After buying this infant’s pajamas, throw it away, the hazard of the formaldehyde exceeding the standard is too great!


MUJI believes that everyone has heard of and even buy it frequently. Its things are known for its simplicity and environmental protection, natural and organic, and excellent materials. But a few days ago, according to Japanese Yahoo! According to reports, a pajamas who sell for infants and young children need to be recalled due to detecting formaldehyde over the standard. This infant and young children pajamas have sold 694 pieces.

This is a pajamas called “Organic Cotton French French velvet pajamas (BABY Red)”:

In China, infant clothing belongs to Class A products. If the product is marked with formaldehyde content, the standard should be:

0-24 months of Class A baby clothing should be ≤20mg/kg;


Category B in infants and young children who are directly exposed to the skin should be ≤75mg/kg;

Class C of Class C in non -direct contact with the skin ≤ 300mg/kg.

Excessive formaldehyde will cause great damage to infants and young children’s health. During children’s wear and use, free formaldehyde will be released. Direct contact through the skin can cause

Family dermatitis, eye irritation, dizziness, headache, chest tightness nausea

Wait for children

Hematological disease

, Such as inducing leukemia; increase children



The incidence; leading to children

lead poisoning

, Low children’s intelligence.

This incident caused a lot of storms, and netizens said they were disappointed with MUJI. So how should mothers choose children’s clothing?

1. Select class A clothing.

Don’t be greedy when buying clothes. You must choose the clothes produced by regular manufacturers.

There must be information such as product qualification certificates, product execution standards and product quality in the clothing packaging.



Choose pure cotton clothes.

The baby’s skin is delicate. It is best to choose the material of pure cotton. It is breathable and easy to absorb sweat. Remember

Do not choose chemical fiber products, are not breathable, are not good for skin, and are easy to be allergic.


There is no odor to smell.

When buying children’s clothes, you can smell your clothes close to your nose. If you have a odor, it is best not to buy it.

These odors can stimulate children’s respiratory systems and are not conducive to children’s development.

The newly bought clothes go home and clean it, put it under the sun and then wear it for the child.

4. The tightness should be appropriate.

Buy baby clothes and buy different sizes according to the baby’s fat thinness. It is slightly loose to buy, don’t be too tight. Don’t buy too tightly,

It is best not to use loose band.


There is nothing to do with children. Moms and dads must have multiple eyes, and they must pay attention when buying clothes for the baby. I wish babies grow up healthy and healthy!

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