Brothers of the Life and Death of the Anti -Japanese War


Chapter two

The next morning, Ouyang Cheng took his father’s letter and entrustment, and came to Shunqing Street to hear the address of Tian Linrong’s family. He found his door and saw the door closed tightly, so he walked in front of the door and knocked on the door and shouted. : “Tian pot helmet, at home, I worship your elder brother Ouyang Cheng, and open the door for me.”

After speaking, I was about to knock on the door again. The door suddenly opened. From the inside, an old woman wearing a cloth dress saw a young man who was similar to his son, and came to find his son. Hurry up and hurry up. He let Ouyang City enter the room, and then closed the door. Ouyang Cheng looked at the old lady and then greeted him politely: “Mother, are you Tian Linrong’s mother?”

The old woman nodded to him and said, “The opposite, I’m fucking. Yesterday, I and his old man learned that he would go to the army with you to fight against Japan. Although I was a little sad, I later thought about how no country was home. We supported it. We supported it. He went to the front line to fight against Japan. Even if he died on the battlefield, he died gloriously. Anyway, our Tian family also released a anti -Japanese hero. “

After listening to the old woman, Ouyang Cheng felt that the Tian pot helmet could have such a clear old mother, and she respectfully respect the old lady. The old woman brought Ouyang Cheng to the house, glanced at her son, and a crystal tears flowing out of her eyes, could not bear to see her son leave, although he was very reluctant to go to his own room. Ouyang Cheng carefully looked at Tian Linrong’s home, the fence made of fences, and there were several chickens in it. The portrait of the hall was attached to Mr. Sun Yat -sen’s portrait. Essence Looking at the portrait, he respects the revolutionary predecessor.

When Ouyang Cheng came to Lidu, I saw Tian Linrong’s father sitting next to his son and sighed. He greeted the old lady, saw Tian Linrong packing up, and then said, “Tian pot helmet, quickly clean up a few clothes, we Go to Wang Jizi’s Changsheng Group. “

“You give Lao Tzu, what is the shame in the morning in the morning, the ghosts are scratching!” Tian Linrong replied, and then stuffed a few pieces of clothes in the bag.

Ouyang Cheng had a fire for a while, but did not vent, and then said, “What we are going to see the head of the Changsheng regiment today is Wang Jizi, and I have a recommendation letter written by my old man. ,hurry up.”

Tian Linrong nodded to Ouyang Cheng and sued himself for his elderly parents. The Changsheng Regiment was surrounded by mountains and rivers, located under Baita Mountain on the bank of Jialing River. Changsheng regiment participated in the national protection movement movement in 1913, and a sniper war against the Chinese workers and peasants Red Army in the south. While walking, he walked to the gate of the Changsheng Regiment and was stopped by the sentinel outside the door.

“What do you two do, go, do you enter this place? Two poor ghosts, wearing so shabby.” A sentinel said, the other laughed there.

Seeing this, Ouyang Cheng took out a pack of Baita Mountain bought from the small shop just now, caught the two cigarettes, and then said, “Brother, please give this letter to the head of Wang Tuan Tell him that someone introduced us, so he must read the letter himself. “After saying that he took the letter from his pocket and gave it to one of the sentrys, the sentinel did not dare to neglect, so he went to report the king group inside to report the king’s group. Go.

At this time, Wang Mazi would just sit on the chair after opening his men, and he heard the sentry outside to report. “The report was reported. You see it yourself. “

Wang Mazi took the letter towards the sentinel and waved his hand to signal him to go out. After the sentinel went out, Wang Mazi looked at the contents in the letter. Finally, he looked at the name of the player. It’s Engong’s son, I have to see it. “So I threw the letter from my hand on the table and walked outside the door!

The leader of Wang Tuan came to the gate of the group in three steps and made two steps. He saw two handsome young people standing at the door and a short one. The high -looking appearance of the tall is extremely handsome. The short one is actually not short, but it is a little shorter than the white face, and at least one meter is more than one meter. The body is extremely strong, not a practice or a trainee.

