How much is the imagination of oral care and beauty?


A beautiful war in the mouth.

Wen 丨 Hu Qi

On March 1, WO, the oral care brand of Hyaluronic acid raw materials, launched a new product in Tmall flagship store. This WO brand launched three products including hyaluronic acid mouthwash and hyaluronic acid light and white teeth stickers. This is also another application expansion in the oral care market after being widely used in the fields of beauty, drinks, snacks and other fields.


In fact, oral care products that added hyaluronic acid have not only appeared in recent years. In 1998, the Japanese Lion King developed a composition of oral oral use of hyaluronic acid to inhibit bacteria that cause periodic periods. Wash and other products; in 2002, Yoshida, Japan launched the first mouthwash containing hyaluronic acid; last year, Gaoling’s new 360 ° hyaluronic acid toothpaste and Shuka’s new gingival toughness toothpaste also adopted Huaxi Biological developed by Huaxi Biology. Hyaluronic acid raw materials.

There is no doubt that the new generation of consumers gradually become the main force. The health consumption concept and aesthetic concept brings a new vitality to the oral care market. Consumers have gradually evolved from “toothbrush toothpaste to the world” to a more refined and personalized oral cavity. In the era of beauty, we started to choose rich and diverse products such as whitening tooth stickers, oral spray, mouthwash, and oral explosive beads. The ingredient innovation in the field of oral care also ushered in a new air outlet, and hyaluronic acid was only one of them.

“Bringingism” in the oral care market


Traditional oral care products such as toothpaste and toothbrushes mainly solve the problem of basic cleaning, and the development of the Internet has changed the pattern of market traffic and accelerated the innovation and change of the oral care industry. The market concentration continues to decline, the emerging brands have risen, emerging oral care products have seized the most exciting “beautiful teeth” attributes of young consumers, and also promoted the beauty of the beauty of oral care products.

This can be seen from the innovation of oral care brands in recent years. The Hello Products acquired by Gaoling Jie will be applied to the CBD (marijuana (cannabis diol) of marijuana oil) to oral care products to help improve oral problems such as gingivitis and periodontitis. Banned by China.

Foreign -funded brand Tom’s of Maine has launched a probiotic oral care product to reduce harmful bacteria that lead to bad breath; Chinese goods brands participating in half explosive probiotic mouthwash also add probiotics The concept also started from the skin care market.

Needless to say, hyaluronic acid, amino acid, etc., from beauty to oral care, similar ingredients are everywhere. The main effects and concepts are also in the same vein. There are beads in the field of beauty. It will usher in a rare huge market opportunity.

The hotness of the oral care industry in the capital market confirms this. A large number of emerging domestic products have been born in a large number of emerging domestic products, such as BOP, BOP, Bingquan, Hulga, Qing Dynasty scientific research, and USMILE, and all of them have received financing in recent years. They are more good at digging and understanding the needs of young people, and they are better at establishing consumers’ awareness of the brand with the influence of explosive items.

The data of CBNDATA also shows that the ingredients such as probiotics, baking soda, enzymes are gradually incorporated into oral care products. Among them, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, probiotics and other ingredients have shown high growth rates. Among the consumer groups, luxury markets and young markets are the most. Favorite these new ingredients.


Another manifestation of oral care and beauty is from the introduction of product form. Like the category category, the subdivision of oral care category breaks the traditional way and taste of the traditional use, bringing a novel and diverse experience of consumers, such as liquid toothpaste, oral spray, oral explosion, solid toothpaste and other new product forms such as , Already have a certain market popularity.

For example, the scientific research of the scientific research can produce dense cleaning bubbles after chewing, rich in sodium carbonate and apple acid ingredients, which can effectively clean the sterilization and remove the long and fresh breath; For a long time wearing a mask scenario, the components such as probiotics, mint, walnut oil and other ingredients are used to solve the problem of breath while refreshing the brain; USMILE’s bright white square bottle liquid toothpaste does not need to be dipped in water when using it. Tooth stains; the British brand LUSH has launched solid toothpaste particles, which is more convenient to use.

Today, consumers have richer functional needs for oral care products. Oral care products have also expanded from the scenes that are limited to family consumption to personal consumption scenarios that are used anytime, anywhere. Makeup is just right.

Although oral care needs to be innovative, it does not produce “magical effects”

The integration and innovation of composition, form and other aspects brings a new growth point for the oral care market. This is the positive impact of category beautyization, but there are also various marketing concepts. Very common.

Earlier this year, the “anti -You You” toothpaste caused huge controversy, and was eventually concluded by a popular science article from the State Drug Administration. On January 7, the official website of the State Drug Administration published a science articles “Toothpaste Can’t Treatment of the disease”, which clearly stated that toothpaste cannot claim to have a medical effect, and claims that toothpaste with the role of “anti -Helicobacter pylori” lacks scientific basis.

This is not a case. As early as September 2017, the Chinese Society of Stomatology had released the “Expert Consensus on the Effect and Efficacy of toothpaste’s Effect and Efficacy of toothpaste” with three other institutions. Effect toothpaste’s market share in China has reached 94 %, but many companies have problems such as excessive publicity, exaggeration, and lack of security data support for individual products.

The controversy about the efficacy of toothpaste has never been broken. In 2018, the half of the toothpaste of the emerging brands added raw materials such as bird’s nest, caviar extract, and claiming to nourish the mouth. Ecology; in 2020, Gao Lujie launched a “anti -Elder” toothpaste, claiming that the first “amino acid essence oral oral anti -Elderly” was created. The concept of this skin care field appeared in the effect of toothpaste.

These very common effects in beauty tracks claim that they will face more similar “IQ taxes” in the field of oral care, and related products are also experiencing market tests.


It is worth noting that according to the “Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations” formally implemented on January 1, 2021, toothpaste must be managed by referring to the standards of ordinary cosmetics. Anti -caries, dental plaque, anti -dental sensitivity, and reducing gum problems and other effects.

This also claims to sound the alarm for the efficacy of oral care products. The efficacy evaluation and claim are directly linked, which can curb the bad atmosphere of false propaganda and illegal claims to a certain extent. But as an industry engineer said: “Many Internet celebrity products are conceptual adding some substances, misleading consumers think that the product has some performance of the addition of materials itself, in fact lacks clinical verification, and efficacy verification is a problem of time and financial resources. Many companies may not be willing to invest, but focus on marketing. “


The entire oral care market has shown the development trend of segmentation of production categories, diversification of scenes, and marketing beauty. The continuous innovation of new and old brands can always dig out more promising development directions, but pragmatic is still the core rule of maintaining the vitality of the brand. Before the efficacy of product assessment, at least the confidence given by modern science should be.