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When I was a mother for the first time, my mood was nervous and happy. The homework is relatively sufficient, and there are more preparations. When the second child is, the family has been prepared before it can be used. Most of them are missing what to buy at home, and there are more daily consumables. The following pregnancy list is a must -have for my screened, for reference for mothers who are about to give birth.

First, baby supplies.

There are more things to prepare for babies, divided into three categories.

The first is feeding.

1. Bottle. If the child is hungry before giving birth, it needs to be used if the child is hungry. I use a wide -caliber glass bottle.

2. Special cleaning agent for bottle brush and baby bottle.

3. Bowl and spoon. Prepare a set. The baby should develop a good habit. The advantage of feeding with bowl is to let the baby learn to swallow. The skin of the newborn is delicate, and the bowl I prepared is silicone.

4. Milk powder. The postpartum pregnant woman was very tired and had no milk yet. My hospital was recommended to drink milk powder for children at the time. Note that you can buy a small can. Bao moms can feed themselves, they must breastfeed.

The second is to wash the category.

1. Temperature meter. There are many types of thermometers on the market. Children like to move, and they must pay attention to safety with mercury thermometers. I bought ear temperature guns.

2. Nail cutting. The frequency of cutting nails after the baby is born once a week, so nail cutting is necessary. To buy a baby for nail cutting, it is not easy to hurt the baby. It should also be noted that the baby’s nails cannot be cut too short.

3. Bathture. My baby likes to take a bath after birth, and I prepare for foldable. Buy this according to the actual situation at home, the quality is better. Take a bath for your baby to master the temperature, you can prepare a water thermometer.

4, bath towel. Both cotton or gauze are fine, at least two.

5, urine pad. I prepare two types of urine pads. The large child is the child’s sheets, and the small pad will be under the urine. Because my baby was born in summer, there is less diapers. In addition, I have purchased the diameter partial urine pads, which is cool and completely replaced by the mat.

6. Baby laundry soap. It is best to prepare a dedicated laundry or laundry soap for your baby’s clothes. I have used Paining’s laundry soap to clean up the baby.

The third is clothing bedding.

1. Clothing. The monk service is very suitable for newborn babies, which is easy to wear and take off. Prepare 3-4 body and change them at any time.


2. Socks. Prepare two and doubles.

3. The hat should be available.

4, saliva towel. Prepare more, when you need to use it a lot. I am preparing gauze, soft and easy to dry.

7, crib. It is recommended to buy early and buy it.

8. Quilt. Bag quilts, pillows, and seasons are prepared.

9, stroller. My baby does not like to do it before the age of one, but he will also love to take a car when he walks. This baby’s situation should be different, preparing a preparedness. The purchase of the stroller must be careful, the quality is good, it is best to buy it.

10. Toys. The baby’s toys are particularly recommended to be ringing and fitness racks, so don’t prepare too much.

11, moisturizing and massage oil. The baby’s skin care is critical and must be moisturized. The baby who touches should prepare a massage oil to avoid hurting the baby’s delicate skin.

Fourth, butt care.

1. Dippiece. Prepare some. I have two packs of NB diapers in the hospital where I have a child to give birth to the bag, and the children are not clear about the size of the children. Therefore, if the mothers do diaper, buy some in the S and M numbers, and buy less NB. For brands, several common types are good. You Ni Jia, which my baby uses, is very soft.

2. diapers and diapers. My Dabao is a diaper, and those who prepare some cotton or gauze are fine. Be sure to choose in regular places to ensure cleanness and hygiene. I also prepared some disposable urine pads and throw it after use. If there are few people in the family, it is very practical. Some mothers like to use diapers. At that time, I bought a packet of green medical affiliates, and the quality was good.

3. Wet towels or cotton soft towels. I bought Kangbei and NUK with wet towels, and the quality is good. Because I felt too cool, I changed to a cotton soft towel.

Second, new maternal supplies

1. clothes, socks and slippers. The confinement is prepared for 3-4 body, and the confinement sweats a lot, and changes clothes in time. If it is confinement in the rainy season, it is important to prepare more clothes. Socks have to be worn, prepare more to change the washing. It is important to keep warm for slippers.

2. Toilet paper. Both mothers and babies need. In addition, the mother has a dedicated paper to buy. I just needed a special need for the child. I bought a special paper for Liu Yan.

3, underwear. Cotton or one -time, change new ones every day.

4, towels and washbasins. Towels are more prepared, and the face basin is prepared.

5, breast pump. The electric breast pump I bought is too tired. After giving birth, it is useful to use a breast pump to milk. It is recommended that Bao Ma Tun. Back milk at work is also very needed.

6, sanitary napkin. This is necessary, buy some long.


7. Water cups and chopsticks, need to be hospitalized. Mothers of caesarean section need to prepare some straws.

8. Chocolate, brown sugar, red bull. Chocolate and Red Bull are essential for delivery, relying on it when it is weak. The doctor at the time suggested that it could not drink brown sugar one week after giving birth, so the prepared brown sugar was drunk after a week.

9, breastfeeding bra, anti -overflow pad. Prevent postpartum breast sagging.

10, restraint band. After giving birth to a child, the stomach is very loose, and the restraint can help recover. Moms must persist, because when they first used it, they were very tight and uncomfortable.

11. Essential oil or cream to prevent stretch marks. I use olive oil to wipe my belly, and I haven’t grown up stretch marks after giving birth. Some friends recommend Clarins, saying that it is good.

12. Toothbrush, prepare soft hair. There are specialized pregnant women with one -time toothbrushes. When they were born in the second child, they used it and saved.


13, jasmine bud tea. Start drinking after 36 weeks, and the delivery will help soften the cervix.

14. Care pad. It needs to be used after giving birth. Now there are hospitals, and I can prepare some. I bought Baodle and Kang Jie.

What to prepare is still very fine. Bao Da Bao’s mother can buy it in advance or buy it first. Finally, you must pay attention to the quality for your baby. If you have any questions, you can leave me a message and reply at any time.