Captain Wang Tuan spoke; “You are the baby of Engong Ouyang Ruddy.”.

Seeing the mighty soldiers in front of him, it was difficult for the mighty soldiers to be associated with the nickname of the king marijuana. Ouyang Cheng and Tian Linrong were stunned.

Until the second time Wang Tuan spoke, “I was” the white -faced young man replied. “Oh! It turns out that you are En Gong’s baby, please come in.” The leader of Wang Duan immediately stood to the side of the two young people and came to the head of the head of the regiment.

Tian Linrong thought, ‘I fuck’ is not a gun or a grass -head king? This group is too simple. A few bench for a square table is not as good as my home who sells pot helmets.

“Two sits, I just saw the letter from Ensheng Ouyang Rudor’s Lord. You really want to enter the army to serve the country.”

“Yes.” Ouyang Cheng replied with Tian Linrong. “Now the Japanese invaders are rampant to kill my compatriots in our country. I am Ouyang Cheng. I am willing to vow to defend the country. The enemy will not withdraw from the border one day.

“The bloody man is as determined, but I don’t know if you have any expertise ”. The head of Wang asked the two young people.

“My Tian’s generations have passed on to Tian’s Changquan” said that Tian Linrong hit a set of 32nd potentials. I saw him jumping left and right. Sincerely was surprised, I didn’t think of a pot helmet. After a while, a set of thirty -two trend was finished. Tian Linrong held a gift to the head of Wang Tuan and stood aside.

“I don’t have the ability of Brother Tian, ​​but I have also ran out of the rivers and lakes for a long time. I will not be tired when I keep walking to Chengdu, and I know more about black and white things.” Ouyang Cheng said.

“Okay, that”! The head of Wang Tuan thought about it, “You can start with my army first from a small soldier! Zhang Dabiao”

“arrive”! A short and thin soldier came in outside.

“These two recruits will be given to you! Isn’t your guards missing people?” The head of Wang Mago looked at Zhang Dabiao and asked.

“It’s the head of the group, come with me with me!” Speaking of Zhang Dabiao’s head out of his head, Ouyang Chengtian Lin Rong quickly followed.

The guards are stationed in the Courtyard of the Ministry of the Communist Party of China. In a row of rooms on the right, there are eight classes and three rows, four dormitories, and one connection. “You two are here!” Zhang Dabiao pushed the door to the penultimate room, pointing at the two shops on the wall.

Ouyang Cheng and Tian Linrong looked around. Although it was not comfortable, it was still clean. There are no smoke guns on the wall? This is not far from the rumored double gun soldiers (the Sichuan army made two guns, smoke guns and rifles were called double gunmen).

“The guards also called pistols to be the elite of our Changsheng regiment, which is also in the entire 21st army. It once re -created its independent group in the battle with the warlord Liu Wenhui and won the award of the provincial chairman Liu Xiang. ! “Zhang Dabiao’s reasonable military uniform continued:” Our military discipline is the strictest of the entire 21st army. We will never be soft for violation of military regulations. Must be familiar, understand! “Zhang Dabiao asked loudly.

“clear”. The two quickly answered and looked at the wall. “I fuck, when will it be back to Article 81, isn’t this the old life?” Tian Linrong secretly blew up, but for Ouyang Cheng, there was a piece of cake, and he could be cooked without a cup of tea.

“You two go to the Military Division to receive a few military uniforms and be waiting for daily necessities. Wait for me to take you to the training ground to see the same robes of your second class. Everyone knows and knows it.” Zhang Dabiao said that he had come outside the door.

