Daofu Rirate OEM: How did it use so many masks?


Daofu Renhua OEM Abstract: In this era of beauty love, applying masks is the daily maintenance method of many girls. Now the mask has been among the dresser, and the most amazing items consume. There are three masks, and some girls can be imagined for the sake of beauty every day.


What is the role and principle that we often use? What kind of environment is it produced? What is the difference between membrane cloth and essence? What is the impact of the mask? Have you ever thought about it?

Principles of mask

It is through the closure of the film that the epidermis is forced to gradually open the pores, guide moisture and essence and nutrition, and slowly penetrate into the stratum corneum of the epidermis. The cells of the stratum corneum are in a moist environment, full of water and nutrition, and the skin will look looks like It looks soft and shiny. To open the pores, it means that the mask must have a good fit. At the same time, in order to allow the skin to absorb and more nutrients, this also requires the mask material to have a good load capacity for the essence.

Mask production process

If you want to open the pores, the membrane cloth must have a good fit. The stronger the capacity of the membrane cloth load, the more nutrients absorbed by the skin, and the production of a mask is very simple. Essence and membrane cloth are poured into an aluminum bag together. Of course, this is just a superficial technology, because there are many technical specifications in it, and there are often mysteries in the seemingly simple things.

Production Environment

Cosmetics processing has strict requirements on the environment, and the mask processing is no exception. The air cleanliness of the production environment must meet the requirements. Staff must replace it with clean clothes to enter the production workshop. Essence All products must be produced in the GMP standard plant. The GMP standard plant uses WHO and the EU’s latest A, B, C, and D grading standards in the mask processing. The requirements of online monitoring, especially the static and dynamic monitoring of the suspended particles in the production environment, the monitoring environment of float bacteria, sinking bacteria (microorganisms in the production environment) and surface microorganisms. The flow is generally divided into one million and 100,000 levels. This level of parameters refer to how many particles (gray layers, bacterial spores, etc.) in this environment in this environment. The 10,000 -level layer means that there are only 100,000 particles in this environment in this environment. Generally, the mask processing uses a million -level layer flow. In addition to the processing environment, all aspects of storage and transportation in the GMP standard

Selection of mask material

At present, the more common mask materials on the market are three types: non -woven, silk & sky silk, and biological fiber mask from thick to subdivision. The carrying capacity is much better than ordinary non -woven fabrics. While it can absorb more water, it can keep moisture longer.



Different essences, ingredients, and functions have their own thousands of autumn. Essence

Weight of the mask

Many mask standard specifications on the market are 25ml, because the capacity of ordinary non -woven fabric masks is usually below 25ml, and the better biological fiber mask can reach 40ml. More essences can achieve better results, but it will sacrifice the sense of experience of the mask to a certain extent.

Mask aluminum foil bag


The surface of the aluminum foil bag has reflux, and the multi -layer production makes the aluminum foil bag have shielded. If a certain raw material is added to the light sensitivity to light, the aluminum foil bag has a good protection effect. At the same time, the aluminum foil bag has a strong isolation sex Because of its good oil resistance and softness, it has greatly avoided the raw materials and packaging of the mask, and various raw or chemical reactions occur, which can effectively ensure the safety of the mask, transportation and storage.

The pearl film on the mask

The pearl paper in the mask is actually a “hanger”. Its role is to fix the mask, because the mask film itself is very light and thin, and there is no setting effect of pearl paper. Broken or broken.


Having said so much, everyone should also know how much such a film is there. In fact, a high -quality mask is closely related to the production environment, equipment, and technology of the mask processing enterprise behind it.


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