Zhu Xudan shoots a lot in the snow, black coat+blue scarf is lazy and simple, the atmosphere is full


Although we need to keep warm in winter, in order to show a sharp image, we need to use the bloated clothing to choose a multi -style product with a multi -profile pen. For example, coats are very practical. Whether it is paired with pants or skirts, it has a unique style.

Zhu Xudan recently worn this coat and uses a simple and high -end color matching scheme. There are blue scarf embellishments, and there will be no dullness in the shape. The blue and black color matching is not picky at all, and even women with dull complexion can control well.

Small directory in this issue:

1. Zhu Xudan’s wearing analysis;

2. How to match a sharp and fashionable coat shape;

Zhu Xudan’s wearing analysis

The thick black long coat of fabric has a very obvious drape effect, so it can help women cover the problem of fat and show a slim and tall figure. The black coat with the same color system can also feel full of simplicity and high -level temperament.

Using black shape in large areas often feels mature and old -fashioned. However, after matching bright accessories like Zhu Xudan and refreshing age -reducing hairstyles, the overall looks a lot of fashionable value. If you want to enhance the gas field, you can also match the boots that are full of Morida.

How to match a sharp and fashionable coat shape?

Tip 1: Simple color matching and fashionable

We all know that it is the key to ensuring that the color use of the shape is not more than three types of color. Zhu Xudan is worthy of reference in wearing a color matching scheme. Choosing a black clothing to create a sense of overall sense. The colorful scarf is eye -catching but will not make the guest.


The reason why you choose a black coat is because black has a modern temperament and has lasting time in the fashion industry. The more black in the shape of the shape, the more slimming the figure. Black also has a white -skinned effect, so ordinary women can also try boldly.

When choosing bright accessories for black coats, we must consider both a sense of novelty and not too new. For example, the pink scarf is not very consistent with the temperament of the black coat. Pink is also easy to show darker, and it will be affected by the people on the scarf.


Tips 2: Sloping slim and generous


While determining the color scheme, we have to choose a style that can avoid strengths and avoid weaknesses according to the physical condition of the personal body. For example, the long coat with a capable pen is much more aura than short. The longer the coat is designed, the more he can make people stand upright.


In order to make the coat look more stylish, we also have to avoid light and soft styles. Such cashmere coats like Zhu Xudan have a clear sense of weight. And compared with other coats on the market, its warmth effect is very strong.

When we match the coat, we need to pay attention to whether the visual weight is harmonious. For example, thick coats with thin and light shoes will give people a feeling of heavy heads and feet. Only with strong shoes can we show a strong aura.


Tips 3: Hairstyle is delicate and cute

Many women in life are unwilling to wear black coats, and they are worried that they will increase their sense of maturity. In fact, as long as we pay attention to the style of the makeup, we can light up the original coat shape with a strong sense of formation. For example, Zhu Xudan’s refreshing ponytail has the effect of reducing age and tenderness.

Zhu Xudan’s ponytail is not a common type. It is divided into fluffy and lovely appearance by the leather ring, which can prevent the shattered hair and more youthfulness than the hair. In addition to single ponytails, double ponytails are also very suitable for everyone to choose from. Matching with a black coat can show a sweet and refreshing temperament.


After watching Zhu Xudan’s coat, we can find that choosing a straight style of the silhouette pen can easily show the feminine gas field. It is just that when the color of the coat is relatively basic, we also have to know how to use accessories, as well as hairstyles and makeup to increase the eye -catching value.