was used to commuting wind and seeing sexy items such as suspenders and tube tops worn by others.

But my experience tells me, because when buying this heart -mounted item,

Impulses+psychological expectations are relatively low

Although almost meaning, as long as it is not too ugly, it will stay.

In the end, I found that I never worn it again, only to end it, because there is no clothes that it can match in the wardrobe!

So when I buy clothes, in addition to design, the utilization rate is also a consideration point.


Of course, I have always advised everyone to try different styles, then my suggestion is that even if you want to try some more trendy styles, you must

Start in the trendy model

, Not those clothes that are not daily.

// The clothes are used to wear

This was summarized after seeing the consumption method of friends around me. It’s really exaggerated, buying clothes here seems to be a way of decompression? Buy when you are happy, you have to buy it if you are unhappy.

Most clothes took photos and started to sell a second -hand platform at low prices. This phenomenon is more common among young people, but this is a

Vicious cycle


, Instead.

Although “buying and buying” is the nature of girls, everyone still has to consume rationally. I have two rules of online shopping. Here I will share with you:

I usually join the shopping cart first when I see your favorite clothes. After a long time, when you see it again, if you still like it, then I will stay.

When I see this dress, I can imagine what it is worn on me, there is that kind

At a glance


Only after the feeling will be bought.


A shop I often buy, especially the loyal fans of their shirts, whether the quality and design are first -level.


This time I planned to start this cream blue French shirt. There are two colors in total, because there are a lot of white wardrobes, this blue feels special.

The overall style is very small and fresh. I like the design of bubble sleeves and doll collar. It is pure but not naive.


I have figured out how to match it after receiving it hahaha. In short, the lower body is mainly simple.


If you usually go to work, you can match pure -colored shorts like a model. You can have a generous and highlight. You can also show a fashionable attitude in the ordinary workplace.




This strap pants lay in the shopping cart for a long time, and did not start.

How to say, in summer, I like to wear it simply, but I also feel that this minimalist item with a little design sense, requires people with a specific temperament to wear the feeling of clothing itself.

For example, this strap pants style is very foreseeable, then I will feel that those who need to look like a look or temperament can be worn to wear it.

Otherwise, it will take the ingenuity of its design


Its disadvantage is that it is easy to wrinkle, and the cotton cloth is the case, but I feel that the folds of the fabric have a natural sense of randomness.

Independent women’s design dress

To say that the hottest item this summer is the small white skirt.


I don’t have a small white skirt with a positive eight classics. This time, I bought a small white skirt with a very stylish style. On the basis of my favorite, I comprehensively considered my body and finally left this.

The design of the waist folds just outlines the slender waist, which is very friendly to the H -shaped figure like me. The length is exactly in the middle of the calf, only the most slender ankle part is exposed,


A lot of classic medieval court elements are used in design. It can be attractive enough without extra accessories. If you add accessories,


It’s right.

Wearing this skirt is the little princess himself!

丨 matching part

1 // Gu Liang Jiji cigarette box bag

This bag was planted by the small partner of the studio at the time, but because of the strong design, it was easy to get tired after watching it for a long time, so I was struggling to win it.

The overall bag is a line design with architectural sense, simple and clear. The gradient glossy body+pearl chain reflects the exquisite sense everywhere.


It is very suitable for recessed shapes, there are


Fashion blogger’s Sense

The small partner of the studio does not carry it much when he is flat. When you go out to play, you rely on it to make a concave shape haha.

Don’t look at the small one. In fact, it is very capable. Daily mobile phones, lipsticks, powder and the like.

But because the leather is relatively hard+the body is too long, sometimes it is not easy to get things.

Believe me, the real thing is better than the picture! Intersection



This is relatively beautiful, I like this very much this year

Look at the soft bag

The triangle bag that I have shared with you before is this type.

Although there is a fold design, it is classic in general. The body looks like a cloud, and the girl feels full.

This time I want to enter a black, and there will be surprises in color and style!

And it is also very versatile. It will be a little cool with casual items. It is also generous with commuting items. In short

From back to work to weekend out of the street

The bag.

Many times we see shopping sharing and only see the consumption results of others, but in fact

The process of consumption making decisions

Is the most important.

When you buy clothes, you still have to have your own opinions, otherwise you can easily step on the mine, and you will never learn to buy clothes for yourself.



It’s right.