I wore this nine -bit small foot pants in winter, and it can satisfy you with thin and tall!


I believe that each girl wardrobe has such a pair of small pants, because it is versatile and also shows the effect of thin legs. Therefore, many girls are super loved by wearing black pants. For other colors, white nine -point small pants are a good choice, which is high -level, and at the same time, the ankle is slightly tall and a sense of vision.

[High waist] white nine -point small pants


I believe that many girls love to wear, and this winter chooses a nine -point white pants to wear. The slightly exposed ankle will highlight your height advantage, and it is still high -waisted pants. With your waistline, the vision becomes taller and looks good at once, and the small man must get the pants.

If the small man wants to wear tall clothes, then you must have a high -waisted small foot pants, or the nine -point version, which can make you 10cm high. The leg shape is still recommended for the leg shape, the more thin girl chooses, it will look better to wear.

No matter how high it is, each girl wants to have a pair of thighs. The higher the higher the thinner, it is better, and this high -waisted cropped pants can meet your needs. Out of your perfect leg shape, simple pair of small white shoes, the shape is fashionable enough, wearing beautiful in winter ~~

【Cave】 White nine -point small pants

In the cold winter, don’t wear a skirt, change the nine -point pants to wear, make your shapes more fashionable, and this ripped pants, the designer of the tassel, and the slim -fitting version, you can look at it when you wear it. Long legs, slightly curly ankle vision have a high effect, such pants can be used to go out with down jackets.


Polying pants that are more trendy and trendy, many trendy people are super loved styles, fashionable holes, nine -point nine points, and super -displayed white. The favorite little white shoes are wearing and wearing beautifully, easily solving the whole shape in winter.


The pants of the hole are really beautiful. Even in the cold winter, you have to wear it, and this white hole nine -point pants are designed with small feet. The length of the nine points reveals your ankles, which is a significant sense of visual. The short girl paper must be taller.

[Mao Woo] White nine -point small pants


In such a cold winter, it is definitely a single item that is indispensable. This hairy nine -point small -foot pants can be perfectly cold and wear a warm feeling, and this white pants are very fashionable and versatile. The skin of the ankle slightly exposed, and it instantly had a high effect, the must -have pants.


Many people love to wear hair pants. Wearing it is very warm and fashionable, and this white hair nine -point small pants are even more popular. When you come to the ankle, you can pull your body at once, and you can instantly become 5cm higher.

【Ploves】 White nine -point small pants

Once in winter, you will wear autumn pants, but the autumn pants style is too out, so you can choose this pink pants, which can make you wear warm and beautiful, white nine -point pants, make your ankle slightly micro Exposed, there is a tall effect. The small man is very suitable for pants, which can be a few centimeters tall.


[Knitting] White nine -point small pants

Do you think it is special? It is also suitable for the pants wearing in winter. There are different lines of lines, as well as the design of twist, making the pants a lot fashionable. Your ankle has a significant effect. The small man has to dress higher, and a nine -point small foot pants are indispensable.

[Belt] White nine -point small pants

Belt pants will always give people a very youthful and vibrant feeling. If you want to be young and young, you can choose the strap your feet pants. It is still a white style. It has a significant effect. This white -footed pants do not pick people. It is super beautiful for girls with different figures.


The white nine -point small pants are wearing the strap model to show the student girl Feel. The super youthful and young pants, the nine -point length pants slightly expose your ankle, standing a tall sense of vision, or still the sense of vision, or still This winter is super popular. If you are afraid of cold, you can also match a pair of white middle socks.


These white nine -point small pants are all high -effect pants, which can make you 5cm higher!