Li Bingbing’s pride! The hip skirt is full of girls, which is like 48 years old?


Most of the basic items are relatively fault tolerance. Why can some people wear their own charm? What are some people? In fact, wearing it is nothing more than making selection and matching. First of all, you must choose a single product that suits you. Secondly, you must know how to adjust the style. You can master these two points. Li Bingbing is well versed in this way. He uses common T -shirts with leather skirts, and also wears a different sense of fashion. Let’s take a look below.


Li Bingbing, the five -year -old, is simply the pride of his aunt. Not only is his superb acting career, but the external image management is also a must, the skin is delicate and fair, and the figure is not available at all. T -shirt, cool and stylish without losing the sense of girly. Where is this 48 -year -old aunt? Don’t leave the way for other actresses?

Analysis of the fashion principle and style of leather skirt

The heat of leather skirts in daily life is not as popular as cotton, satin, silk, chemical fiber, linen and other commonly used fabrics, which belong to unpopular treasure fashion items. The skin surface is different from the general soft fabric. It has a cold gloss, so it is often reminiscent of the sense of industrial technology or functional style, which can shape the cool and handsome temperament of the avant -garde. For example, the female characters in science fiction movies often appear in the shape of leather clothes and leather skirts, which uses this intuitive avant -garde sense.


Disadvantages of leather skirts

The leather skirt is too mature and old -fashioned. Because the leather fabric is thick and has a certain gloss, it can cause visual expansion, which is more bloated than the original figure. So this is also a fashion item that tests the figure. But this is not to say that the sisters with thick thighs have missed the leather skirt, just pay attention to avoiding the too tight version when choosing, you can also be beautiful when you choose the right version!

Li Bingbing’s matching skills

Tip 1: The youth style single product is too mature style

Due to the disadvantages of leather skirts mentioned above, if you want to shape the temperament, you need to use other items to reconcile. Li Bingbing uses the youthful item to recover the excessive style of the leather skirt, such as white dug -shoulder T -shirts, red and white sneakers, decorative exaggerated cross -body bags, black peaked hats … Others outside the skirt are very young girls, which ensures the overall shape of the overall shape.

Tips 2: “Upper light and dark” highlights lively and fast, without losing maturity and stable


Although the leather skirt is shiny, the black skirt still looks dull, so Li Bingbing uses a bright, fresh and clean white T -shirt to reconcile to shape the visual effect of “upper bright and dark” Mature and stable. In other accessories, they also pay attention to choosing a stylish and lively style, and constantly strengthen the sense of girls.


More leather skirt look analysis

Tight -fitting leather skirt to create royal sister style ↓

Gao Yuanyuan’s shape is very professional. The single -body items are uniformly black, and the tone is the mature style of the royal sister. The upper body is a black half -sleeved lapel shirt, and the excess of the shirt is stuffed into the black leather skirt. The leather skirt version is very slim, the slit design behind the design shaped the looming sexy, a pair of black strap high heels, the shoulder wide -chain black shoulder bag, a rushing and busy professional female image of the city was shaped by the professional female image of the city. When it comes out, the atmosphere is very strong.

A -line leather skirt playful age does not pick leg type ↓

It is also a skirt with leather noodles. The A -line version will be younger and more lively than the slim version. Zhou Xun’s A -line pleated high -waisted leather skirt is above the knee, exposing the beautiful and slender lines of the legs. The upper body is paired with a wide -collar black and white printed T -shirt. The design of the collar highlights the collarbone and is visually thin. Pour black and white line pointed high -heeled shoes, shoulder black shoulder bag. The whole set is black and white as the color matching, classic fashion, and the age reduction effect.

Belt leather skirt to create cool handsome work style ↓


The strap leather skirt is very strong

Sense of work


Take a white T -shirt inside to brighten the shape


It is still white. The two rows of silver -colored balls were very eye -catching, balanced the dullness of leather skirts, and added a cool and handsome. The skirt A -line version is more sweet and age -reducing compared to the slim -fit leather skirt. Pour black straps high heels, strengthen femininity, achieve the balance of cool handsome work style and traditional femininity, and make the shape have a richer level.


Lotus leather skirt adds a bit of soft lady ↓

Some small designs can add some different feelings to the temperament of the leather skirt itself. For example, Li Qin, a ruffled leather skirt, has a softer ladylike more than a slim leather skirt, and is more harmonious with the style of the top. This fresh and elegant nude pink top is a puff sleeve on the side of the lotus leaf. The collar is a combination of V -neck and French collar. The fold treatment makes this top more delicate. The overall highlights the gentle and sweet temperament.

Cortical sleeveless connective long skirt shaping simple and elegant model ↓


When the leather skirt is made into a long skirt, the leisurely and comfortable feeling is a point. The leather surface material comes with a high sense, so even if the skirt is simple, it will not look tedious. Song Qian’s cortex sleeveless dress, simple and elegant. The design of the same color belt around the waist creates a low -key sense and layering. The sleeveless design increases the degree of dew, making the shape more breathable. Exposing fair skin can also weaken the dull disadvantage of the leather skirt, enhance brightness, and make the shape more eye -catching.