Uncle Xia Ke picking products -honey soap in Snowflake Show Palace


First of all, the knowledge of cosmetics filing. At the earliest, I wanted to belong to cosmetics categories, that is, the filing of cosmetics and the supervision of the drug supervision bureau. But since last year, soap has also been clearly attributed to cosmetics categories, and cosmetics are also required to record. The old convention with the price of the price of the price.

The official website is 360 yuan, 2 yuan 73 grams! If you compare him with cleansing milk, the price is not expensive. Because you can wash your face with solid soap, you can really use your three views! But the effect is the ingredient table.

Simply put, it is a ~~ Um ~~~ Soap! You can also say that he is a little bit of handmade soap. There is no ready -made fatty acid Na but a neutralized soap with coconut oil and olive oil with multi -hour fat acid. Maybe the oil ratio is better. But nothing. Even a recreational non -ions live, there is no performance improvement performance.

The highlight is a bunch of plant extracts. But the extract is not high. Even if I give the amount of the sky, but the question is what you can do if you wash your face, just then for a while, you can’t absorb the thick pulp with the extract. Then you think it is the soap body color and smell brought by the concentrated fluid of Chinese medicine. You are too naive. Pigment and flavors bring.

Whether you are suitable for you, I don’t recommend that you use this soap, but the egg is cheap. DISS soap -based students, why do you want to kneel and lick such a high -end handmade soap?


Uncle Xia Weizhi’s sincerely recommends you to use Dafen’s fragrance and Schuba’s cleansing soap. Schuba seems to be more expensive, and Dove is very cheap. If you want to calculate it, there is the soap packaged by Yulan oil gold. The recipes of these three soaps are okay, and you can wash your face. And if you calculate the number of times, it is very cheap!

The conclusion is: honey soap in the Snowflake Show Palace, please do not buy it! If you are not bad, you can be used as soap for long bathing. Persist in the skin of the body for more than 1 year. Washing your face, there are more choices.