Quality Writing ~ 2022 New Year’s Day neutrophil selection and purchase strategy



The neutral pen is undoubtedly the most core writing tool today. It is convenient to carry, the ink is fast, the color is strong, and the price is affordable. In my opinion, for middle school students in office workers and urban families, the performance of the neutral pens of Japanese brands is relatively good, the price is not particularly high, and the quality control is quite reliable. It is the most suitable existence for extensive use.

This article will share the neutral pen selection method in my eyes and choose 12 neutral pens products that have been experienced. For your reference ~

Selection of the entire structure

Starting from the structure, I think that the neutral pens are divided into pens and plugging pens ~

Generally speaking, according to the motion neutral pen, there is a thicker grip diameter, a softer pen grip, the life life is longer, and it is more convenient to use with one hand. Inserting the pen cap, some pen caps will be damaged, but you can insert a pipe hat. There is a variable center of gravity and longer writing length. It will not sound like pressing the pen when used.

In terms of development trends, more and more manufacturers are on the pens of the pen, and the blessing of new technologies will hardly appear into the pen. The specific choice is to see each person’s preference for structure and grip ~

Tip type choice


In macro, Japanese neutral pen tip can be divided into three categories: bullets, needle tubes and semi -needle pipes ~

Bullets are the most common. It can be said that it is the most stable and reliable neutral pen tip ~


The needle tube pen represented by Baile is more visually effective than the sub -warhead, and thanks to the needle tube structure, the writing smoothness is stronger than the bullet pen with the same thickness.

The semi -needle tube structure is equivalent to the variant of the bullet pen tip. It is similar to the neutral pens of the needle tube.

Different types of nibs are different in touch and ink effects. Pursuing smoothness. I recommend choosing a needle pipe to pursue extremely fine characters. The bullet neutral pen is the most popular choice ~

Holding comfort ~ technology on the pen grip


Generally speaking, the strokes with higher comfort will only appear on the pen with thicker pens ~

The most representative is the zebra JJSZ 49, which uses a super thick cushion pen. The grip is very soft, and there is a good elastic feedback. However, these comfortable strokes will be far thicker than common neutral pens. Whether to pursue comfort should consider the adaptation of the thickness of the strokes.


The consideration of the particularity of the ink

In addition to structural differences, the neutral pens of each brand also have the difference in technology ink technology in terms of technology. The ink of different formulas will bring some special writing additional functions.

Several neutral pens of Mitsubishi have the long -lasting attributes of light resistance, such as UNI151 and UNI150, which are especially suitable for students to use it ~

The new launch of the small thick core series that is popular in Japan is based on the optical resistance and water -resistant to ink the absorption of ink by formula, making the color darker and stronger, and it can improve concentration when writing!

The zebra MJF pen core can be used as a fluorescent pen, which is more suitable for students to use it when it is marked.


Special functional needs


The BLEN series launched by Zebra in the past two years has reduced the feedback vibration of the time through the structure, and the internal structure has been more stable, bringing a pure writing process ~

Other purchase ideas

When I was selected to buy Japanese neutral pens, I personally recommend mature Japanese brands such as Baile, Mitsubishi, Zebras, and Tongtong. On the one hand, they have better quality control, followed by these exclusive technical reserves.

In addition to the appearance requirements, individuals do not recommend buying other brands, such as MUJI MUJI. The old -fashioned neutral pens are replaced by some details. Expensive, relatively low cost performance. Other niche Japanese brands have similar situations.


Recommendation of neutral pen models

UNI 151 plugging hat neutral pen yyds

151 is a very classic Mitsubishi neutral pen. In particular, it is recommended to be a 0.38mm thick version. Bullet design. The rotating bristle is made of all -metal. Essence The 0.38mm bullets are written well and the smoothness is also very good. It is a representative of the use of neutral pens in all aspects. As for its shortcomings, everyone who has used it knows that it is very afraid of falling, and the pen is easily damaged in vibration, which will increase the cost of use.