After returning from the military demand office, the two replaced them with brand -new military uniforms, earthy military uniforms, cowhide armed belts, and a pair of cowhide big scalp shoes, which were gorgeous. The guards were too luxurious that the equipment was born to the father. It was better than those of the ordinary soldiers in Zabu. I simply packed up a group of people outside the training ground. The training ground was on a empty place beside the Jialing River. I heard the deafening shouting and killing. It is incomparable. “Ouyang Cheng secretly applauded his old man to make himself a correct decision.

“There are 6 people in the second class and the nickname of the eight you and the squad leader Chen Quan. The Portogen Luo Kun is nicknamed bald. Zhang Dabiao stopped outside the training ground and introduced them to the basic situation of the guards who were about to be added to the second class, and said that Zhang Dabiao beckoned to the training ground. A dark -skinned soldier height ran over.

“Lian, what’s the matter?” The soldier asked. “”

'Tower' 俩 The two of them are the recruits who have just arrived today. They are given to you in the second class. You have to take them well. “

“It’s great. I haven’t recruited newcomers in the regiment for a long time. Now the regiment has begun to recruit new soldiers. Is the Sichuan army really going out of Sichuan to fight against Japan.” The tower’s face showed a happy smile.

The group sent Zhang Lianchang to enter the training ground. The soldiers of the second class were conducting shooting training. Yes! It can be sent, also called a fast and slow machine, which is equivalent to submachine guns. It is a weapon for killing enemy during the Anti -Japanese War.)

“Balds took your gun over”, and the monitor “Tower Tower” came.

“Okay, squad leader!” Said a soldier who was guiding the soldiers of the soldiers and walked over the meteor.

“This nickname is completely unrealistic”! Tian Linrong was shocked, why is a long and handsome guy called a bald man? Both fucking neurosis! “

“The squad leader came.” The bald son said that he solved his gun and handed it to the monitor.

“I will give these two recruits to practice their hands. Tomorrow I will apply for two new guns to the company commander tomorrow. Let’s call the brothers all over! Everyone knows it,” the squad leader instructed.

The second -class warrior came to a piece of rape land on the bank of the Jialing River to sit down and sit down. At this time, it was March of Yangchun, and it was full of golden yellow rapeseeds everywhere. It was good -looking!

“Let’s introduce yourself to the two of you!” The squad leader looked at the two.

“My name is Tian Linrong, from Nanchong Shunqing Prefecture to sell the pot helmet to camp. Come down.

“My name is Ouyang Cheng. Xiaoyangjiaba from the BMW River on the southern county. The family sells cattle and mixed with a robe.” Ouyang Cheng also introduced to everyone.

“I said, the one who comes here is never called a big name. I think the two have no appropriate nickname! Do you want a few brothers to give one?” At this time, he was holding a small mirror with his hair at this time.

“The” chicken “you have a lot of ghosts, or you can take it!” Said the squad leader ‘iron tower’.

“The cock” put the mirror down, dumped his hair and said, “I think this white noodle is called” scholar “! As for this”, the rooster thought about it, “I think he looks pretty good, but his eyes look at it, but his eyes look at It is full of lightness, or it is called ‘Ronin’, ‘Shu Di Rogue’ “.

“Ronin”? Hahaha. Essence Essence Essence Intersection The whole team burst into a laughed. This nickname is really famous!

The two were basically satisfied with the nickname from the “cock”. It seems that he is still a little level, and he really underestimates him.

“Now that the nickname is also taken, you can also know the soldiers in the class! You already know this’ baldness’ ” ‘cock’ ‘”,’ iron tower ‘stopped at a fat soldier and continued: “His name is called ‘Fat baby’ is from Ying Mountain, and the other is a little beard called ‘goat’, and the thin man is sitting on the river and called ‘monkeys’. They have participated in the army for several years. The brothers of good swords are good for the gun. If you do n’t understand what you do n’t understand, you can ask them.


‘Goat’ smiled with ‘monkey’ and nodded to the two.

After finishing Ouyang Chengdian Lin Rong shook hands with everyone, the team soldiers blowing Jiangfeng Tan Tian said in the river and said until the setting of the sunset.