The big flow of the dumb little cultural and creative


National Museum of China launched “Tao Eagle Ding Harm Taste Taste Taste Cream”, a reporter Liu Haihong Photo

“This cute and cute little guy is actually Tao Yingding, one of the treasures of Guobo’s town hall.

“The packaging box of ice cream is actually a postcard, and the introduction of cultural relics prototypes, which is well designed.”

“The ancestors who made this cultural relic thousands of years ago must not know that we will ‘eat’ after thousands of years.”


Tao Eagle Ding (Neolithic Age) is now hidden in the National Museum of China

The popularity of the National Museum of China, and several audiences who purchased “Tao Eagle Ding Handaron Taste Cream” either carefully put away the packaging, or whispered, or taste it carefully.

Following a series of cultural and creative ice cream launched by cultural and creative ice creams launched by cultural and creative ice creams in cultural and creative ice cream last year, the cultural and creative ice creams launched by major cultural and cultural institutions this summer quickly “fired” with a wider fan foundation, becoming the audience’s check -in museum museum One of the cultural and creative products that are keen on consumption.

Da Meng Cultural and Creative Improve Traditional Culture Communication Power

In recent years, “cultural and creative heat” has been in the ascendant. In the face of huge times of dividends, major cultural and bloggers are based on enriching cultural resources, deeply excavating the story behind the ruins and cultural relics, creating a highly recognizable IP image, and output a large number of approachable products.


Some of these products embarked on the road of “net red” with a cute and cute image. From the emperor scissors watching package launched by the Palace Museum a few years ago, the Tang Dynasty pottery figurines to dental visa to the “well -spraying” type of cultural and creative ice cream in the past two years, all attract a large number of consumers, and quickly spread on social platforms. Essence “A few years ago, the Tang Dynasty pottery figurine toothpicks bought at the Forbidden City were still on my table, which became a common background for me on the WeChat circle of friends ‘exposure’ food.” Talking about cultural and creative, one in the Cultural and Creative Store in the Forbidden City of the Forbidden City Tourists named Lin told reporters.

The “Fun” series of cultural and creative products of Qi Baishi’s old residence museum is loved by young people with its cute and cute image and natural interest. “Fun” comes from a bird with a story in Qi Baishi: In 1919, Qi Baishi, who first arrived in Beijing, lived in Fayuan Temple. When he talked with his friends one day, he found that the stone slurry on the ground was like a bird. Then draw it, and write “really natural interest” in the wings of the birds in the painting. “Based on the original painting, we designed the image of more than 100 birds, and finally determined the current yellow bird shape, and selected the word” fun “word” Qier “as the name of the bird’s name, passed it to the name of the bird, and passed it to the name of the bird, which was passed to the name of the bird, and passed it to the name of the bird. The audience is the artistic pursuit of Qi Baishi’s life -natural interest. “Wu Hongliang, the director of the Beijing Painting Academy and the director of Qi Baishi Old Residence Memorial Hall, said that the birth of” fun “laid the foundation of the masses for the influence of Qi Baishi’s old residence museum. Essence

In the flagship store of Tmall Mall Shaanxi History Museum, the sales volume of the “bronze team” blind boxes ranked first. The “Bronze Team” blind box contains 8 bronze beasts. It is designed and launched according to the Mid -Week in the Western Zhou Dynasty in the Shaanxi History Museum. “The two of the draws are what I want, happy! 觥 觥 is really cute, big nostrils, hahaha …” “Super good, exquisite details and cute how to shoot beautiful!” In the online store Among the nearly 2,000 evaluations of the box, “cute” is the keyword that appears the most.

Fast -selling ice cream deepen audience cognition

“This year, I saw several new ice creams in the WeChat friends circle, which won my heart and had already punch cards.” Ding Shiting said excitedly.

Last year, Guobo launched the two flavors of cultural relic ice cream with two flavors of chocolate and matcha according to the drum rap rap figurines, the wrong gold and silver clouds, which allowed the audience to have a deeper understanding of the Han Dynasty culture through time and space. The image of drum rap figtta, wrong gold and silver, bronze rhinoceros, is more popular. Wang Feng, a lover of Wenbo, said: “I have come to Guobo many times, because there are too many knowledge here, but I can remember very little. However, after trying the two ice creams launched last year, drums rap figurines and wrong. The image of the gold and silver cloud pattern bronze rhinoceros will not forget to forget, so this year, I have stared at Tao Yingding again. “

On the basis of last year, Guobo this year based on the Tao Yingding of the Neolithic Age as a prototype, it designed and launched the “Tao Eagle Ding Handarbon Taste Taste Cream”. With a more similar understanding, at the same time, the wisdom of the ancients of the Neolithic Age has a sense of intuitive feelings.

This year’s well -deserved “king of traffic” in the Wenbo world “The King of Flow” Sichuan, Sichuan Guanghan City, Sanxingdui Museum, which is template unearthed from the bronze mask unearthed from the Sanxingdui sacrifice pit. Essence According to reports, on the first day of launch, more than 1,200 ice cream sold out in the morning, and quickly swiped the screen on WeChat friends circle, which caused netizens to discuss the Sanxingdui and its culture. “The mask unearthed from Sanxingdui is very serious and mysterious. I never expected that the first intimate contact was actually impressed by ‘eating’.” A netizen named “absurd bubble” left a message.

In addition, the Capital Museum launched the ice cream with the Town Pavilion as the prototype, the Yuanming Garden launched the Nawa Hema and the Mouse Rat Cream of the Zodiac, the Mogao Grottoes and the Nine -story Tower Ice Cream were launched … Chuang ice cream has become the “spokesperson” of the characteristic symbols carrying the area of ​​the areas and the Wenbo venue.


Cross -border integration to help the inheritance “out of the circle”

Not long ago, “Sichuan Observation” exposed the bronze mask ice cream of Sanxingdui on Weibo and launched the topic of the “Cultural and Creative Ice Cream Competition”: “It’s the day to eat ice cream! Value -oriented ice products! ‘Sichuan Observation’ decides to organize a competition, come and participate! “Then,” Hubei Daily “showed out the yellow crane tower ice cream,” Shenyang Palace Museum “to show the big political hall ice cream,” Shaanxi TV News ” The lady’s figurines and the city wall ice cream, “Beijing time” showed the Swiss beast series ice cream … For a while, I staged an ice cream to compete for a big show on Weibo. As of now, the topic of “Cultural and Creative Ice Cream Contest” has received nearly 40 million readings.

When cultural and creative encounters ice cream, they are interesting and obtained, which is exactly a response to the current new cultural needs. In fact, the seemingly simple ice cream is hidden with the motivation of the Wenbo institution to create the brand effect. The bronze mask is a characteristic symbol that Samsung Dou is not allowed. It has triggered the topic of Weibo and the WeChat circle of friends. Therefore, when launching small, fast -selling cultural and creative in the cultural institution, it also needs to be based on extracting characteristics, deep cultivation of resource mining, studying the cultural needs of audiences, and exploring the application of scientific and technological methods to achieve creative transformation and innovative development of outstanding traditional Chinese culture. As a travel destination and punching point, the Wenbo institution should use this to serve the audience and provide interesting cultural tourism products to the audience, so as to achieve high -quality development of cultural tourism integration.

After the new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020, online cultural consumption entered the fast lane, including emoticons with authorized cultural relics and non -heritage as creative elements, digital cultural and creative products, including small games, and small games. Creating “Culture+Tide Play” is sought after by young users. More new gameplay of cross -border integration is becoming the promoter of cultural and creative “out of the circle”. Live path. (Reporter Liu Haihong)

Source: China Culture News