Add hyaluronic acid essence, this shampoo solves the dry bug of dry silicon oil after shampooing


Three major problems that plague women today: what to eat, where to play, do you wash your hair today?

In fact, the shampooing is not only to keep the head clean, but also has a certain health function. During the shampoo, the fingers gently pass through the scalp, which has a good massage effect on the scalp. Fatigue. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “kidney hiding essence, its Hua is hair”, the health and gloss of hair are the standard of whether kidney qi is filled. Generally speaking, a moisturizing black hair is often a symbol of physical health, so it has good hair washing habits. It is very important for techniques, so I will teach you three tricks here to let you easily wash the perfect hair.

First comb the hair and then shampoo:

Comb your hair before shampooing, so that your hair is not easy to tangled. Whether you gently knead the scalp with your fingers, or comb the hair from the hair with a fine comb, you can pull the root to stimulate the capillaries in the scalp, and then then stimulate the capillaries in the scalp, and then then stimulate the capillaries in the scalp, and then then stimulate the capillaries in the scalp, and then then stimulate the capillaries in the scalp, and then then stimulate the capillaries in the scalp. Then Nourishing your hair, and you can also loosen the dirt and scales (dead cells) on the scalp, which is easier to completely clean your hair.

Secondly, the shampoo needs to be placed in the hand to make a foam:

The most common washing operation is to squeeze out the shampoo and then rub it on the hair. In fact, the hair scales are opened when the hair is wet. I also want to be big. Therefore, it will not cause the shampoo that harms your hair. The way of shampooing is squeezed on the palm of your hand, rubbing out the foam, then placed under your hair and apply it evenly. To completely clean your hair.

The last appropriate water temperature is also important:

With warm water, it will make your hair easier to open. Of course, this makes it easier for dirt to clean up, but in fact, if you are shampoo every day, there are not so many dirt. You can consider washing your hair with cold water with cold water hair. Because cold water is not easy to open the hair scales on the surface of the hair, the hair is not easily damaged during the shampoo, which can make the hair healthier and shiny.


However, for most of the urban beauty who thinks that after washing, even if they have a good way of shampoo, they still have the following troubles.



The first thing the first thing every morning was to wash my hair, but after a while, the scalp started to get out of oil, and the hair began to become dry and lustrous.


The hair is not hot, but it is dull, and the flatness is not light and soft; or no matter what hair care products are used after the dyeing, there is no way to restore the hair to the beginning.

The scalp is more sensitive than the skin, and the ecological health of the scalp has become the main needs of your current consumption.


The La Fang Daily Research Institute found that the hair was dry, and the loss of soft texture was not just the influence of external factors such as hot dyeing and sun exposure, but may be alarm of scalp lack of water! The scalp skin is thinner and more sensitive than the face of the face. The healthy scalp is to maintain the three major ecological balance of oil, flora, and metabolism. The scalp moisturizing is very important for the balance of scalp flora environment and scalp keratinocyte cells. Water imbalance will derive dandruff, dry roots, fragile, insufficient nutritional supply, etc., which will affect the smoothness of the hair.

However, as one of the high -profile lists in the beauty industry, the PCLADY beauty list has been the first in 2008. It is committed to providing the most professional and instructive beauty for many beautiful women in a professional, fair, fair, and open -minded way. Makeup list. PCLADY Beauty Style List 2018 new upgrade, gather 5 beauty categories, including 216 latest and hottest items. After layers of selection, the annual hot beauty list is selected.

As a national soft brand that advocates the beauty of true beauty, La Fang has adhered to the traditional nourishment concept of moisturizing and silent. For 18 years, it has gathered the power of nourishing Chinese and Western, integrating traditions and technology, and it will see seemingly ordinary things, digging its extraordinary moisturizing raising Force, provide a full range of smooth and protective solutions for thousands of Chinese consumers, use ordinary nourishment, discover softness and beauty, and design concepts. It was even more popular in PCLady’s 2018 hair washing water.

It is worth noting that in the 2018 beauty list, after the use of tens of millions of people voted, La Fang’s softened sour washing and the presentation of the sloppy washed out of the title of popular reputation.

Why does this newly listed Lafang Hyaluronic acid Flower series that makes the scalp that the tens of millions of beautiful people easily solve and become a well -deserved “oil skin mother”?


The first is because it adds the unique Cationha to the ingredient



Essence, it can reduce the irritation of the surface active agent on the skin and the skin. It enhances the scalp’s hydration moisturizing ability, which feels moisturizing, and improves the itching and dandruff caused by the dryness of the scalp.


In addition, the moisturizing ingredients are added to the formula, which can supplement more hyaluronic acid for hair wires. Compared with the use of hyaluronic acid (HA), it is more likely to stay in the hair. Stay in the hair, and continue to supplement the scalp hair loss of moisture. At the same time, it contains small molecular hyaluronic acid to absorb, repair damage, and care for scalp.

This shampoo can also help improve the resistance of the hair wire. Because hyaluronic acid complexes are more likely to stay on the surface of the hair, improve the moisturizing performance and conditioning performance of the hair, thereby improving the effects of hair resistance. Coupled with the fresh and pleasant aroma, you can always exude your unique charm.


Everyone also knows that using silicone -free hair washing hair to wash hair can be cleaned deeply. After washing, it was very dry. The hair was smooth and the root was clear. The only disadvantage is that the hair is dry after washing. However, the role of hyaluronic acid is moisturizing. Adding hyaluronic acid ingredients to silicon -free watery can easily solve the problem of dry hair. As a national brand that knows more consumers, La Fang is aimed at different hair quality, and it also humanely introduced the corresponding shampoo, allowing you to make the right choice according to your hair quality.


Lafang hyaluronic acid flowers are soft washing and dissemination (ginkgo water moisturizer)

Ginkgo purification balance scalp hair can breathe


Rafon Hyaluronic acid Flower is soft washing and discharge (Nut dense repair)


Nut repair energy washed out of angel halo

Rafon Hyaluronic acid Flower is soft washing (deep nourishment of olive)

Olive nourishment magic hairform transforms exquisite girl


Rafon Hyaluronic acid Soft Essence (Soci Wild Schinry Wicker)


Avocado Run Run Empowering the hair silk to fly up

La Fang can summarize its advantages in four aspects. The first is to repair the effect. Hyaluronic acid and composite water lock technology can deeply penetrate the core and inject the power of Peng Pengshui. The second is his skin -friendly texture. Without adding silicon oil, he can make the scalp free to breathe and let it fly lightly. The third is its cleaning ability, exclusive dedue formula, removing visible dandruff, making the hair root more refreshing. The fourth point is its moisturizing ability. The essence of various plant extraction can moisturize the hair core and make your hair more moist and softened. Speaking of this, Xiaobian can’t help telling everyone that buying Lafang Hyaluronic acid series and exquisite gifts are given.


If you love beauty, hurry up and let the new year start from the “head”.