Bao Ma Bao Dad Come to avoid the pit: Those regrets I bought from pregnancy to Shengwa


Author of this article: fHQLRWGSS


He was selected as “the second training camp of the original innovative”. In order to win the early graduation, he decided to complete the inventory of this ash that has been owed. He hopes to give other pregnant mothers and novice mothers for reference and take less detours. However, the fish, the cream of the B, and the Bida, each child has different personalities and spleen, and everyone is used to different habits. These ash stuffs in our family may be particularly interested in other children. SO is really for reference. Children’s interest is mainly.


1. Package for production: When buying, I feel that this kind of set is done in one time. It is very practical. After buying, I know that each hospital produced has special requirements for certain brands. For example Master Bao, otherwise you have to go to the small sales department downstairs in the hospital, so if you are ready to be produced, it is recommended that Ma Yun’s search for specific hospitals to be produced. Each hospital requires slightly different requirements, and the price is more affordable than this set.

Chu Chu is going to be included in the hospital’s full -duty maternal care cushion cushion sanitary napkin combination confinement before delivery and postpartum set of 149 yuan

2. Belly Bandit Bands: Who said this is particularly easy to use. Essence Essence First, the size is particularly large. Secondly, it is particularly wide, and when I use it, I just hold my chest directly. There are also very hard and unable to fix it. Anyway, it is super difficult to use. The monthly 嫂 嫂 嫂 嫂 还 还 还 还 还 还 还 还 还 还 还 还 还 还 还 还 还 还 还 还 还 还 is much more comfortable. In addition, the landlord is a cesarean section. Two needs to prepare two. It is recommended that one of them is not prepared to be brought into the delivery room. After the doctor is used, it can be thrown directly. The other can be prepared well.

American Bandit Basic Postpartum Bands-Black (L) (112-126cm) or-BLK: L (Import) 817.02 yuan


3. Anti -cream pad & milk storage bag: The landlord is too confident in her pregnancy, and has a lot of anti -overflow pads and milk storage bags. As a result, the milk is insufficient, and weaned in 4 months. The milk pad, and the community doctors said that it is best not to use this when they come to the door. It is easy to be breathable and breeds fineness. I feel that this is mainly used in work or go out to avoid the embarrassment of leaking milk, so I am not sure if I can hoard less when I am a cow. Click, you need to buy it again. In fact, if I have any regrets, I do n’t insist on breastfeeding anymore. Although tired, I ’m really the closest time of Duan, so breast milk can persist.


DEDELA strong water absorption, long -lasting dry and refreshing one -time anti -overflow cushion 30 tablets of light touch 62 yuan

4. Breastfeeding pillow: This is also recommended by many people, but I do n’t know if it ’s used to lying and feeding the cause of caesarean section. sharp. Essence Essence So I abandoned it, and later waited for him to rely on learning to sit, but it didn’t seem to play a lot of support, and he was idle again. Essence

Joyourbaby (Joyourbaby) Multifunctional breastfeeding pillow feed pillow to teach milk baby to learn to sit in the sea and Tianlan 111 yuan

5. Anti -vomiting slope pad: I wanted to be lazy. I didn’t slap after drinking milk. I lay on it directly on it.

Alanber’s baby vomiting slope pad feed milk artifact newborn baby anti -milk milk pillow anti -milk mattress slow back to bounce anti -vomiting milk pillow stripes 79 yuan

6. High -landscape stroller: Looking at the high -end atmosphere, only after use, I found that it is not heavy. The upper and lower stairs without an elevator at home are too tired. Such cars can lie down for 6 months. The use time is only a few months.

COMBI (COMBI) Baby cart Qingshu high landscape light shock -absorbing two -way one -button folding can be lying to lying for children’s hand carts, Wasteless Umbrella, doll, Japanese tea ceremony 1580 yuan

7. Fei Xue Sanbao & Ao Bei Bing Bell: Fei Xue’s famous three toys, hippocampus, foot piano & rock chairs were bought during pregnancy, and found that his son was not interested. Essence Essence The hippocampus was the least invite him. When he cried, he cried with music and let him cry, and he did not touch the desire to be attracted by the hippocampus at all. Essence The piano is still used for a while. You can put it on your hands to play and play for ten minutes. After 4 months, you will not be attractive after turning over. He is unwilling to lie down. Buying Fei Xue rocking chair because it has always been called a shocking artifact. It turned out to be a poop once a few days and bought a shock, but it seemed that it had no effect. Later, I became a few days a day after eating supplementary food. He was unwilling to sit inside, and every time he sat, he wanted to fight, and he was idle again. Essence Essence The bed bell is the same, and the music can’t attract him to watch. Essence I saw it, he was not interested in music at all, and bought it in vain.


8. Various photography & Early Early Teaching: Now the routine of baby photography is low prices or attract you to take pictures for free. When choosing a photo, you feel that each one is very good, either 60-80 yuan/piece to buy a negatives, or buy a set meal, watch it to see The cheapest package in Shanghai is also more than 1,000/time. In my opinion, the photos that do not give all the negatives are hooligans. It is really annoying to this model. It is particularly good to see a family without sales. Later, an event on a public account, 399 yuan was shot 50 upper pieces, the baby’s two sets of clothes added a set of parent -child outfits, and it was immediately ordered. This event was over, so it was not disclosed which one. Anyway, since then, those who are not fully sent to the film will not be considered at all.

The same is true of early education. Every time I was sold well, I told myself that I was wise and sensible when I was good. When I was my mother, I felt that I really cured my unknown refusal to please the person who did not understand and refused. I agree with the use of early teaching, but I do n’t agree with what flash card teaching in some institutions. I used to be talked about the registration form. Later, I felt unreliable when I calmed down, and I felt more nonsense after seeing the comments. I was fortunate that I resisted the temptation at the time. I did n’t sign up for this one. The baby recognizes Chinese and English, 15 -month -old babies learn three -character scriptures and three -character text. Essence Essence I’m sick

Summarize the money -saving strategy:

1. I think when picking up baby items, try to pick the special price brand as much as possible. One quality assurance, and the other is easy to turn. Like Aobei bed bell, I bought it at 53 yuan, sold at 50 yuan, and bought at 88 yuan in the Halo sleeping bag. After spending 50 yuan after 3 months, Lansinoh bilateral breast pumps were bought more than 400, and more than 300 were sold. This kind of well -known maternal and infant products was super sought after, so I went to Aunt Zhang more

2. Use more idle fish. There are surprises everywhere in leisure fish. I bought a new Lego small train at 100 yuan, and I bought a set of autumn thousand -sliding combination at 30 yuan. For sanitary issues, you can buy second -hand.