Autumn and winter body milk collection, Sitap soothing and moisturizing, Victoria’s fragrance for a long time, Dofin is the highest cost -effective


Most of the autumn and winter have passed, can the sisters’ body milk still support it?

Regardless of whether it can be supported, our theme today is the moisturizing and moisturizing body milk in autumn and winter.


Body milk is also a step for our skin care. After all, it is also fragrant and tender on the body. How can dry skin and rough skin appear on the fairy. So today I will bring you 4 autumn and winter moisturizing body milk, so that all sisters will spend autumn and winter.

1. Sitap’s big white can body milk

Sitap’s body milk is simply the gospel of dry skin. The big white can is the texture of cream cream. It is very comfortable and soft to apply, and it can be absorbed soon without stickiness, nor is it floating on the skin surface.


There is no fragrance in Sitap, so there is no fragrance, and sisters with sensitive skin can also use it with peace of mind. And the sweet tonsil oil and sunflower seeds contained in the ingredients can bring the effect of moisturizing and moisturizing to our skin, lock the moisture, and at the same time, the mineral oil contained in the ingredients can also make the water difficult to flow. In short, the effect of dry skin soothing and moisturizing is very good. Sisters with dry skin are no longer afraid of dry legs and peeling in winter.

2. Victoria’s secret body milk

Victoria’s body milk is famous for a long time, which makes people smell not greasy. There are still many physical milk categories of Victoria’s family. There are still many choices, and the value and taste are high.


Personally, I think the flavor of velvet petals is the best smell, and the name is also very young. The taste is that the milk fragrance has a little flower fragrance, and the taste of a young girl. The texture of the body milk is also very delicate. It feels a little oily, not very moisturizing, but it is enough for sisters who are not so dry in the skin in autumn and winter.


3. Doffen body milk

I do n’t know if you have been brainwashed by Doffen’s hair washing water before. Hahahahadoffen’s products are also very easy to use. The foam facial cleanser started by Xiaobian before.


Doffen’s body milk is really cheaper and large bowls. It is very cost -effective. It has a delicate taste. The taste is not heavy with a little bit of fragrance, and it will be dispersed in a while. But don’t look at him cheap, it is still very moisturizing and moisturizing, and the dry skin will definitely like it. The moisture is moisturized and non -greasy, and the absorption speed is fast, but it just feels that the paste is not very delicate, but cheap is not easy to spray.


4. Morita body milk

The veteran in the cosmetics brand, a faint fragrance, feels a bit like a soap? It smells good, it is very clean and reassuring.

The texture of the lotion is very smooth and moist, but it is not well applied well, strong ductility, and the absorption speed is quite fast. This is said to improve dull complexion and contains acidic acid, but Xiaobian feels that it is still a basic moisturizing, but it feels that the elbows and knees have been brightened a little bit.

In general, the daily moisturizing work in autumn and winter can still be done, and it has a certain effect of brightening the skin color. It is quite good, and there is no nicotinamide. You do n’t have to worry about growing Mao.

Moisturizing body milk in autumn and winter, are you get? Is there any of your same paragraphs? If you have better physical milk, you can leave a message in the comment area.

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