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A few days ago, many netizens in Jiangxi broke the news that a female employee of a milk tea shop died suddenly as soon as she went to work.


Afterwards, the milk tea shop officially confirmed that there was such a matter. The day was the first day of the girl to work. There was no large amount of labor. The incident suddenly did not save her after 120 arrived.

The news of sudden death of young people makes people feel impermanent.

Some diseases always suddenly appear on people who look healthy, without a precursor.

ABC’s TV show “Line” once recommended a book called

“Age of Diseases”

In order to verify some conclusions of the author, the program team decided to perform a comprehensive physical examination for the host Bill.

Bill is 44 years old, does not smoke, exercise every day, and rarely gets sick. It looks like a good look.

The doctor conducted a computer fault scan on him, as well as all blood tests and DNA screening tests to show the risk of various diseases, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, colorectal cancer, and so on.

In the heart fault scanning film, the doctor saw that his heart had some calcification, that is, the white lesions in the aorta, which could cause heart disease in a few years.


People with calcium spots in the heart are six times greater than those who do not have calcification.

We often see news of sudden heart -based death. They look very healthy on the surface and are low -risk groups of diseases. However, in -depth excavation may show the traces of the lesion like Bill.


The authors of “Disease -free” proposed that each of us was born with different genetic factors and grew under the influence of different environmental factors.

The only answer to health is to truly understand our body and make a set of lifestyle that is suitable for ourselves for ourselves to avoid pain.

“If you don’t believe that you have time to exercise, you will have time to get sick sooner or later.” “The Times of disease -free” wrote.

A study published in the American Popularity Journal states that for a long time, for a long time, for health, there is a “lack of” risk of smoking and excessive sun exposure. The result of health status.

in addition,

Even if it is two hours a day, it cannot make up for the disadvantages of “22 hours of buttocks.”

Among the sedentary damage, there is also an unfair and amazing truth, that is, “sedentary is more likely to affect women.”


Studies have shown that women who have been sitting for more than 6 hours a day have a 37%risk of death than women who have been sitting less than 3 hours a day during the study; and men who sit more than 6 hours a day are men who have less than 3 hours a day. There is only 18%more mortality.

According to a research report from the University of London, people who are sitting in front of television or computers for more than 4 hours a day have doubled the risk of heart disease or sending medical treatment due to heart disease.

British scientists have conducted research on the two -tier bus seller and driver. They work in the same environment. The ticket seller will walk around every working day to climb about 500 to 750 steps. 90%of the time is sitting.

Scientists tracked the incidence of heart disease of hundreds of drivers and ticket salespersons, and found that the incidence of coronary heart disease in the coronary of the seller was obviously lower than the driver. Even if the ticket seller really had heart disease, the age was relatively late, and it was not so fatal.

reserch shows,

Daily exercise per day is as effective as long -term exercise and may be better.


The essence of intermittent exercise is to exercise hard in a short period of time, then take a few minutes, and continue to perform another high -intensity intermittent exercise.

We can use this method to perform any form of exercise. From walking, running to fitness, the same, adjust your speed, add weight, or try the uphill of different slopes, all can create your own intermittent exercise procedures.


There is another benefit to disperse exercise in a few short periods of a few days, to avoid the harm caused by sedentary to the body for a long time.

The book “Everyone’s War” mentioned that the chaos in the inflammation reaction is the cause of many major diseases.

Inflammation is a mechanism for repairing trauma. If a certain part is damaged, immune cells will be caused. Immune cells will kill bacteria. At the same time, the injured parts need to grow new tissue, more blood and nutrients, and they will occur. Inflammation.

Under normal circumstances, the inflammation mechanism can protect physical health, such as our wounds heal after inflammation.

However, if the inflammation reaction is chaotic, it will deteriorate into greater diseases, and some humble living habits will cause chronic inflammation, such as wearing uncomfortable shoes.

When women wear uncomfortable high heels, they can cause inflammation, and this continuous mild stimulation is likely to affect the body.

In the “Disease -free era”, a pair of shoes with elasticity, light weight, and supporting force will reduce the risk of inflammation.

It is not difficult to change this habits, as long as a pair of good shoes can protect you for a long time.


In addition to exercise,

The body likes “controllable” in diet and sleep

Therefore, the time of eating is more important than eating a few meals a day and how much.

Originally, you had lunch at 12 o’clock every day. One day, a sudden telephone or delayed meeting made you have to eat until two or three o’clock.

In your waiting time, you will not only feel hungry, but also the adrenal cortexol. At this time, the body will enter the survival mode because it does not know when to eat the next meal.

For the body, one of the biggest culprits that cause stress is the lack of regularity.

Try to maintain strict, predictable schedule, and eat, sleep, and exercise at about the same time every day to give your body a sufficient sense of security.


For those who cannot live regularly, it is better to consider raising dogs.

Raising dogs requires the owner to maintain a regular schedule and take care of its usual diet, walking and rest. Walking the dog will also let the dog owner move.

A netizen on Twitter posted a thank you letter. He went out for vacation and asked the neighbor’s old man to help take care of his three dogs. He originally wanted to thank the neighbors. As a result, after returning home, he received the old man written by the old man. Thank you letter.

The elderly usually can’t go out. The joints are not as flexible as before. What is worse is that two years ago, during the epidemic, his father was diagnosed with colorectal cancer for four phases. After his father died, the elderly left alone at home.

“No wife and children, I don’t know if I can’t wake up anymore when I fall asleep, until I met these three dogs.”

Early every morning, in order to walk them, the old man went out for a walk for the first time.

Whenever he fell into sadness, the dogs would scream, approaching him, and rubbing his legs with his head to make him laugh.

Take them to the park and give the elderly a chance to meet others, start chatting with others, and make friends.

more importantly,

He realized that he could do something for others, even if he was just a little busy with your neighbors, it was a very happy experience.

After netizens led their dogs, the old man also adopted two dogs, walking them every day, and often took them to the park to chat with friends.

He said in the letter:

“That’s exaggerated, but you make my life make sense. This is the most important thing.”

A period of taking care of dogs covers most of the elements that allow the elderly to regain healthy life: regular work and rest, exercise, friendly exchanges, and enthusiasm for life.

Statistics of the National Cardiovascular Center in 2019 show that there are 550,000 sudden cardiac dead in my country each year, of which 43%are young and middle -aged men aged 18 to 39, and the average age of sudden death is only 43.8 years.

The body is like soil, what kind of fruit do you irrigate it.

A healthy body needs to understand your physique, respect the feelings of the body, take more stations, walk more, and live regularly.

You can do it when you can pay attention to, love, and respect your own heart, and care for your heart. He is healthy and elegant.


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