This year’s super -fire big hair collar cotton coat, whether it is price or quality, kills purchases!


The weather in Changsha in these two days is finally not so cold


Xiaobai takes off the long cotton jacket to the knee

Catch the opportunity to put on the handsome short model to recommend it ~

I know I recommend short models, you will definitely ask me to grow up

Don’t hurry, update every day

There will always be the one you like ~~

A long time ago, Ali recommended you a big hair collar short.

But only pink and white

There are babies to leave a message saying I hope to recommend another dark color


Hurry up, watch the speed, just this one

The Harajuku Harajuki this year is really hot and hot

Looking downstairs, looking at the past at a glance

The cotton clothes are clear with various colors of hairy collar

Ask the price, 300 goes up,

And there are various hairy collars, the higher the trend, the higher the price

Xiaobai chose this one online because the hat is particularly good -looking

The store uses a very high -cost imitation fox hair collar


It’s very fluffy

The key is that the price is only 158. At that time, there was no particular surprise


But after getting it, we all think it is worth it!

What to say ~ regardless of the version and workmanship

It can be ranked in the top 5 recommended by history!

Let me show you the effect of lack of upper body

Every time I have this time I have to take out the height of 158

As a result, the shortcomings have been gone with me soon


She said she would mention my weight in every article in the future.


Friends! Intersection


But she really looks good

The lack of girl HOLD live, the student party can definitely buy it at ease

It won’t be mature like a velvet skirt before

In addition to military green and black, it also looks good ~

See how to choose the fairies themselves ~

Let’s talk about the version first

It’s the kind of Korean version of the loose board style

Xiaobai bought a special classic military green


The hem is shorter and long, and the short model does not press the height at all

There is a loose drawing on the waist

If it is particularly cold, it is not suitable for open placket

You can pull up the zipper, tightly pull the rope to wrap you wrapped the warmth ~

The sleeves are particularly large, and the overall is a bit oversized

Loose tight cuff elasticity is particularly good


It should be used in a very good quality loose band


Some inferior manufacturers have no elastic cuffs for a long time

You don’t have to worry about this ~

This pocket is particularly deep, I like it

The shallow bags that can’t be put in things are scum in my eyes

hat! Be sure to show you this hat!

Because the hair collar is very large, it has been sent alone in it

Need babies to buckle themselves

Shake it before installing or blowing a hair dryer, it will be super fluffy


I don’t touch it, I really think it is fox hair

Why do I always emphasize this work well

Look at this lining

Although this kind of diamond -tattoo cotton is very common

But this piece of lining is particularly three -dimensional


The parts connected to the clothes are well hidden well


Walking, locking, you can compare with the clothes on the counter

These hard buckle zipped these hardware is smooth and not handle

Not only the lining of clothes


This is the case in the hat!

Generally, this kind of style, the hat is a thin layer

I am the first time I have seen such a honest manufacturer

I was so scared that I lost the carrot in my hand

I recommended me a few times before I recommended me

I finally found this different feeling for you today

Don’t miss it if you like your favorite babies

I went to take a picture today and drank a milk tea. I spent more than 50 me.

I’m going, how can milk tea be so expensive now

I decided to save the money for snacks in the future to buy clothes

This way I will not only become thinner, but also become beautiful

Is it very witty ~