Unexpectedly, this spring “light trench coat” fire! 2 types of style wear, detailed dry goods here


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Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion trip, and never get lost.

How to wear a light trench coat, how to wear spring? Today, it is the protagonist.

When the spring is cold, the warmth is warm and cold,


It is a topic that cannot be around. Light than the coat, but not in the feeling of falling. The moment when wearing it, the grace caused by coolness is worthy of endless aftertaste.

Common windbreaker items are divided by style, with 2 major camps, namely: formal

classic style



Essence What are the differences between this? It’s like the differences between everyone’s ladylike and romantic lover.

Of course, Luo Wei is so metaphorical to let you quickly appreciate the connotation of these two styles. When you choose to wear, you can hit it in one click, and understand how to express it with the help of them.

What are the differences between the two? Color, material, design, style … are obvious watershed. in,


【Light Fabric】


The use of the first distinguished identification.

For example, when the windbreaker is also a khaki, when it is thin and soft, elegant and agile, it is a fashionable fashion model. However, the designs followed are also the basis for judgment.

Regarding the formal basic windbreaker, Luo Wei has shared too much before. Today, come to talk about the thinner and thinner

Variable fashion models

I hope to give you some inspiration.

First: Fashion short

The more dull and changeable fashion styles, which are affected by the season’s popular colors and popular models. The novel and unique and fashionable is their walking labels in the fashion circle.

The short trench coat is inseparable from the offensive of sports style, workflow, and casual style. The overall style is partial


Essence For example, the hooded design, the handsome khaki color and the military green, the sharp work zipper, multi -pocket, etc.

Matching principle

Based on its clear neutral leisure style, when matching, Luo Wei has 2 suggestions:

1. reconcile









Put on

For example, apply thin makeup, carefully take care of the hairstyle, choose small jewelry with your heart, and use a delicate appearance to highlight the charming temperament of women. Once you wear it casually, you will only show up and careless.


Short hooded trench coat, which is sexy and obvious. How to display it with a more gentle posture is a harmonious intervention point. As a result, a beige turtleneck sweater, a elegant skirt, became a prop to resolve items.

In the elegance of the same color, it is true and sweet, and does not feel monotonous at all, but instead inspire endless imagination.

Mixing example

Winter and spring replacement demonstration


This khaki green trench coat, medium -length length, neat style, free and unruly style, 2 sets of different changing ideas, worthy of effect:



: Ginger sweaters and black wide -leg pants are packed inside, with enthusiastic yellow rendering a warm and soft atmosphere, the chicness of black wide -leg pants, and the handsomeness of the windbreaker secretly echoed. Personal bag blessing, showing fashion highlights.


: The thinner beige shirt and gray blue wide -leg pants instantly drive the breath of spring. The material is thin and comfortable, and the color of the cake is added with Khaki.

Red shoes, soft texture bags and clothes, and even warming color, are emphasizing

Three words.

The seasonal conversion of color tones is particularly clear in these two sets. The same pink -purple worker short trench coat, which is heavy in black and the same color, is light with light powder/beige color, forming a cold and warm season difference.

From the thickness of winter, to the liveliness of spring, learn

Color switching

, Equal fashion skills from get to one -click transfer.

Coloring guide


The most handsome short trench coat is the most difficult point in the color matching. The style changes brought by different colors are difficult to find the entry point accurately. Here are common colors with practice:

Work color

Anyone, khaki, and military green appear in short trench coats,

Neutral toughness

The degree is superimposed at least n times. When wearing, pay more attention to the large -scale enhancement of women’s flavor elements.




Folding skirt with the same color support with the same color shirt, matching


Military green

Wind coat, one sweet and one sweet, harmonious! Formally bags and neutral leather shoes emphasize a sharp atmosphere.

Equally handsome

Camera trench coat, inside

Casual shirt skirts, at least 60%of the style associated, form a harmonious picture of sweet and cool mix and match.


Among them, the neutral style of the shirt skirt is the core of winning.

Refreshing white

The addition of white, weakening the neutrality of short trench coats, comes with its own


Mingxu is more preconceived, affecting the style presentation. Coupled with bright spring, color matching is generally light, light, and floating.


With a white T -shirt inside, with a white umbrella skirt and small white shoes, people’s eyes are shining. However, please do not forget the key points:

Silver bag


The embellishment, successfully rescue the boring of the same color, brings novel and fashionable focus.


Light blue


Cooperation is the primary choice of wearing white righteousness. Not to mention, this lightness alone makes fashionable power. White and blue match, never disappointed.

