Meimei Powder’s female treasure jacket


There are beautiful girls in the family, and the beautiful pink coat below is worth having!

1. This coat uses a classic lapel design to modify the neck lines. The pockets on both sides of the clothes are decorated, beautiful, practical and beautiful and practical. Symmetrical oblique pocket design, which is convenient for baby to set up objects, and can also play a role in warmth. The contrasting stripes at the cuffs are embellished to add highlights and highlight the fashion personality.

Girl Thickening Jacket 2019 Winter New Master Children’s Woolen Woolen Walks, Little Girls, Children’s Western Graphic Jacket


2. This coat is made of high -quality material, which feels soft and comfortable. The pocket design on both sides of the body is convenient, practical and beautiful. Symmetric oblique pocket decoration to increase the three -dimensional sense of clothes. The inner cotton is filled, the warmth effect is good, and the wear is more warm. Exquisite buttons, easy to wear and take off, highlight the charm of quality.


Children’s clothing girl grid coat 2019 autumn new Korean version thick cotton coat

3. This coat uses classic checkered elements, and the upper body is very foreign and stylish. The body of the body is embroidered, adding highlights to show the sweet and cute temperament. The placket is designed with the buckle and the babies is convenient. Symmetric pocket decoration, beautiful and practical. The sloping pocket design on both sides is both beautiful and practical, beautiful and practical.

Children’s clothing 2019 autumn and winter new children’s jacket Korean version of Chinese version of the big children’s foreign girl flower flower embroidered woolen coat jacket

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