UNI 207 Mitsubishi daily use of a moving neutral pen


There are a lot of Mitsubishi’s neutral pens. 138 and 105 are the same models of different thickness. 152 is their advanced model. The strokes are very soft and comfortable. The 207 also uses the same pen core as them, but the appearance is more sharp. The pen grip uses a thicker hard plastic, and the silver processing of the pen mouth also makes the whole pen more textured. Although the pen core is the same, the 207 hard pen holds a very refreshing writing feedback, which makes people more motivated to write. For the student party who wants to use UNI neutral pens, I recommend 207 most, and I have been writing and keeping cool.


The smoothness of the uni150 straight liquid warhead


150 is also a very long -term classic. Unlike the previous two Mitsubishi, it is a straight liquid structure, storage ink storage, one -time use, ink is water, and slightly picking paper. However, it is also equipped with waterproof ink, which is quite smooth to write, but in terms of other UNI nominal 0.5mm pens, the handwriting will be slightly thicker, but I still recommend this pen, which is very smooth to write.


Uni Xiaotongxin new black technology


Finally, the Mitsubishi that everyone tried is a small thick core in the past two years. As mentioned earlier, it reduces the penetration of the paper through the unique ink formula, and the color of the writing handwriting is more pure. The appearance is also different from the first three old -fashioned classic models. It looks more textured, and the metal material is used at the pen, which is low and stable. The pen holder is also added to the spring, which feels better and easy to use. Of course, its price is relatively high, but the color schemes are diverse, and it can also be used as a handbook pen.

Zebra JJ15 high cost performance according to the neutral pens of moving

Spring pens, solid pens, soft strokes, smooth writing, and relatively low prices, that is, our zebra JJ15. In addition to the slightly old -fashioned appearance, it is very easy to use a neutral pen in all aspects. I think it is the existence of crushing the same price Baile JUICE and Mitsubishi 105. JJ15 is also loved by various handbook enthusiasts with rich colors. The MUJI mentioned earlier is the shell of JJ15 ~

Zebral BLEN shock absorption black technology


As mentioned earlier, through the internal structure, BLEN achieved the effect of suppressing writing vibration. The domestic emerging brand point stone won the Chinese stationery Awards last year to imitate the pen made. In addition to the mute of shock absorption, Blen has also made a low center of gravity design, and the use of a special quick -drying ink. It is very convenient to use, and of course the price will be slightly more expensive.

Zebra jj77 fluorescent pen gospel

77 is the same as JJ15 in the pen configuration. It is a special plaid decoration, and a pen that will not be affected by the fluorescent pen. Personal suggestions are enough to use JJ15 to use more cost -effective. Here I recommend it as a TIPS to everyone ~

Payo G1 cheap wording choice


G-1 is a neutral pens of Baile’s entry model. The full plastic pen is used. The metal brioper is configured to ensure the low center of gravity. The thick and long pen core is also quite good in service life. The color is strong and the writing is smooth. However, I personally think that the water will be a bit big. The 0.7mm Payo G-1 is regarded as the best choice for many calligraphy enthusiasts as the best choice of writing in the Chinese style. The strokes and ink can write obvious strokes. This is the place where G-1 is most valued by everyone ~

Payo P500 pipe tube test artifact


The P500 can be said to be the neutral pen that can most represent Payo. The pen storage ink is quite durable. It is equipped with three -point Payo needle tube pen. The writing is very smooth, the handwriting is strong, and the handwriting is almost not adjusted. Quick, the whole pen is also light and easy to control. Students love it, especially suitable for middle school students who are reading ~


Belle V5 can replace the pen and ink straight liquid neutral pen


The V5 is similar to P500, but it can replace the core and use the straight liquid structure to supplies ink. The same three -point support tube is very similar to touching paper. What’s more interesting is that the core of V5 is very similar to the Poly steel pen ink, and many people can also use the Belle steel pen ink in the V5 empty ink sac, which can also be used normally. Generally, the words written by V5 will be slightly lighter than the P500, which is enhanced ~

Patto BLN comfortable to half -needle tube neutral pen

Finally, the choice of Patto Presidential neutral pen is very soft, and the overall weight is stable. The pen tip is the semi -needle design of the Patto signboard. Although the actual writing is not too high, it is smooth. It is also smooth. It is also smooth. The whole pens are very durable and the price is relatively cheap. I think it is also a Nissan that is worth buying in a large number of nissions.


This time I will share here about the purchase strategy and recommendation of the neutral pen. Thank you for reading. I look forward to the next communication with you ~~~