Christian Louboutin has launched three perfumes, and the deeper and deeper in the beauty industry


Although only nail polish and lipstick have been produced, Christian Louboutin rely on these two items, and also made a reputation in the beauty industry. The beauty, high pricing, and worth collecting are the unanimous evaluation of it, and it also allows these small items to rank among the top of many people’s desire lists. Now, Christian Louboutin will “play” in this category, they will launch 3 types of perfumes.

Christian Louboutin 推出了三款香水,在美妆界里越玩越深入

These three perfumes are called Bikini Questa Sera, Tornade Blonde, and Trouble in Heaven. The bottle body is done by Heatherwick Studio -at first glance, there is a cylindrical gap in the middle of the square body. The color looks colorful, and it also echoed the concept of color and concept with the first two series of Christian Louboutin.

Christian Louboutin 推出了三款香水,在美妆界里越玩越深入

The specific incense type is related to the color of the bottle body. The color of Bikini Questa sera is from deep to light gold, which symbolizes sunset. It outlines the charming charm of women at night with the fragrance of night jade and jasmine. The golden gradient to the pomegranate red Tornade Blonde used roses, violets, and black brief to emphasize the intimacy and adventure that women desire. In the concept of Christian Louboutin, Tornade Blonde is more biased towards a blurred desire and thought.

The purple bottle Trouble in Heaven is biased towards the oriental fragrance, using the extract of iris, patchouli, pure vodka, and oriental amber. This taste is more sexy and seductive than Tornade Blonde. In the concept of Christian Louboutin, these perfumes will resonate with users and leave good memories.

The perfume series launched this time is also the wish of Christian Louboutin fans. This year, the brand has just won the case in a case of counterfeit perfume. However, these perfumes are not cheap as usual. The price of each bottle is 275 US dollars (about 1840 yuan), the specifications are 80ml, and the fragrance. Now these perfumes have been sold on the brand’s official website and foreign Sephora. The subsequent promotional blockbusters will be endorsed by Elisa Sednaoui, Ali Mahdavi.