The sunscreen wearing in summer is simple and high -level. Don’t miss these styles


In different seasons, the need for clothing is different. For example, in the cold winter, the wardrobe needs cold clothes such as down jackets. In the hot summer, light clothes need to be kept cool. For example, shorts and short sleeves, it can be said to be a must -have in summer.

But some in summer are not only hot, but also strong sunlight. No matter which season, we have to go out and go shopping. Others are okay, but in summer, it will inevitably be stimulated by the sunlight. How to protect your skin? Dressing is an important factor.

In the eyes of most friends, I think that as long as you do sunscreen.

However, no matter how good the sunscreen is, it is not as good as a physical sunscreen. Therefore, it is very effective to block the stimulus of the solar light through clothes.

I chose to sunscreen through clothes, so short sleeves and shorts must be excluded. Xiaobian will share some sunscreen wearing today, simple and advanced, very suitable for daily life. Interested friends, let’s take a look!

Long dress


In summer, how can there be less dresses. There are a variety of styles, not only in many colors, but even the design will be different. In order to show their figure, most girls prefer short dresses, which can show their legs well.

However, for girls with bad figures, long and loose dresses are more suitable.

That is, you can hide your waistline or cover the unsatisfactory leg shape. What’s more, it has a good sunscreen effect.

Like a long dress, the best is long in the choice of skirts.

And compared to short skirts, the long style is more elegant. In addition, it can also cover your not good -looking legs.

For example, this match, a long white skirt, can be said to be very popular this summer. The bright color and simple style, everyone can easily control it.

The legs were blocked all, and the sun protection effect naturally did not need to question.

Pants selection

Although shorts are a must -have clothing in summer, they still need to be paired on the occasion.

It can be worn freely and freely in the room, but when it is outdoors, trousers are the best choice.

You know, if the skin is exposed to the sun for a while, it will become red and slightly painful. Therefore, for your skin, it is best to choose trousers.

Summer trousers usually choose thin fabrics, so we don’t feel sultry to wear on the body.

But if you want to be cooler, choose wide -leg pants, fashionable and sun protection.




For the choice of tops, we must be more free and casual. The most direct thing is to put on a sunscreen.

With people’s love for sunscreen, there are more and more choices. Simply matching, it looks extraordinarily fashionable.

Is this green sunscreen jacket you like?


The white bottoming shirt is covered with green sunscreen clothes, and paired with khaki -colored wide -leg pants. The overall lightness should not be too cool.

And it looks very high -level leisure.


If you don’t like sunscreen, you can choose a long -sleeved top. In the hot summer, there are still many long -sleeved clothes for you to choose from.

For example, shirts that can be matched all year round, loose styles can control multiple styles.

It is also possible to wear short sleeves, because ice sleeves can also have a good sun protection effect.

It can be perfectly blocked to effectively avoid the sun’s damage to the skin.

Choice for hats


The last thing to introduce is the hat. When you go out, the hat is a necessary accessories. Summer sun hats not only have a good sunscreen effect, but also play a good role in decorating.


For example, the pink hat echo the pink hat and the pink jacket, so that the dressing looks more integrated and looks very fashionable.

The above are summer sunscreen, which is very suitable for daily costumes. It is simple and simple, and it looks very advanced. If you don’t know how to match out, learn about these, that is, sun protection and fashion.

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