Chanel in the last century was so beautiful, each skirt was very gentle, too feminine


The costume style of the catwalk has always been very favorite, because the clothing of the show is the most serious design of the designers, and it can also represent the overall aesthetics of the design in that era.

Chanel in the last century was so beautiful.

Each skirt is very gentle,

Too feminine, Chanel is indeed the representative of lady style clothing. Even if it is Chanel clothing in the last century, it looks so beautiful, and the clothing can be displayed.


The aura is also very charming.

Although it was a catwalk of the last century, with a modern vision, it still felt like there was no retro feeling. Instead, it made Xiaobian feel that the aesthetics of the last century were better than modern.

They are very gentle ladies.


Low -cut small dress

When the clothing is designed slightly sexy, then the effect of your own clothing can be exhibited more feminine, like low -cut clothing, just highlight yourself


Full body curve clothing design,

Very charming.


The upper body design of the skirt is tight. Although the design of the neckline is comparison, the effect that can be displayed is the premium that can be visible to the naked eye. This is because the upper body clothing uses white as the main color, and the fabric is compared

There is texture.

Although the design of the skirt is fluffy, it is also very thick, so that the skirt looks more

Pure lady,

At the same time, it is very feminine.

Trust little gown

The short small dress of the tube top is often more sexy and young, very energetic, but after choosing a different way of matching, the effect that the skirt can display is also

A little different.

The upper body design of the skirt is a relatively simple white tube top style. The skirt is

Fluffed short skirts, all

Let the skirt look younger, but the white tube top has a more classic flower,

Hat and skirt

Behind the decoration of black lace, the skirt looks more retro, and the gas field naturally looks more.


Waraty small skirt

I have to say that every small skirt of Chanel can show the noble effect, and it looks very advanced. And on the skirt, a lot of

Flower element,

Especially the three -dimensional pattern of roses makes your skirt more gorgeous.

The skirt is tube top

Black skirt,

With the rose group and a large number of arc design decorations, the skirt shows luxury, and it is also very

Great visual effects.

The design of the wave dot is so cute

The temperament of the skirt is very connected with the pattern of the skirt. When you want to make your skirt look more gentle, remember to try the wave point

The small skirt of the pattern.

After the design of the wave dot is matched with a white background, the effect that the skirt can show is more



After being paired with fluffy skirts, the girly feels stronger.

The more unique is the tube top of the skirt, as well as the lace design, which looks more retro and gentle.

Wide small skirt


When the skirt is changed from the style of the jacket, and the version of the skirt is relatively hypertrophic, the effect that the skirt can show

The effect of the silhouette jacket is retro looking at the senior.

The color of the skirt is also a more classic red

, Latin design and golden button

, Can magnify the retro and high sense of skirts.


White skirt

In winter, wearing small skirts is often paired with a warm sweater, and Chanel skirts, even with knitted sweater,

It looks delicate and gentle.

The skirt inside is white


High -neck dress

, And the sweater with the outside is short, the dark green sweater is retro, and the retro stereo pattern on the skirt adds more charm.

The fresher girl skirt

The style that is more fresh, the effect that can show it will look more sweet. Especially the pink skirt, it looks so cute, plus a lot of wrinkles in the skirt, the temperament looks even more

Sweet and cute.

The matching of the upper body of the skirt is relatively mature, white inner and plaid suit, which increased

A sense of steady


The feeling of retro, but because of the color of the clothing


, So look a lot cute.

Exaggerated hip skirt

The long hip skirt is a very common style in a dress skirt. The V -neck design is exquisite and generous. The exaggerated crotch design makes you look more



The fabric of the skirt is still very unique satin style,

The sense of noble spirit is very prominent.

Easy girl style

Blue dress

It looks like a girl feels very simple, the design is simple, and it is also very sweet. The collar design of the shirt is equipped with a small skirt that is stitched by the ruffled side. The clothing can be displayed.

The effect is even more temperament.

The patterns on the skirt are very girly, and they are more casual, so the effect that clothing can show is even more lively.

I have to admire fashion. Even the small skirts of the last century, the modern vision still looks so beautiful.