How can a wedding suit be worn casually


At the romantic wedding scene, the bride was wearing a white gauze skirt, which was beautiful and noble. The groom’s fitted suit is full of temperament, and his spirit shakes. This may be the wedding scene of everyone’s dream.

If the groom is wearing a uniform suit at this time, it is very similar to getting the wrong set.

Wedding is the biggest ritual in life. Renting a suit casually, is it worthy of the beautiful bride around him? If you really don’t know how to choose a suit that suits you, help the clothesfront suggest that you, the Taustuo dresses go!


The Tasodo dress is the highest level in the dress, and it is also the standard choice for wedding suits. Gentlemen, sharpness, impeccable. Whether you are calm and low -key, romantic and gentle, or pioneering adventure, you can perfectly adapt.


Tasodo dresses are divided into British Testo, American Testo, French Testo. And distinguish they mainly look at the collar type.

The collar Tasodo with the U -type neckline vest is British style.

Green Guo Ling Tasodo top with Kama 绉 belt is American style.

French Testo is not derived from the dirt tail. It uses a double -breasted buckle to grab the collar design. It is evolved from the shape of the Fred coat

A perfect wedding is really indispensable. The sense of rituals of the formal dress are far from a casual suit that can be leased.

If you want to be more fit, you must choose a custom suit. Professional teachers are carried out in accordance with the characteristics of the body shape. The details are treated according to personal preferences. From Milan’s eye shape to the name embroidery, all reflect the customization of customization.


A person can succeed is often the perfection of details. The clothes can also be used to give the wearer different temperament through a small and exquisite design to shape a more decent image.


However, it is really not easy to all face, and if you want to fit everywhere, you can only do it.


Customized suits, selected fabrics, measuring system clothes. Ensure that each suit is comfortable. To better show the spiritual appearance of the wearer.

Gang Yi Fang customized, everything is centered on customers. As long as customers need it, we will be able to satisfy.


Gang Yi Fang customized, abandoning the embarrassment of buying clothes, one person and one version, quantified to ensure the comfortable fit of each set of clothes. What are you waiting for? Come and help Yifang to customize your own fitting clothing!

Gang Yifang, one stitch and line, refine and modify it

Focus on quality, control the details

We have been on the road …

Changeing clothes is no longer a simple revision,

It is the continuation of feelings and the sublimation of creativity!

It is a manifestation of ingenuity,

It is the pursuit of quality of life,

It is the design experience of the clothes to regain life,

It is the most perfect dream to help clothes!