Is the “fluorescent detection artifact” really so amazing? Expert: Not reliable


“I found that an artifact can measure fluorescent agents, and hurry up to buy Ziguang Pen.” Recently, with the citizens received a large number of shopping parcels, Ziguang Granny has also become a “net red”. Many citizens scramble to buy. The merchants also label it for “Mom Mom” ​​and “exclusive girls”, and promote this artifact to perform “cosmetics and sanitary products testing”, which can distinguish whether baby clothing is qualified, and even identify jade amber.

The citizens have different opinions on the detection effect. However, experts said that fluorescent agents are not terrible, and daily contact will not hurt the human body. Instead, this detection method is not reliable, and it will cause damage to the eyes.

Young mother follows the wind to buy flashlight

Yu Bo of “Double 11” has not subsided, and the tide of shopping in “Double 12” came again. At the same time as “chopping hands”, many citizens are also paying attention to the quality of goods that play in goods. Recently, Ms. Gao, a citizen, told reporters that many mothers and friends around her are buying purple light flashlights. Because the child’s skin is more delicate, diapers, toys, and personal clothes must be measured to see if it contains fluorescent agents.

After listening to this remark, Ms. Gao also bought a purple light flashlight on the Internet for 22 yuan. Subsequently, she took the child’s items and found that there were blue lights of the stars, and some even became a film. There are also personal supplies, sheets, sheets, laundry powder, etc., and they cannot be spared. Ms. Gao is very confused. Usually, the clothes she bought for the children are all brand products with good reputation. Such a result makes it difficult for her to believe.

Another citizen Ms. Zhang, after turning off the lights, used purple light to light up her face, and found that some areas also appeared in some areas. She is also puzzled. The skin cream and mask she used are brought back from abroad. Is the fluorescent agent exceeding the standard?

“Artifact” sells more than 40,000 monthly sales

Yesterday, the reporter searched the “Ziguang Fangs” keywords on the online shopping platform, and immediately found more than a thousand items, ranging from 9 yuan to 20,800 yuan. Many merchants directly play publicity words such as “prospective mothers” and “guarantee health, immediately act” and other promotional words. The best sales, 22.8 yuan flashlight, 4,4192 pieces were sold in November.

Subsequently, the reporter communicated with a seller in Anhui, and the customer service introduced that there are many kinds of similar products. “The more expensive purple glossymap electricity increases the function of waterproof and falling, but the effect is the same.” In addition, the most popular 365nm model is currently the most popular model. You can also focus. As for the fluorescent content of the product, customer service said that they are distinguished by the appearance color, and there is no quantitative standard. The reporter looked at the buyer’s comment. Some people felt very good, and some thought it was unreliable.

After that, the reporter also visited a number of small commodity stores and night markets in the city center. It was found that the price of purple light flashlights sold ranging from 10 yuan to 30 yuan, but no matter whether it is packaged or flashlight itself, there are no certification signs. A outer packaging box has no qualification certificate and instructions.

Strong ultraviolet rays will damage the bottom

The reporter consulted Mr. Song, a senior engineer of a material company in Wuhu. He explained that the purple light flashlight can test whether the clothing contains fluorescent agents, but it cannot detect whether its content exceeds the standard. And the blue and white fluorescence observed by the simple purple light is not certain. Because purple and blue are closer, it is easy to confuse and may cause judgment errors.

And it is necessary to point out that fluorescence reactions are a normal phenomenon. There are too many things that can produce fluorescent reactions in daily life. From vitamins to drugs, from paper to fluorescent agents, the dark colors that citizens see may not be from fluorescent agents. For example, the “fluorescent face” on the Internet, in fact, the protein fragments, bacteria, oil, etc. on the face may cause blue. “Such a self -test will only be scrapped because of sorrow, and I feel that all the products contain fluorescent agents -but it may be just a fluorescent response to common substances in life.”

A person from the Health Education Department of the Wuhu Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that everyone does not need to talk about the color changes of fluorescent agents, and fluorescence generally exists in the nature. At present, there is no evidence that daily exposure to fluorescent agents will cause skin or blood lesions. Instead of worrying, it is the abuse of ultraviolet products.

UV rays are mainly used for medical disinfection and treatment. As the use of medical devices, the state has strict standards for ultraviolet rays. Instead of using purple light hand electricity, it causes damage to the eyes. Human eyes have a long -term contact with ultraviolet rays. Mildness will make the eyes feel foreign body sensation and discomfort. Excessive ultraviolet rays can also cause fundus damage. If citizens really need to buy ultraviolet products, they must choose regular manufacturers and buy them through regular channels.

Reporter Cheng Qian Intern Shi Fang