Let the home get 20 square meters, all these 5 corner cabinets are used! The space is getting bigger


How do you use space turning (turning) corner?

It is known that it is actually very suitable for building a storage space!

▲ It is unfortunately not used in the corner of the space (picture source/ pinterest @ frenchy fancy)

Each house has a corner, due to angle problems, relatively difficult to be used,

Therefore, most of them are used as chicken ribs, or at most, it is a pity!

However, if they can use them by creating a storage tool,

In addition to increasing the capacity of the storage, it also has the effect of beautifying and improving the efficiency of space.


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There are many benefits of rotating cabinets, but please pay attention before the decoration. The corner storage design will be different due to different rooms. For example, the needs of the kitchen and the bedroom will be different. The method is used to the end. What are the design suggestions for each space? No, let’s take a look!

2 corner types

Before the official planning corner cabinet, let’s first understand the type of corner.

1. Internal corner

: This is the corner space that is often used. Just put the coffee table and the corner cabinet.

2. Outbound corner

: Because this kind of corner protruding aisle indirectly affects the walking line, it is relatively rarely used, but through reasonable planning, it can still exert the function.

Corner cabinet type


Due to the angle problem, the corner cabinet design is relatively limited; therefore, if you are ready to build it yourself, in addition to buying the corner cabinet of the factory system, you can also use tools such as racks, floating boards, storage cabinets, etc. Become a “corner storage room”.




storage box

This is the easiest way to create corner storage! Just choose a storage cabinet that meets the demand, such as the Tingtian Turning Cabinet, or a semi -high corner bucket cabinet. Reminder,

Remember to reserve open doors, open the drawer and walk space (recommended at least 80cm)


, To prevent the cabinet’s use function decreased.

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ jamie hoover | Anderson + Grant


Triangular rack

Using triangular walls to set up racks, you can easily complete the corner (cabinet) storage; but please note that most of the ready -made racks are “right -angle” styles. If the corner is not 90 degrees, you must customize it, otherwise there is a gap.

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ jessica faith



Wall -mounted rack (box)

This method is to install the common wall -mounted objects along the corner of the wall; because this type of tool itself has a decorative function, it is used to lay a beautiful style for laying, and it also has the effect of beautifying the home.

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ odin_geniy



Set the rack + storage cabinet

It is to combine these two tools to create the effects of storage and decoration; and give more use functions according to the needs, such as using the platform of the low cabinet as a small workbench, or with a folding (hidden) dining tableside cabinet, the cabinet cabinet, and the table cabinet of the dining table, and the table cabinet of the dining table. Increase the dining function.


▲ Image source/ pinterest @ kelly -nn patrice



Corner storage room

If the corner space is large enough, you may wish to plan into a small storage room! Once a large increase in the capacity of the storage objects allows the debris in the home to have a exclusive storage space.

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ lisa Valentine Home

Corner cabinet design

In response to the conditions and needs of each space, there are different design changes in the corner cabinet, such as the temperature and humidity and storage items of the living room and the bathroom. The type of cabinet is mostly changed. Now, look at the corner cabinet design of the 5 major spaces in the home!


1 )


The corner planning of the kitchen, often cooperate with the L -shaped layout


The upper planning cabinet or rack, the cabinet is created below,


The cabinet will also use the “corner -pull basket” to make the corner storage and collect it!

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ jlm

Or, the corner drawer is made good use of the corner space, and the area is not wasted.

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ kris -Driven by Decor


No matter which corner, as long as the wall hanging rack is installed,


It can give the corner basic storage function.

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ remodelaholic

Don’t let go of the corner space on the side of the hanging cabinet,

Put the triangular floating plate, which is a small shelf.

▲ Image source/ pinterest @ Hometalk


Change the design mode of traditional hanging cabinets and cabinets,

Connect the cabinet at the corner to create a larger storage space.

