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Two months ago, the author’s unit was relocated to the office, and by the way, a wave of office environment was upgraded to everyone ▽ ▼

▲ △ I am a table with a table with a table, and the two sets of desktops in the family go. In this bright space in the office, with light -colored tables and chairs, you want to set up a simple and clean light -colored desktop. Thinking about “Give yourself a comfortable working environment, after all, 1/4 of the day spent here” this excuse, and it doesn’t hurt so much


Table and chair infrastructure

The bedroom in my home is the Xihao M57b. It is used for more than a year and feels comfortable to sit. Some time ago I asked the assjun. I did not expect the company to purchase 20 sheets, equipment upgrades for the new office ▽ ▼


▲ △ A few big boys alone have back pain to install chairs. Herman Miller, who knows that it is not necessary to install it by itself (dog head)

The price of Xhao M57 is less than 1,000 yuan, which is one of the most intense price stalls in the market competition. Major mainstream brands have launched many competitive products at this segmented price file. Even looking at the appearance alone, it is not much different from the high -end chairs that grow thousands of yuan (vanity) ▽ ▼

▲ △ Metal five claws, breathable mesh, adjustable handrails, waist leaning, and necks, there should be a lot of money, the cost performance is very high. I think the budget is not much, but when I want to experience a better human body seat, aiming at the price of thousands of yuan to choose, the pit and thunder will be much less


The tables that were uniformly purchased by the table were uniformly purchased. The two NetEase was strictly selected by us in the blacklist. When the motor started (drop), there was always a sense of frustration. The longer the table used, the stronger the shock, which was uncomfortable. After visiting the offline office seat shop, I finalized this enterprise -level electric lifting table product from 9AM ▽ ▼


▲ △ Don’t be scared by the pricing, because the order is made, 18 placed the order, and the price is more cost -effective after the custom optional option is 1.4 meters.


The 9AM PESK series electric lifting table is the product with the most stable operation and the lowest work noise in the electric lifting table that I have used. And it is a three -stage table leg with a minimum height of 60cm. Partners with small dots do not need to be tortured by 86cm high tables.


After 2 months of experience, PESK is indeed expensive. The stability of the motor is unparalleled, and the machine on the desktop is not worried about the shaking during the lifting, but the details of the workmanship are obviously not as large as a large number of strict selection. The 18 same tables are a bit different. Make people dark. There is no ability to buy without any ability to buy. This is also one of the incredible evaluations in Taobao’s evaluation.

Machine configuration

After talking about tables and chair base construction, let’s talk about the machine configuration of the station. I use the top -with IMAC5K of the last generation of Intel core. If the performance is strong, the screen is good, so I do n’t need to say more. It is more refreshing after choosing the 10D power outlet.

IMAC integrates a variety of powerful accessories, and the degree of integration is high in similar products. It is not impossible to take it out like a notebook.

The company has a sub -display for all employees. The LG UL550, which is uniformly purchased, 27 -inch 4K60Hz10bit panel. The price is not expensive and the color gamut is not bad. Although the price / performance ratio is not as good as the Huaqiangbei brand, but fortunately rest assured after the sale (one will be retreated on the day of the goods) ▽ ▼

It is the MACBOOK Pro for meetings and mobile office. Performance and battery life personally consider the best product ▽ ▼


▲ △ Many details and performance tests of M1 have been clearly said in my long -character essay, and the friends I forgot about copied a hundred times ▽ ▼

Performance running score? Evaluate the polarization? Wanzi long text comprehensive deconstruction M1 office performance



Come to the most important place in this article. The previous tables and chairs and machine introductions are only a description of the environment, and the next content is the essence of the table. We often see some very beautiful tables on the Internet to share, and in various sharing maps, the most number of accessories in the mirror may be the increase in various monitors. Maybe a friend is curious, why should the display buy another additional elevator? ▽ ▼

This is because the height of most display brackets is very low. When the user is sitting straight, the eyes look directly at the front. The center of the display will be below the sight. A proper head can be completely focused on the display. And in the long run, it is a big burden on the cervical spine ▽ ▼


▲ △ It is also very simple to solve this problem. Under normal sitting positions, first adjust the lifting table to the height of the elbow. At this time, how much your eyes are from the height of the center of the display Just high

Since the author wants to build a white desktop, the selected monitor here is added to the N1 white model from CXNO. The biggest feature of this N1 is the explosion -proof glass design adopted by the panel, while the four feet are white engineering plastics, which look particularly delicate, with the appearance of the imac ▽ ▼

In addition to the increase of the monitor, for monitor products with standard VESA holes, you can also use the lifting bracket arm to solve the height problem. The lifting bracket arm can make the display hover at your hope at will, which is very convenient and easy to use. For example, on the sub -screen UL550, the author will replace it with the FLO bracket of Herman Miller. While solving the anti -human designed U -shaped bracket of the LG display, it can also liberate more posture ▽ ▼


▲ △ But the author does not recommend everyone to buy this FLO bracket, because at the beginning I just bought a white appearance, but after I got it, I found that the fast -loading component of the FLO bracket was actually black. Uncomfortable ▽ ▼

▲ △ And the bracket performance and design are compared with other brands. There is no highlight, and the price is still expensive. If you recharge the faith, it is better to add a few hundred Herman Miller’s OLLIN


After solving the placement of the display (including the all -in -one IMAC), it is the turn of the notebook. It will not repeat how the laptop bracket favors the heat dissipation and the posture. Everyone understands it. The laptop bracket is generally divided into adjustable height and irregular models. The former will be useful and expensive than the latter, but the frequency of the author’s use of a notebook in the company is not high. Choose a cheaper inseparable model ▽ ▼ ▽ ▼


▲ △ My choice here is Beijing, because there is no reason for him. There are also various types of laptop brackets on the Internet. Interested friends will slowly buy themselves.

