I only want all affection to be gently waiting for


Title: In the moment, Fanghua has passed away. There are two tears in my life, I only hope that I live in the head of Changjiang, and the Yiren lives in the end of the Yangtze River. Although I think about it every day

Qing did not see Qing, but could drink the Yangtze River water together. I only want all affection to be gently waiting.


There will always be a person in the world who breaks into your life unexpectedly. The life that makes you originally calm has become no longer calm. It is more beautiful in the world. I meet you in my most beautiful time.

The opportunity of life is often at that moment. I walked in the hurried world. I met you. The beginning of a beautiful fate started a lifetime guardian. Like the climbing flower, wrap you and warm you in your arms. It should be like being an infatuated bird, playing a beautiful song for you, so that your life is no longer monotonous.


The people you are going to meet among tens of millions of people will meet in the wild in the wild in the past ten million years later. There is no early step or one step late. : It turns out that you are here.

Meeting is a reincarnation of fate. All the past was waiting for previous life. For the end of the life of this life.

You come to the mountains and wading, and the breeze comes, bringing poetry and far away. I walked all the way to muddy and unbearable, watching all the prosperity and the years, and life is no longer lingering.

Everyone who is lonely in the flowing years is that who is lonely, who bury who is buried, and only wants to scatter your Rongjia for you. Burn out of your own style, turn it into the other side of the other side, bloom in your heart.

It is so beautiful, beautiful, shocking, beautiful, and amazing! Looking back with you, it is doomed to hold hands in our life.

Perhaps because the encounter is too beautiful, the season of the season is extraordinarily charming, maybe because of your appearance, there is a youthful hangover. The thin strokes of the old days are not full of Yan Ying’s murderous, with a variety of styles. At that time, Mo Dao was deeply affectionate, and after all, he did not live up to this feast.

There are always some people passing by in the name of their names. I don’t know how many times we have passed in the previous life. We can change back to a look back in this life. How many times should I go back? , Keep each other.

Since I met you, my heart began to germinate, waiting for your pouring until it blossomed. The most beautiful flowering period is for you. The most fragrant fragrance is just for you. Since then, it is no longer a passerby.


I only hope that all the encounters. When I can be able to get rid of it, you can drink a rouge drunk, not to be drunk, and keep it until Hua Fa is born.

I only wish all the encounters in exchange for affection. All affection can be treated gentle.