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ Holly Shelton

Or install the oven and microwave oven here, and the corner cabinet will be turned into a “electrical cabinet”.


▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ Home Stratosphere

If the kitchen area is sufficient, it is recommended to simply plan as “step -in storage room”,


Doing this is equivalent to a small room in the kitchen, and the storage power has increased by 10 times!

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ design vim


In addition, there is a rare space layout, that is, there is a small corner space between the two doors.

In this regard, it may be possible to make the second set of “kitchen” and disperse the work pressure of the main kitchen.

▲ Image source/ pinterest @ Brittany Howard


In addition to the introverted corner, you can hit the cabinet.

As shown in the figure below.

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ Must-Have Kitchen

2 )


living room

The items stored in the living room are relatively simple, so the common approach is to place corner cabinets.

Or landing racks for display or storage items.

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @windfair.com

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ melanie haargett

Although the storage items are not complicated, the corner cabinet design of the living room can still be changed.

Make the cabinet the highlight of the space!


For example, the wall -mounted material box forms wall accessories with decorative walls through different arrangements.

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ikea IE

▲ Image source/ pinterest @ Maison & Travaux


Or the design of an outward -to -corner stand design is quite conspicuous.

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ déconome

In addition, if there are room for space, it is recommended to combine the design of the card, the platform and the bookcase,


Let the corner space become a small study and rest area with a storage function.

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @Decorpad

Finally, it is necessary to combine the TV cabinet with the corner cabinet to transfer the focus of the TV wall to the corner through custom design.

Not only change the viewing angle and lengthen the sight of the space, but also create a unique corner space atmosphere.

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @maría José ogaldes


Dining room

It is a good idea to decorate the meal cabinet in the corner of the restaurant!

Not only uses the chicken rib space, but also meets the needs of tableware storage.


▲ Image source/ pinterest @nnn Marie Reimer


Decorate “Card” at the corner

, Put it on the dining table, it becomes a dining area;

And the items can be placed under the card seat, which is a very popular design recently!

▲ Image source/ pinterest @ the home depot

▲ Image source/ pinterest @ The Everygirl

If the card design is to be expanded to the storage, it is recommended to install the meal cabinet and adopt the “compact” plan.

Concentrate the function, and the visual space is less loose.

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @has Astita



The common design of the bedroom corner, including L -shaped wardrobe and bedside coffee table;


However, if it is a small unit with insufficient space, you may wish to use triangle floating boards and racks to create corner cabinets.

Simple and basic functional function.

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @Home Stratosphere


▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ jenny kakoudakis | Home Decor + Interior Design | Lifestyle

If the cabinet increases, it can become a small wardrobe, which can be used as a pajamas and jacket.

But please pay attention to the direction of the cabinet door opening and the space for reserving the door.

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ IDEAL Home

In addition, makeup, reading and other functions can also be achieved through the deformation design of the corner cabinet;

It not only meets the storage needs, but also has the role of desks, cosmetics, and work areas.

▲ Desk (Picture Source/ Pinterest @ Wayfair UK)

▲ Makeup table (picture source/ pinterest @ house beautiful.jpg)


▲ Working area (picture source/ Xincheng design)



For a bathroom without excess storage space, using a activity triangle shelf (cabinet),

Definitely a good way to activate the corner space of the bathroom!

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ Ashley Homestore

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ garner nordic-1


▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ hammacher schlemmer

If the space in the bathroom is large enough, it is as shown in the following pictures,

Then, you can use the L -shaped washing table to decorate the corner space to make a large -capacity bathroom cabinet.

▲ Picture source/ pinterest @ Home Bunch


▲ Image source/ pinterest @ Lowe’s

Whether it is a small apartment with a limited area or a large apartment with abundant space,

The benefits that can be created by making good use of corner space are definitely not only amplifying storage,

As mentioned in the above article, the design of the seemingly useless chicken ribs transformed into a precious functional space.


The corner is worth using it!


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