The white maple wooden table at 9AM has a slight texture. The laser sensor of the mouse is not easy to use on it, and a mouse pad is needed. In the past, the author used a long pad, covering almost the entire desktop. And this time, I hope to retain more tables and board materials. Key mouse is the two -piece set of Apple, which is reasonable. With MacOS, it is useless to use the keyboard and mouse that can be better than the MAGIC series. In addition, it is also equipped with a mouse with a mouse Moso Pebble. It is small and cute.

▲ △ Doraemon’s props display box is familiar to everyone. After making mouse pads, there is an inexplicable sense of joy. After turning on Taobao, the order is placed. But be careful not to buy black lock -up money, giant ugly


How to ensure the long -term tidy desktop? One trick is not to put things, oh, no, don’t put everything on the table. I have some daily necessities in the company, nail shear, artificial tears, drugs, etc. These debris are not beautiful on the desktop, and they need to be hidden in particular. The best way to hide is to put it in the drawer. The computer desks used in the traditional office are equipped with drawers and stored private items, but the electric lifting table is generally no design. Install yourself ▽ ▼

▲ △ This white table drawer is not large in size, but it is just to accommodate these small objects that are mixed, and it does not affect the overall appearance after it is closed. I really love it.


Another trick to keep tidy in the table is the wiring. Although the company’s decoration is equipped with ground insertion, the approach to the power line from the table to the ground is not only ugly, but also dangerous. The highest height of this lifting table is greater than the length of the power line. When you don’t pay attention, you will take off the cable when the table is up to the highest case, and even pull the machine to cause the floor to fall to the ground. The solution is also very simple. Use the row insertion to receive all the power cords together and hide it under the table board, so that there is only one line connection between the table and the ground plug.

Most people recommend using these tables under the table, such as the IKEA of the Internet celebrity, but everyone who has used it knows that this stuff is anti -humans to the extreme. If you are troublesome to install, the requirements for interpolation are also outrageous. The power supply in the later period is very troublesome.


Here I recommend using a plug -in with screw holes. For example, a good worker PDU interpolation for the cabinet is directly fixed under the desktop ▽ ▼


▲ △ Then fix the long cables with this kind of small accessories under the table board. This is not only beautiful, but also very convenient to use

In addition to the PDU insertion, there is also a careful opportunity for power. How bulky the charging head of the MacBook should not need to say more. This inverted insertion cannot withstand its weight at all, and it is very easy to fall off. In fact, it is not easy to buy a hundred -tile charging head with a smaller size and lighter weight. How can this power charging head optimize the design and the size is also very large. It is also very easy to fall off on the table board. ▽ ▼


▲ △ Then the height of the charging head is not small. Occasionally, it will be hit by uneasy feet, and then falls off, it is really upset. The author found the desktop charger separated by this cable. Compared with the popular Bulls and Cube sockets on the Internet, the Green Lianzhizong Magic Box, there is no design of the national standard power interface. ▼

▲ △ This is a 120W desktop charger from AOHI. The 2A2C interface design. The appearance is more slender and small than other hundred tile charging heads, but the power is still very high. This desktop charger can not only realize the output power of the single -mouth 100W 100W, but also output 60W at the same time of two C ports. For the author of the author, the user holding two notebooks is particularly useful ▽ ▼

It can also be seen in the power information in the MacOS system report that PD charging is a successful handshake 100W power ▽ ▼

When I get older, I ca n’t drink cold water. I brought a 55 -degree constant temperature cup to the company. When the cup is placed on the board, it will constantly heated, but the power is very small. It can only heat the water temperature to about 55 degrees. This is a good drink temperature suitable for the entrance.

In addition, the author is the Magsafe Party. It was originally a fan of wireless charging. There were a lot of wireless chargers and wireless charging treasures at home. For example, the car wireless charging in the car, the wireless charging treasure of the portable, and the wireless charger of the bedroom, etc., also purchased a Bellkin’s two -in -one MAGSAFE charging station ▽ ▼


▲ △ This product is a streamlined version of Sanheyi. After removing the Apple Watch charging function, the volume becomes smaller and exquisite. For the company’s charging scene, the Apple Watch charging function is completely unnecessary. It is enough to support my iPhone and AirPods. ▽ ▼

▲ △ Bellkin’s two -in -one charging station is authorized by Apple MAGSAFE. When charging, you can start exclusive animations, and forced the grid instantly. After sucking the phone, the slightly tilted design, just facing me in front of the screen, I can let me glance at the Face ID unlock when I notify it, and then see the specific content of the notification. Especially when receiving various verification codes, WeChat fish touching, etc.

The placement of the constant temperature cup and charging station is close to the middle of the desktop. It is not good to drag two long cables on the desktop. The reason I chose is because it has a routing design around the bottom, and other products have only two sides. This one can perfectly cover the cable from the front to the back. ▽ ▼

▲ △ Hidden the AOHI desktop charger that I just mentioned is not too perfect. Because the measurement of the Austrian desktop charger is not large, it is okay to use it in this closed space. Finally, put the green dill on the rational storage box. The entire desktop looks fresh and natural, and the mood of touching the fish at work is also good ▽ ▼




The time spent on the station occupied 1/4 to 1/3 of my working days, almost longer than sleep time. I think it is worth spending time to transform and please myself. Since the goal is simple and clean light -colored desktop, basically follow the white -based material design in the choice of accessories, which can make the overall style more uniform and coordinated. Also disappeared a lot ▽ ▼

▲ △ This set of tables, compared to the desktop at home, is more like a proposition composition. It is based on optimization under existing conditions. Thinking


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