2018 my new home | kitchen storage ultimate artifact inventory


“Housewives are in the kitchen.”

In addition to producing all kinds of food, the kitchen is also a big problem. Although the kitchen is small, it is necessary to have a five organs, which means is especially important for the reasonable partition of small space.


The closed cabinets in the kitchen are easy to develop bacteria, contaminate food, causing intestinal diseases and other discomfort. Therefore, various kitchen utensils should maintain a good health situation, and the basic requirements are ventilated and dry.

For different kitchen utensils, there are different storage strategies. Such as “heavyweight” pot, it should be placed in the lower cabinet area, easy to ensure safety; for safety; for cooking supplies for a variety of cookers, using boom, hanging, and table storage is more appropriate.


As for other cutlery, it is the easiest to set a dish rack, although many family habits put the washed bowls and dishes in the cabinets together, but this is easy to accumulate and generate health problems.


Before screaming, I have to share the kitchen to accommodate the small trick. I will share the simple and designed for everyone today. I can store various kitchenets to the air-building!

“Multi-purpose kitchen storage rack”

The first thing to introduce is this “one hand can be installed” multi-function storage rack.

This storage frame contains racks, reel shafts, and hooks, which can integrate your flavor, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, paper towels or gloves, only need to be taken in the same place when used.

Adsorption design with rubber magnetic strips, on the fridge, iron cabinets, you can install it. Don’t look at the installation is so light, this storage frame can load 4kg! Ordinary kitchen small things, accommodating no pressure.


The middle is a reel shaft that can be housed in a reel kitchen paper, a plastic wrap, a preservation bag, and the like. It is worth mentioning that the edge of the reel can also make a bending design, preventing roll paper slipping, is it very intimate?


Japanese style, simple and fashionable, walking out of the kitchen is used as a desk or bedholdroom storage. IPAD, zero-spread file, recently read books … can be placed neatly.


A small kitchen artifact can maximize the small space. “Chinese boiled woman”, “Chinese cooking woman”, has a good job of use it.

“TUB disc bowl”

Umbra is the “giant” of contemporary fashion leisure household items, because the current UMBRA products have been sold in more than 25,000 retailers in 75 countries in the world! (Wow, a huge number ~)

Umbra was founded by Paul Rowan and Les Mandelbaum in 1979, although each product is carefully designed, but the price is very close.


Umbra’s TUB dish bowl is desirable, simple and elegant. Tableware is touched, two in one!

The disc cartridge is made of environmentally friendly soft rubber material, which is provided with drains, no chassis, which is attached to move, which can be placed in different directions. The hollow drain used is basically possible to put down the dining plate of the daily use of the house.

The four sides of the bottom projections make the drainage more convenient and stable, the side of the four small storage tanks, usually can also store chopsticks and spoons, with TUB dish bowls, and you have a neat kitchen.


There is more avocado green, Ming yellow, mint green, three colors optional ~


“Israel Mario Beard Pot Gate”

A problem that is often encountered in the kitchen, is definitely: Where is the pot cover? !

Just put the pot, one turn may fall, put it in other places and is very hindurgery, and I can’t make a group of kitchens.

At this time, the Mary Beard Pot Game is on the scene. In 1994, Monkey Business was founded by industrial designer Oded Friedland. Oded graduated from Jerusale Artists Art and Design College. He has been trying to “put a bunch of light in a small thing”, so you can Enjoy a new angle every day.

For example, this Mario Beard Pot Gay, allows you to keep it clean during the kitchen, you can make your hands freely cook.

The shape design of the storage rack looks like a classic chef’s beard, the color is high, this design is more capable of accommodating different sizes of lids, combining practical, easy to use, durable, affordable, absolutely to meet daily needs Original.

“Changsin Living Slip Storage Rack”

In addition to the kitchen small pieces, there are many kitchen utensils in the home, and there is no place to put the housewives, and the changsin living pulley storage rack allows you to stay in the kitchen.


Many home bloggers have taken it online, and they will be popular in South Korea. CHANGSIN LIVING from South Korea, was established on February 10, 1987, which is a special design, manufacturing a brand of life.

In 2011, JobWorld was raised as one of the most outstanding companies in 2011, has been become “Korean storage industry boss”, and the annual sales are more than $ 54 million!


The delicious design of Changsin makes the screams, and the bottom is set to have four pulleys, and the kitchen storage is able to change the position, easy to tap, convenient.

And this pulley is strapping frame, the shape is small, can accommodate the various corner space of the kitchen, even if the slices can “survive”, fully satisfy the various storage needs of the kitchen.


Of course, product material is safe, get ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality certification and US FDA food grade certification, product quality is reliable ~


In addition to kitchen storage, in the kitchen storage, it is certainly more avoided food storage.

For example, it is still very messy, and the bag will still be tidy. At this time, the transparent storage can show superiority.

It is also important to be unified for food storage. With the same series of storage products, it will make the kitchen space look a lot, and it is refreshing.

“Nordic style primary color sealed storage tank 4 sets”

As one of the world’s immigrants, Australia has undergone a diversified gourmet style, not only become paradise in the chef, but also the gathering place of world food. Gourmet Kitchen is from this gourmet culture of fertilizers – Australia.

Sucre Atkinson, born in the food family, is a full-scale cooking enthusiast, passionate about various creative unique kitchenware supplies. Under the promotion of Friends Jonathan, the two cooperated to create a legendary brand story of Gourmet Kitchen.

Gourmet Kitchen adheres to the design philosophy of “Gourmet” in the kitchen, kitchen, “

Gourmet Kitchen’s Nordic Style Sealed Storage Tank 4 sets, with natural bamboo, bamboo color, beautiful texture, strong wear resistance, longer service life. Natural bamboo does not adsorb food taste, can also protect the original taste of food, is the ideal material for storage food.

Thickened food grade film, more guarantees good sealing properties, one-way exhaust functions, also suitable for various types of ingredients. The glass surface of the storage tank is smooth and delicate, it is not easy to be tidy, and it is also easy to clean.

Different dimensional design of storage tanks meets placement of different sizes of food. Tip, if the loading of the dry goods need to be stored in the refrigerator, the storage tank heat resistance is 100 ° C, not afraid of the heat, it is not easy to break ~

“POP storage box”

OXO’s founder SAM Farber is actually not to see the mantan who has insanctitis, it is difficult to use the kitchen equipment, even simple cutting movements have become a bitter thing, so he invented a series of functions, effort, safe kitchen artifacts.

The POP storage box launched by OXo can be sealed, open, and you can use the button as the handle, easy to lift the upper cover, and operate in a busy kitchen.

Square specifications are also easier to accommodate, because their square shape makes them closely stacked together, saving a lot of storage space, and four corners have curved design, making it easy to dump food.

The POP storage box is convenient to store a wide variety of dry goods, including spices, sugar, rice, nuts, biscuits and spices, etc., bringing a small snacks to the office. It is also very suitable.

At the end of the year, the kitchen storage of the ultimate artifact is completed, and the new year has to make this kitchen more well! At the same time, of course, it is also necessary to improve the value of the kitchen!