Smart women rarely choose half skirts. These “waist dresses” popular this year, elegant and thin


To say that the type with the highest frequency in the skirt, it must be a skirt. The plasticity of the skirt is strong, which can be combined with various tops to create a variety of shapes. However, the skirt is very tested to wear the bottom. If it is not matched, it is easy to look cheap.

This year, it is better to try a dress with a “waist design”, which can not only save the troubles of the upper and lower body, but also wear a thin and temperamental shape to ensure that you are elegant and feminine.

1. The “waist skirt” style that can be started

»① waist floral skirt

To say the most indispensable waist skirt style in summer, it must be a waist floral skirt. The floral element is sweet and romantic in the skirt, which can make your shape more French. Combined with the back of the waist, it is thin and very temperamental.

If you like to wear a low -key without losing temperament, you can start with this in the picture in the picture.

White floral skirt with rose print pattern

Essence Use red roses and white to create a strong sense of visual impact, but it will not be too escape, elegant and romantic, ensuring that you are beautiful in your bones.

If you want your match to look more gentle, you can also try in the figure below. This


The “light -colored” waist floral skirt with a low brightness.

It can create a sense of freshness, but it will not be too eye -catching, and the impact on skin tone is relatively small. The sisters of yellow and black skin can also easily control.


In addition, if you want to make your match more French, then you may wish

V -neck or square collar design waist floral skirt

Essence Increasing the exposed area of ​​the collarbone part can not only create a skinny effect, but also make your shape more delicate and elegant.

»② waist denim skirt

if your


Around 30 years old

Don’t miss it, don’t miss it

Waist denim skirt


Essence The denim long skirt not only retains the softness of the dresses, but also adds a playful and vibrant atmosphere, which can make your matching age and not be too childish. Combined with the waist design, the curve of the figure is outline, which can not only add femininity, but also break the ancient board of denim materials and wear a thin effect.

Of course, if you want to wear a waist denim skirt with an elegant atmosphere, then we can


Try more versions of self -cultivation

, For example, in the figure below (right)

Straight version of the waist denim skirt

It’s a very good choice. It can outline the curve of the figure, but also use a loose and documented version to cover the fat on the lower body.

»③ waist suspender skirt

If you prefer refreshing and breathable wear, you can also choose a waist suspender skirt. The exposedness of the suspender skirt is relatively high, and the clavicle, shoulder and neck lines can be fully displayed. Therefore, it will test the figure and be more suitable

Small sisters start.

Combined with the waist design, it can not only show a slender figure, but also create a feminine effect.

If your match looks more French, you can start

With a floral element or the picture below (pictured left), this kind of waist suspender skirt with an embroidered printed design

Essence The former is romantic and elegant, while the latter can add a sense of nobleness and make your match more noble and elegant.


In addition, we can pay more attention in the material selection of the waist suspender skirt. It is recommended that you try more “soft texture and strong sense” suspended waist skirt, which can not only bring you a comfortable dressing experience, but also make your shape more agile and elegant.

Like the picture below


The waist suspender skirt with “chiffon material” is a very good choice

, Not only can meet the needs of breathability, but also make your shape look lighter, and temperament is very prominent.

»④ waist tea break skirt

The last thing to recommend is the waist tea break skirt. The neckline of the tea break skirt is relatively high, and at the same time

With waist and A -shaped skirt

Essence Not only can you use the “waist design” to wear a thin effect, it can also cover the fat of the lower body, and at the same time create a sensible feeling.

If you worship the meat on your arm is obvious, you can choose

Waist tea rest skirt with “bubble sleeve design”

Essence Cover the shortcomings on the arms with the design of the bubble sleeves, and at the same time, it can add vitality to your wear, and the age reduction effect is full.

If you want to wear more retro styles, we can also adjust from the “color” of the waist tea coper skirt. I suggest you try more

High saturation color system

The style, for example, in the figure below

“Retro Red” and “dark green”, or more stable “dark blue”

Essence Combining the design of the waist tea break skirt, it can not only interpret the French style dress, but also allow you to wear a super high return rate.

What “shoes” can waist skirts match?

The waist dresses adopt the style of the upper and lower parties, so the focus of the matching will be concentrated on the shoes. If you want to make your shape more refined and feminine, I suggest you try more


The matching of shoes with “1 ~ 3 cm” small low -heeled design and waist dress

Essence Use a small low -heeled design to raise the soles of the foot, which can not only wear a significant effect, but also make your shape more temperament.


Women over 30 years old can choose

Low -heeled Mueller shoes, low heel sandals, low -heeled grandma shoes or low -heeled shots and waist skirts

Essence It can not only lengthen your lower body ratio, and wear the effect of thin legs and long legs can make your mix more elegant, and the intellectual temperament is very bonus.

Don’t wear a half -body skirt this year. Hurry up and try the method of wearing these waist skirts above. The elegant and thin is still very temperament.