In terms of style, it is still a gentle skirt, which is as feminine as one, which is reflecting the deep meaning of wearing. Fortunately, a stable bag with edges and corners emphasizes stability with lines.

Stable color

Black, dark blue, diluted a little neutral and handsome with stability, lacking eye -catching work, and more simple and atmospheric tone.

For its combination, please grab 2 points: 1

. Manufacturing depth level


2. Add gorgeous elements

Essence The lightness of spring requires light colors to express, and also makes dark colors no longer old -fashioned.

The embellishment of gorgeous accessories has changed handsomeness and achieved another charm.

Second: Fashion long

√ Suggestions

The thin long trench coat is opposite to the short handsomeness. Keep the atmosphere and dignified, lively diverse tones, elegant fabrics, and give it a variety of modeling space.

The free and easy -going, chic, mature and easy -to -be, is favored by the big women’s style. Therefore, when wearing a match, Luo Wei suggested combining with [pants] to magnify this atmosphere.


+Wide -leg pants

The wide pants legs with a certain amount of sense are forming a high field with the winding coat.



Light and drooping

The length of the overlapping and stacked is not procrastinating, but it matches the wind. You can control harmony by controlling the size of your trouser legs according to your height and body shape.


+Small pants

The ends and restrained nine -footed pants are undoubtedly a natural partner of a long trench coat. One width and narrow, one put in one and one collection, forming a staggering silhouette match.

More style


It is stylish, not picking people, and the little man is more suitable. A sharp ankle treatment, with single shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, and even short boots.

Thick and light switching as the mouth, all dark trench coats can change inside


, Get the season -changing key. This black trench coat comes from this concept.

From black sweaters, big scarves, jeans, and light beige dresses, the transformation of spring is instantly completed. In addition, red exquisite bags, black pointed single shoes, feminine elements, contributed!

Neutral khaki green trench coat, need


The gentle cooperation can stimulate the gorgeousness of March. From the satisfactory boots, black jeans, to the windy spring, the material fabric is the king.


A brown skirt with a smooth texture of the silky texture, rough, staged a mixed play.

The long trench coat is colorful, and the picky color background. In this session, Luo Wei lists those classic modules one by one for your reference.


In the gentle and elegant gentleman style, khaki and blue occupy most of the rivers and mountains. Light blue and dark blue are unlimited. Khaki is available from beige to brown. It is cold and warm, writing classic.

Common in the workplace

Wearing a good light blue shirt and the khaki trench coat to win together. Use dark blue jeans to strengthen the shades of the same color system in the inside, and replace it with black, and the effect is greatly reduced.

The elegant embellishment of white high heels and printed scarfs lay a gentle foundation for Mi Mei.

Cold cone pants between blue and purple are also suitable for Khaki trench coat. This set, the gorgeous style inside



Having seized the schemes and became the core method.

Although it is the same color system, everyone is still amazing. It can be seen that wearing a khaki trench coat, how can it be picky!


The beige trench coat that is more elegant than the classic khaki is soft and elegant. Choose a light gray inner with the same attribute. In the cold and warm fine color difference, it creates a highlight of fashion.

A touch of inside


It is a dull redemption, which is especially worthy of reference.

Yellow/Orange+Tibetan green

There is no doubt that Tibetan blue is the original color of this pants, and it is also the key to this set of good -looking sets. Choose a black and white striped shirt inside to make some fresh and bright tones to resolve the skeptical suspicion, and it also releases the bright yellow.

With a certain degree of freshness

High saturation


Yellow orange, encouraging the first place! The white bag echoed inside, and the black high heels and stripes cater to, and there are no flaws to the details as a whole.


Hey, black and pink, endless sweet words! The contrast is clear and exaggerated, and the ultimate conflict forms a good -looking chip. Surprisingly, the brightness from light rice flour to the brightness


, Concern, let alone how much particular!

By the way, the sweet pink shows a sense of prosperity, and the silhouette of the pants is very important. Because of this, it will be harmonious with black trench coats.


The same is the same as the same thing as the above figure, but this set of blue gray is in



Inside. In the middle blue long coat, the inside from light gray to gray has a gradual change, making the high proportion of foreign ministers+internal lengths more extreme.

Polarized single shoes and cute bags, blending cold and handsome, mixed -match, perfect!

Well, the light trench coat is shared, I hope to inspire you a little bit!


I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.

I not only share wearing, but also hope to help you establish your inner aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Both internal and external cultivation are beautiful!

If you are confused, you can make a private message. Welcome to leave a message to discuss. We grow up together on the road of beauty and be strong together!




Mixing example

Winter and spring replacement demonstration

Coloring guide

Military green