What are the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic bathtubs? Yagle bathtub value is not worth buying


If your apartment is large enough and the bathroom is big enough, then you can make a bathtub in your bathroom. As the pressure of life and work increases, many people will relax while taking a bath at night, and most people will choose to take a bath. If you want to take a bath, you have to have a good bathtub. In the above articles, we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the cast iron bathtub and the advantages and disadvantages of the barrel bathtub. The advantages and disadvantages of acrylic bathtub.

1. Acrylic bathtub

The acrylic bathtub is made of a bathtub made of a PMMA plastic material. The acrylic bath tank is composed of the surface layer (acrylic layer) and the inner layer (glass fiber resin reinforcement layer). The acrylic bathtub is not poisonous. Although it is made from a PMMA plastic material, this plastic itself is non -toxic and harmless.

Second, the advantages of acrylic bathtub


1. Have self -repair function

The acrylic bath can be scratched slightly and has the function of self -repair

Essence The acrylic bathtub has a certain self -repair function. When we destroy the surface of the bathtub, then this is completely needless to worry. As long as your 1 scratch is not very deep, the bathtub will return to the original. The Yark bathtub is still good.


2. Light weight

The acrylic bathtub is light weight and flexible placement.

The texture of the Acrylic bathtub is relatively light, so it can be placed in the position you want. If you don’t like it, you can move at will, unlike the cast iron bathtub

Essence The cast iron bathtub is relatively heavy. It is more troublesome whether it is handling or installation, so we need to carefully consider the placement of the placement when the cast iron bathtub is placed. Therefore, the Acrylic bathtub is more flexible.

3. Good surface smoothness

Yaki bathtub is uniform, smooth and white

Essence People are in a relatively comfortable state when bathing. The body will automatically help me exclude some stains. The surface of the acrylic bathtub is smooth, dirt is difficult to absorb, and it will be very convenient when it takes care. Just wipe it. The acrylic bathtub is uniform in color, smooth surface, accidentally colliding, and it will not hurt. And now the acrylic bathtub is not only white, but also a color series.


Third, the disadvantages of acrylic bathtub


1. Oxidation and yellow

Plastic products will turn yellow after a long time.

As a plastic product, the Acrylic bathtub is vulnerable to oxidation and yellow, and it is easier to quality. The quality may become yellow in about 4 years. Therefore, you need to choose it carefully when you buy it.


2. Short life

Light weight, small pressure resistance, easy to break

Essence The gravida bathtub is light weight, so the pressure resistance is not good, and it is easier to break. If the surface is scratched, it is easy to hide dirt after scraping. The use time should not be too long, it should be cleaned or replaced regularly.

The little friends are curious about the life of the Acrylic bathtub, I am curious, so I will go to Baidu Encyclopedia for the life of the Yaki Bathton.

Fourth, the life of the Yalic bathtub

Under normal use methods, the service life of the acrylic bathtub has reached about 10 years,

It depends on the use and maintenance of use

No. The surface material of the acrylic bathtub is methyl propylene, and the back side is covered with glass fiber, which is applied to the dedicated resin to enhance. Sub –

The club bathtub is uniform in color, smooth surface, no layered and bubbles


The above is the relevant knowledge of the acrylic bathtub. I hope it will be helpful to everyone

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