Introduction to the Care of Settlement Clearance of Killing Tower


“Killing Tower” will be settled in scores. Settlement settlement is the last step of players after the player completes a game. Generally speaking, some things we get in this game will affect the score settlement of the game in this game. Everyone brings sharing, hoping to help everyone.

Introduction to score settlement precautions

Score settlement

After a battle, the system will calculate the score based on the current situation. The score of the standard mode of non -seed opponent will be passed to the ranking.

The settlement rules for scores are as follows:

Climbing floor: Each floor +5

Enemies killed: Enemies in each group of conventional battles +2

Elite killing: each group of tower bottom +10, each city +20, depths in each group +30

Defeated BOSS: The score of each boss is the previous +50. The final superposition result is your score. (The rotten heart of this scoring calculation is not calculated in the [heart bloom] incident.)

For example: defeat the first phase of BOSS+50, defeat the first and second phases +150, and the third stage is +300. The BOSS that defeated two third -stage bosses in the third stage was +500.

Bright and glittering good things*(with 25 or more relics):+50

Unique*(there is no duplicate card except the initial card in the deck):+100

Platform is true*(there is no rare card in the deck):+50

Curse!*(With 5 or more curses):+100

Card collector*(with 4 same cards): each group +25

Find a mystery*(Visit 15 or more? Room):+25

Warriors (not defeated elite by injury): each +25

Continuous techniques (20 cards or more or more):+25

Damage (cause 99 points or more damage):+25

Stupid (with a elves):-1

Advanced: Each advanced level+5%score (score of the*category with*category).

Those who break the heart*(defeat the rotten heart):+250

The following categories are added to the highest points of each large category.

Fighting (defeated BOSS without injury): one +50, two +100, three or more (comprehensive victory)+200.

Speed*: The speed of light (complete the game within 45 minutes) +50, high speed (60 minutes) +25.

Gained money*: A lot of money (a total of 1,000 gold coins) +25, money rain (2000 gold coins) +50, I really like money (3000 gold coins) +75.

Card number*: Book administrator (35 cards) +25, encyclopedia (50 cards) +50.

Life limit*: full meal (+15max HP) +25, 餮 (+30max HP)+50.

The score of each battle will increase your unlocking progress, which can be used to unlock the cards and relics of each character.

The sequence of each unlocking is as follows: (500,750,1500,1500,2000 decomposition is required respectively, which can be accumulated by the score)

Iron Armor:


The first group: heavy blade, observation weakness, breakthrough limit

Second group: Royal Shou, Turning Wheel, Shovel

The third group: wild blow, evolution, sacrifice


The fourth group: shattering, whistle, excavation

The fifth group: blue candle, dead wood branches, pins

Silent hunter:

The first group: disaster, catalyst, corpse explosion

Second group: voodia dolls, smile masks, small treasure chests

The third group: cloak and dagger, precision, steel storm

The fourth group: Sun Tzu’s art of war, delivery staff, Pandora’s magic box

The fifth group: full attention, deployment, gorgeous ending

Fault robot:

The first group: bomb back, balance, echo form

Second group: kernel acceleration, separation, meteorite blow

The third group: super energy beam, recycling, core rush

The fourth group: gold -plated cable, radish, rune capacitor

Fifth group: data disk, symbiotic virus, emotional chip


First group: Five -style land, desecration, devotion, devotional faith

The second group: the stones of other mountains, Alpha, soul fortress

The third group: spiritual shield, wishing, foresight

The fourth group: red beef, two instruments, ceramic small fish

Fifth group: crackdown on puppets, tear drops, cable buckles


1. The content that is not unlocking will affect the seed content, so if there is a relic or card that is not unlocked, the seed cannot be used for re -inventory.

2. Seeds, self -determined mode, scores under mod will not be uploaded to the rankings.